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  1. Quebec us NOT allowing a ‘cruiser’ to get a third shot. It is only for trips that are for business purposes or emergency. People have this confused I believe. cancel the cruise and cruise out of Europe😀
  2. Go on your roll call and book your own tours. You will see more sights, have 8 people instead of a bus and cost less. I’ve booked 5 of my cruise tours all with Joe banana limos one of my favorites was out of Naples going to Positano and eating at la taglianno( spelling?). Omg. Awesome- I’ve gone there 3xlol
  3. Really? so my old fcc had to be used by February/March 2022.. thus new one they issue is pretty much same 🤷‍♀️I was hoping to use for cruise December 2022. Darn
  4. Received an FCC for a cancelled cruise March 20. Cancelled one day before RCC cancelled so only received credit nit refund that needed to be used by feb 2022. booked feb 22 cruise out of Singapore Royal cancelled July 7 apparently (I have not received email yet) will Royal extend my FCC now?? Also had drink package purchased. I’m assuming they will refund this
  5. The studies from uk have been released. AZ followed by Pfizer 9x more immune responses created therefore I’m sure this mix will be accepted 🤞😀
  6. Yes, it will be widely accepted probably when the big study out of the UK is released end June/ mid July. currently the Spain and Germany studies released say efficacy is Better with AZ followed by Pfizer countries mixing are canada italy uk spain france germany plus others, not to mention people who can not for some reason such as allergies have the same second dose which has happened in usa many times. Mixing will be widely accepted as Who is stating this and also stating the acceptable vaccines.
  7. Same thing happened to me. I was ONE day cancelled before rcl cancelled!!! No refund. Had insurance but they of course won’t pay me because I have a credit. I picked a cruise for feb next year ( the furthest away LOL). hopefully, we will go if covid stays lower but the new variants and everyone opening so quickly has me concerned. Sorry to say but I’ve really checked into this as I would rather a refund but it is credit only
  8. Thanks so if I paid for one person with their fcc because of a cancelled cruise, I can change the name but the credit would come back to me for another cruise then I would have to pay for the new person? And the price of the cruise has gone up substantially. Would the new person get the old ( lower) price? Sorry lots of questions
  9. Ya it says only 2 people. I was just wondering if anyone has had success with asking for a 3rd. All the balconies are sold out
  10. Credit from covid cruise rebooked for a Singapore cruise. Can I change a name? also, has anyone added a third in a spacious balcony with a sofa when it says 2 people?
  11. I’m on the voyageur of seas out of Singapore. Been trying to see what coffee shops but can’t seem to find. So now that package is 44 and 52 with the vroom 1 device. Maybe I should get hmmm I drink 2 lattes each morning !!:)
  12. What would a good price be on the beverage package? It is saying doesn’t include Starbucks drinks? So if I get a latte each morning I’m out of luck. I always thought it included special coffees ?
  13. So if you had enough in your fcc to cover entire cruise, can u not use FCC to pay deposit? I realize u have to pay taxes in cash and not FCC Also ( sorry for off topic ) if u booked a cruise for October 21 but ur FCC expires December, then u cancel- is the FCC Extended from the day you cancel?
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