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  1. I would be surprised if the ship doesn't offer excursions? They are usually geared to wheelchair users too. We have seen adapted coaches being used. Perhaps it depends on the cruise line.
  2. Hotel Monte Carlo is very pleasant - you can take a Water Taxi to the port or it isnt too far from the water bus stop also to the port. It is also handy for St Marks Square (just down a small alley way.)
  3. Not sure if it will be warm enough to actually sunbathe but you certainly will be able to sit out in the sun. The weather can be variable (as anywhere). We have cruised several times in October and generally it isn't bad - certainly not the blazing heat of the summer. Bare in mind that the weather could be a bit hit and miss. We did have one particular storm that I remember !
  4. It varies - it could be fine but it is the rainy season and the wind can blow up quickly to make the seas rough. Or it can be calm - go prepared for a mixture. The Mediterranean isn't calm all the time (as some people think) and it can get some very bad storms and winds on occasions.
  5. As a general rule yes west is generally nicer but don't stress about it as there won't be any reason to go any further east as there is nothing interesting to see in that area. You'll be tired after all the sightseeing so I agree you probably will want to be back before it gets too late - taxis are easily available should you wish to use them in the evening to return to the hotel. That said there are always people around- it won't be deserted even late.
  6. Yes it's true that you have chosen an area which isn't usually on the list of tourist hotspots and is slightly off the radar of most tourists when they come to London but that said, the area is fine and provides very easy transport links to many of the sights you will want to see as well as some which are very near and walk able. The hotel gets very decent reviews and many returning guests. From in front of the hotel you can take the no. 15 bus directly to the Tower of London, St Paul’s and Trafalgar Square – all door to door. It’s a good sightseeing bus. Or you can walk to the Tower and Tower Bridge if you prefer. Make sure you see St Katharine Docks next door as its well worth a visit and the marina is very pretty. HMS Belfast on the south side of the river is well worth a visit too – very, very interesting indeed. Whitechapel is a very ethnic area – at the top of Commercial Road if you turn right along Whitechapel High St you will be in the Market area (mainly Bangladeshi) – it is quite an education visiting the market. Fruit and veg that will have never seen before! Turn left towards Aldgate East tube there is the Whitechapel Art Gallery – totally free to visit. Quirky, different and well worth a look in. At Aldgate tube (not to be confused with the former) there is the beautiful church of St Botolph’s. In front of here the bus stop has links to many spots in London –100 bus to go to Wapping and the Town of Ramsgate pub which is comfortable and welcoming. Walk along the Thames footpath for marvelous views of Tower Bridge and the old wharves, now luxury flats. The 100 bus in the opposite direction will take you to the magnificent Bevis Marks Synagogue which has guided tours as well as services). Continue the same road to the Museum of London (free) and St Paul’s. Jack the Ripper tours take place from (i think )Aldgate tube. There is a great cinema near the hotel (Curzon Aldgate) and also some good restaurants. If you like curries – the Empress in Leman Street(cheap but excellent) and Café Spice Namaste in Prescott St (dearer but excellent and well known with TV chef Cyrus Todiwala.) There is the Brown Bear Pub in Leman Street and the Princess of Prussia in Prescott St – basic Victorian. (You may have heard of Leman St from the TV Programme Ripper Street.) There is an excellent Chinese restaurant immediately next to Aldgate tube at the Dorsett Hotel, but bit pricey but great food. If you want a first class Sunday lunch we can recommend the Chamberlain in the Minories, near the Tower. Download a bus map, a tube map and a general map of the area. Top up your Oyster cards and off you go……
  7. Which hotel have you booked in Whitechapel?- we know the area fairly well.
  8. I hope your plans work out - HMS Victory is superb.
  9. Hello Annie - I could be wrong but I think it's just for purchases made on the Internet. It would be too problematic for everyday buying in shops I would think.
  10. Exactement! It is a shame you missed Chartier - quite an experience. Cafe H is no comparison.
  11. You might want to check out Columbus Insurance - they offer decent quotes and cover for pre existing conditions and cruises.
  12. Eurostar does take you more or less to the park gates - its very convenient and easy .It takes approx 2hrs 40 mins. Direct trains to/from St Pancras would give you approx 5 hours at the park when going/returning the same day. Some days are better than others for choices of direct trains so best to try to be flexible with dates.
  13. It may not be too much help to you but we have done a Cosmos Tour in Italy. It was very well organised, with an excellent guide and decent hotels. We had friends who several years ago did a Cosmos tour of the U.K. They found it fine - mostly used Best Western Hotels then, not sure which they use now. It was a busy itinerary as I recall and they saw a lot. The company is still going strong here - you would certainly see a great deal and then relax on your ship......
  14. Not at all - quite busy (but not rammed with people) and some excellent shops and restaurants. There are some lovely walks by the river. Yes you are certainly out of town but there is easy access into town where you will be able to fight through the crowds when sight seeing! Handy for river boats, buses and DLR . Which hotel have you seen?
  15. Some of the European cities are indeed getting spoilt by tourism, especially in the summer months when crowds, heat and smells (Amsterdam!) are very prevalent. But it's not just cruise passengers - London can be very uncomfortable and crammed and it's not ships to blame there - purely tourists and visitors on holiday. We went to Amsterdam in the summer and unfortunately it wasn't pleasant at all - and we have always loved it. It was packed both on land and on the water - there seemed an abundance on small boats offering booze/herbal/music trips which clogged the canals. They are ruining the city unfortunately. The cruise destinations are becoming victims of their own success - they are extremely busy without the cruise passengers but when ships are in port they're even worse.
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