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  1. In Strasbourg heading to Heidelberg. You can stop the rain prayers now. K, thanks! 🤣
  2. They did not leave Cologne in time I believe. As of last Friday (last note from them) we weren’t sure where we would meet the boat. At that time they had not moved
  3. Good morning from Zurich! On our way to Basel where Uniworld will bus us to Freiburg for Night 1. Rest TBD. I tracked her (SS Antoinette) this am and she has made it to Mannheim so even if we have to bus there tomorrow we will be able to board! Many thanks to all who have posted over the last few weeks. I have learned so much and appreciate all your input. Especially notamermaid of course!
  4. Best news ever! On our flight to AMS then Zurich! Thanks so much notamermaid and all! I will update as we go re: the Antoinette!!
  5. Thank you! We will read up! At worst I hope they can come south a bit towards us and we can board the 2Nd day. That would help us feel better!
  6. Just received an email. This is Uniworld SS Antoinette scheduled for Basel to Cologne on 12/5 We are contacting you with an important update for your December 5 sailing on Rhine Holiday Markets Due to low water on the Rhine River, the S.S. Antoinette will be unable to reach Basel for embarkation and we will therefore provide the first night of the itinerary at the Colombi Hotel. This is a beautiful 5-star property in nearby Freiburg, a picturesque city in Germany’s Black Forest region. Guests with scheduled Uniworld airport transfers will be taken directly to the hotel from the airport in Basel. Transfer time is approximately 45 minutes. Guests without scheduled Uniworld transfers will be able to take advantage of one of our complimentary shuttles to the hotel. Shuttle times and pick-up locations are being finalized and will be sent in a separate notification. Please respond to this notice if you would like us to make changes to the email address we have on file for notifications, or to provide other contact details. While we do not anticipate last-minute changes, we may need to reach out to our guests at any time up to the day of embarkation/check-in. Rain is predicted in the area, and river conditions are continuously changing. Please be assured that our operations teams are monitoring the situation continuously and will provide a complete program for our guests. However, due to the nature of the situation it will not be possible to confirm all details of the itinerary in advance. In addition to our pre-departure notifications, once onboard the ship our Cruise Manager will provide a daily briefing for our guests with full details on the upcoming day, based on current conditions. So now we know. But one night at a time? And no real specifics on what we’re doing. Ugh. I’d almost rather they’d cancel as they’re not used to doing an “ad hoc” itinerary from what I’ve seen here
  7. Called and spoke to 2 clueless Uniworld reps in CA today. Was not impressed. Acted like they didn’t know yesterday’s cruise was canceled. Asked where I was getting my tracking info as well as my other intel. When I stated one place was here (in the 12 minutes on hold I heard CC mentioned many time) suddenly the 2nd rep said “oh”. I asked for them to contact someone in Europe who actually knows about the river situation and call me back. Still waiting Also left message for TA and sent email explaining call discussion. Nothing from them either. We do not have cancel for any reason insurance and we want to go on a trip. We just want to know WHICH trip. The one we booked or the one we are slamming together on our own and with the help of a new company in Europe who has been wonderful in checking hotels and tours for us.
  8. Wow, I'm actually impressed that you got all this detail. I checked with my TA today (calling Uniworld myself tomorrow) and was told "we don't know anything, stay tuned". I just want to know if they are CONSIDERING anything or just making a "cancel or not" decision. I already plan to ask to go up the chain on the phone if I get no info. I emailed my train route company and asked her to price it all out. She's been amazing, knowing we can't do anything until we know, so I hope to get that info tomorrow and be prepare to hit "book it" as soon as we know (I just don't see them going through with a modified cruise given the cancelation of this week's trip).
  9. I’m impressed with their communication! Still waiting to hear on Antoinette for next Wed (12/5). Since they do not have another ship south by Basel and she is currently sitting in Cologne empty of people, I’m expecting a cancel. I just hope we hear on Wed/Thurs this week so we can enact Part B. The not knowing is the hard part. We don’t leave til Sunday so having a few extra days to confirm our Plan B will go a long way towards helping I just don’t think they can get her down to Basel and I don’t think they’ll bus us up there and just cruise around there.
  10. I would like to have communication, even if it’s a “we’re not sure, but here is the process” from the cruise line. I learned way more on this thread about the river folks deciding on traffic and who could and could not go than I think anyone has learned from their cruise line I emailed Uniworld and asked about ours and the one before us (now canceled). I received a very canned response. I then found out the 11/28 was canceled. So now I sit with a backup plan (I think) in my back pocket. If they were to email each cruise load of folks every other day with a “we don’t know anything yet but here is what happened to the ship before you” or a “as you know we canceled the 11/28 trip but as of today yours is still on. We anticipate making a decision or hearing from the river authorities by 11/28 as to your trip” I think most frustration seems to be towards the lack of communication of anything. I feel somewhat fortunate that I knew about the sailing before mine 13 days out. That gave me enough time to start a plan. For those that get 2 days or less notice and have no back up, and possibly have a day of travel included in those 2 days, I feel for you even more. I know on ocean sailings when our ship has had issues the company has sent an email and a text to let us know re: changed itinerary, delayed boarding, etc. Seems the river cruise lines have not had to deal with as many disruptions so they don’t have a clean communication plan
  11. In the two weeks I've been tracking our boat (SS Antoinette), this is the most it has moved. I wonder if they were going to try and go out? Moved to free up space for someone to load at their current location?
  12. I think they were looking for a Tauck ship that does the same itinerary to see if they made it to Basel?
  13. If you use Cruise Mapper (link to Antoinette https://www.cruisemapper.com/?mmsi=269057366) you can move up and down the river to see where other ships are. The Rhine looks empty from Cologne down (geographically) to Basel. I see no other Uniworld boats which is why I don’t think they are doing ship swaps. I don’t know the Tauck names, maybe you can see a couple?
  14. Thank you for sharing. I agree it seems fair given the situation and I like the length of time given to use the certificate! I’m sorry about your trip. My mom and I have been so excited so I am pretty sure we will go and wing it to an extent just to go.
  15. Question: when you say full refund through insurance you mean for other items you've booked? We've done our own airfare and some train tickets. If ours is canceled, I assume Uniworld is providing the cruise refund and you'll pursue anything else you booked via insurance? Is there an expiration policy on the $1000? Thanks and good luck in working through the details!
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