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  1. Thank you. You made my day. And as to “what will you do”, I’ll stay at home, cherish some wonderful cruise memories and wait this out. The smartest people in the world are looking for a cure. Until that happens, I’ll follow your lead and look forward to the day that we can all SAFELY cruise again.
  2. Are there any venues for late night snacks other than pizza? I don’t want to pay for room service if I can easily go pick up something myself.
  3. Yes, I purchased an 8D GTY thru one of the big box TA’s a few months ago. I’ve used this same TA many times and never had a problem, but I got such a great deal compared to current pricing that I began to wonder if there was a big negative that I wasn’t aware of. Thanks everyone for the reassuring comments.
  4. I booked a GTY balcony on deck 6,7,8 or 9. At this point, it looks like the only remaining unsold cabins for two occupants are on 6, so I am assuming that’s what I will be assigned. Still over 6 months out, so that’s purely a guess and maybe worse case. Are we going to hear noise from the deck below? I’ve always had cabins below and above and never had a problem, so now I’m getting a little worried.
  5. Thanks for the tip. It’s sure worth a few dollars to stay cool.
  6. What are the chances of getting a fan if the room is hot?
  7. Another vote for NCL. I haven’t tried Harmony yet, but can say that we never had trouble getting served at any of the bars. I asked the bartender for a Bloody Mary with a small shot of liquor and this was what I got. Got lots of laughs and lots of photos. Absolutely the most fun we’ve ever had on a cruise. No negatives, good food, good drinks and outstanding service. Set a tall bar for our upcoming Harmony cruise.
  8. I booked a guaranteed ocean view balcony, 8D, on decks 6,7,8 or 9 on Harmony for next February. Is there a chance this will be an obstructed view? My last cruise with RC was on the Oasis over 10 years ago and I said never again because our cabin was unbearably hot even though it was during the winter. How is the air conditioning on the Harmony? Our cruise will be during Valentine week, so I’d like to decorate our door. Is that allowed? Are the doors magnetic? I know, that’s lots of questions, but after several cruises on Carnival and Norwegian, I’ve decided to give Royal another chan
  9. I just booked thru one of the big box, online sites with no deposit, other than their standard $24.99 booking fee. So there was no deposit to refund, should I decide prior to final payment that we should cancel. Since I cannot name the site, it is the one that rhymes with mice mine. I’ve used this vendor many times and never had a problem.
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