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  1. I have ordered sodas from the bar while waiting to debark. They just got added to my final bill.
  2. That's so frustrating. My last cruise a few years ago they were good about checking boarding times. Was hoping it would be the same.
  3. I guess my news market didn't get the memo 😂OR maybe there actually IS a shortage 💁‍♀️
  4. I actually haven't seen a single report from the media regarding test shortages. I have real and actual knowledge of the shortage we had here last month.
  5. No, they were not recovering from COVID-19. It's easy to get false positive is you don't swab correctly.
  6. Several people here have reported getting false positives.
  7. Hmmmm, try logging out and then clearing your cache. This is what you should be seeing:
  8. From the online gifts shop you just enter their name and the month they're sailing.
  9. Has anyone used curative for their pre-cruise test? One just opened about 5 mins from my house and they have plenty of appts available but they only do PCR tests. I asked and they said turnaround time is 1 - 2 days but was wondering if anyone here has actual experience with them. TIA
  10. Most people have their luggage sitting in the hallways unattended. How is that any different?
  11. It was less expensive for us to book 2 rooms over a room for 3. We're using both rooms though.
  12. If we just want general admission do we still need to make a reservation first?
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