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  1. My understanding (subject to revision) is that the new "included" internet packages will be associated with both duration and cabin classification. For example: 7-day Verandah will be 300 minutes per person, 14-day for 600 minutes per person and 21-day including 900 minutes. Those booked in suites may have unlimited access. Again, I am trying to parse through the online information and releases, so this is all speculation until we have firm policy.
  2. For reference: https://www.facebook.com/watch/live/?v=817999458791448&ref=watch_permalink
  3. Hi Retired and Travel: My wife and I are booked for this Sept 3, 2022 cruise. As you indicate, this is an interesting itinerary and there are some great excursions lined up. Thanks to our SB TA, we are also well located in V1 on deck 7 - easy to get around. Perhaps, as we get closer, we can coordinate, should you decide to book. This will be our fourth SB cruise (all prior have been on Odyssey), so we are really looking forward to trying the Ovation. I really think that you will enjoy/treasure SB. Best, jdk
  4. Depending upon your sail date, the categories could be all different. For example our 2022 sailing (Baltic) on the SB Ovation will be a V1 cabin, but would be a V5 if sailing today. I suggest looking at your projected sail date and compare to the new deck plans. Best, jdk
  5. Good morning: depending on when your booking is, that v5 might be something else, such as a v1. Please take a look at the thread discussing/showing the new suite grading/classifications. For example, our booked v1 (Fall, 2022), on deck 7 and near the stairwell/elevators, is currently a v5. I can thank our TA for booking this over a lower selection.
  6. Depending upon "when" in 2022, what was once a much higher class may be much lower. As an example, we are booked on SB Ovation for Fall, 2022. Our booked cabin was (in the here) a V5, but it will be a V1 for our cruise. I think that this will be significant going forward.
  7. With celiac and required gluten free, they were also able to make a very good GF version of the fried chicken. It was definitely a special treat.
  8. Although I have not been on Cunard, I would imagine that one of the Grill Class suites would be right up there - presuming that you recognize that there are many more people onboard. I think that for a TA cruising, this would be fantastic for dancing (which I don't do, for the betterment of all). Best.
  9. Hi Tripacian: I hope that it really works well for you and that you can make your cruise. I have booked a short 6day on Odyssey from LA to Vancouver, which now looks that it will be among the first, if not the first, SB cruise regarding US ports. Strange times, indeed. Best of wishes and luck. Jdk
  10. Just to get my/or feet wet again (and to "protect" our existing FCC and FCD), I've booked the May 15 6d, LA to Vancouver. I think that we may end up as industry and SB guinea pigs, but our TA suggested that if we have any Covid concerns, most likely so does SB. Meanwhile, we will keep our fingers crossed for good luck. 🤔
  11. Hi Tripacian: SB has added several Baltic / North Sea cruises that do not go to SP. Example: SB Quest, 14 day, Rotterdam to Dover, May 24, 2021 (Northern European Gems). It does not do the typical stops. As we are looking for SP, this is not on our radar screen, but you may find it appealing. Best, jdk
  12. Hi Hanoverian: I think that you have summed up the issue perfectly: "something is missing that would prompt a voyage to jump off the brochure page." If SB would package a B2B of 7-days, instead of 7- plus 14-days (21 total), that includes Baltic and Fjords, that could also be perfect. Right now, I believe that they are stuck outside the Mama Bear bed - nothing is quite right: too short or too long. As I indicated, especially with the shut-down, this interlude is a perfect time for SB to recalibrate their offerings to be more compelling. Best, jdk
  13. Morning (or afternoon) all: I think that this cruise interlude is a fantastic opportunity for all the cruise lines, but particularly Seabourn, to review and tweak their itineraries, especially in regards the Baltic/Northern Europe areas. Currently, for example, it appears (from what I can see) that if you want to visit St. Petersburg, your only options are either a 7-day or a 21 day. Most of SB's competitors offer a 14-17 day option, which would be perfect if not for that they are not SB. I would love to visit SP and see at least some of the fjords and start/stop from Amsterdam. As I have told
  14. I know that I’m going to get push back on this, but I believe that the current cruise industry has to be considered like an investment (regardless of insurance). That is, don’t spend more than you are able to lose. Yes, I would like to think that we can always get our money (or most of it back) should cancellation, bankruptcy or other calamity occur, but I believe that the times and conditions have now changed. If you can’t afford to lose it, then you shouldn’t book it (and I am specifically listing all the cruise lines for this). Jdk
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