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  1. Hi All! We are taking the Bernina Express to Chur, then staying the night in a hotel (recommendations pls), then we'd like to tour a little, on our way to Milan. We will only have 4-6 hour to tour, then we need to get to Milan. Can anyone recommend a tour company and a Car service that will take you to Milan? TIA Dwayne
  2. I know no one checks here anymore...but Kelly and I finally got to Italy..TWICE now!! We weren't on cruises...but we got there! Dwayne
  3. Wow... No one responded to my request for information...about Beach weddings in the Bahamas...I'll have to turn this request into a diary! Since no one has done a Bahama Wedding via Cruise ship...I guess I will tell you what we are doing. Pay it forward!! First, I am the groom. I am a Technical Project Manager by trade...so a wedding is one big project! My fiance and I have know each other for 30+ years...and have been living together for 12 years. After running a small business for many years, I returned to the corporate world...which will (hopefully) provide us with enough money to do this wedding! Since this is the second marriage for both of us...we are doing without a lot of the First Wedding "standards". Since this is coming right out of our pockets (cash only...no credit), we need to cut out a lot of the normal stuff. Interested in following us on our journey? Since I am the Groom...this will be presented from a guys point of view. Ladies..you may find this a bit on the bland side...but I will try to dress it up! So lets get started! Dwayne
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