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  1. I wonder if we call they'll reduce the cost since it's only half a day? Harriet
  2. Fantastic thank you! I'm hoping for CAS to pick up the bill LOL i'll call them on Monday. Harriet
  3. I thought these had to be paid for prior to boarding....when the reservation is actually taken. At least that's how it looks like it's done online when you go to check out. It that's true how can you use your OBC before you get on the ship? Wouldn't you have to pre pay for it online?? (minus the shore excursion credit you receive) Harriet
  4. How can you say that when this entire thread is about people asking where they are permitted to smoke? No matter what rule there is some people will break it. But I don't believe your comment is accurate due to this thread being as active as it has been Harriet
  5. I called them and explained my pre-existing condition to them. They found a perfect plan for me although I was just looking for evacuation but they also have other plans for pre-existing. I cannot remember the timeframe that it had to be purchased. Give them a call they're very easy to work with Harriet
  6. When you said you did not use the Butler at all does that mean you told him not to bring afternoon snacks, and not to set up your coffee/espresso machine and keep it ready for use at all times for you? Harriet
  7. You actually booked a BF guarantee. That means you can only check prices for BF categories as that is the original category you booked in. You cannot check prices for what you have actually been assigned. The other problem with booking a guarantee is you agreed to take whatever they give you without question. Period! Harriet
  8. Farts smell too but at least the smokers walk away to a dedicated area. 😜 Harriet
  9. They simply said they were no longer serving lobster and were replacing it with shrimp. That's what they told me about the surf and turf. The one and a half pound lobsters that were on the menu in the past were no longer even on the menu Harriet
  10. I should also add… You could call and they can tell you that today, you could call and speak to someone else today and they could tell you something else. Someone else could call today and someone else could tell that and even something else. One never gets the same answer when they call and speak to different people. The people you speak to on the phone get the same information you and I do Connie from the Internet more than likely or from the NCL website which is not correct nor updated regularly
  11. Then something must have changed from the first week of August! I was on the breakaway the first week of August. We were in the haven restaurant since we had a haven suite. The only lobster that was on the menu was under surf and turf but I was told they are no longer serving lobster in the haven restaurant at all and replaced it with shrimp. And my cruise was on a break away from July 31 for seven days until August 2016. Just about a month ago. Harriet
  12. As you can see from my signature line I have quite a few cruises booked – all through CAS and not one of them from a certificate or flyer etc. The farthest cruise I have booked is for September 2017 and I booked that I would say about three months ago maybe? Harriet
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