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  1. Yes, I'm travelling alone and your suggestion sounds a good one. Are you allowed to post the contact details on here? If not, could you point me in the right direction to find the company(ies) to which you refer?
  2. Sorry, I'm not expecting P&O to do this for me. I'm simply saying that I'm finding all these rules and regulations - forms to be completed on specific dates, tests (which I don't fully understand) to be ordered in advance of sailing etc. - to be a lot more stressful than I anticipated when I booked the cruise. To be honest, I find it all rather overwhelming. I'd not be able to relax either before or during the cruise and it would not be the pleasant experience that a cruise should be.
  3. I'm not sure if this is the right place to ask this question - my apologies if it isn't. I'm very confused about the PLF and the various tests that have to be done (and purchased) on board and two days after returning home. If I opt to stay on board for the entire cruise (I.e. not get off at any ports) would I still need to purchase the tests and complete the paperwork? I suspect that the answer will be "yes" because I may have mixed with passengers who have been ashore. It's all getting a bit too much for me and I'm very tempted to cancel the cruise or, more likely, postpone it until a later time.
  4. I have a cruise booked for December and booked knowing full well that the current practice of only being allowed off the ship on organised tours will probably still be in operation during that cruise. I will be more than happy not to leave the ship and will enjoy the relative quietness of the ship if most passengers are on tours. In order for me to even consider going on a ships tour, I'd need to be assured that the coaches were only half full with seating well spaced out. Like everyone else, I know what the worst case scenario is likely to be with regard to excursions - but, unlike some, am more than happy to accept them. A quiet day on board with almost everyone else ashore is my idea of heaven. I accept though, that it might not be yours!
  5. I'm just entering "God's waiting room" (70 tomorrow) and have always preferred smaller ships. Aurora is my favourite and Azura/Ventura are the largest I would consider - if I was really forced to do so. As far as children are concerned, I prefer "adult only" ships - except for Christmas as I think that children make Christmas 🙂
  6. Thank you all for your help and information - I'll start saving up now 🙂
  7. Thank you so much for your help 🙂
  8. Could someone please tell me where the library is situated on Ventura? Many thanks!
  9. LOL - It's a globe that "sits" on top of a tripod (but doesn't touch it) the globe floats and rotates as if by magic. It's something to do with the magnetic field (I think) but I'm sure someone better than me will be able to explain it in more detail.
  10. Thank you - I will be on Balmoral 🙂
  11. Hello - this may sound like a strange question but does anybody know if the shops on Fred Olsen ships sell the "floating globes"? I know P&O do and would like to buy one but I have far more OBC to spend on my next Fred cruise then I do on my next P&O cruise, so if FO do sell them, I'll wait till my next cruise with them. 🙂
  12. Sorry to raise this again. I know the question has been asked before (more than once) but I can't find the relevant threads (I'm not very used to using these forums) but could someone suggest a reasonably priced hotel in which to stay pre-cruise in Southampton - preferably with a view over the terminals - or close by. Many thanks in anticipation
  13. I almost go thrown out of Tesco recently for asking staff members to please pull their masks over their noses - so many of them didn't have their noses covered, it was frightening. Also in one or two aisles there were members of staff with no mask at all - when challenged, they said that they were exempt. I spoke to the duty manager about this and suggested that if staff were not wearing masks, they shouldn't be in public facing situation - there must, surely be jobs to be done behind the scenes. If people not wearing masks or not wearing them correctly want to play fast and lose with their own lives then so be it - but not with mine!
  14. I generally travel down to Southampton the day before and stay at the Airport Premier Inn overnight. I usually take the inclusive parking with CPS and always found them to be excellent. On the one occasion that parking wasn't included, I used Penguin Parking, but would never do so again.
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