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  1. Hope you join the our rollcall for 11/29, not a lot of activity yet.
  2. I spoke with Celebrity when deciding on my return flight and their recommendation for Ft Lauderdale was no earlier than 11:30 am.
  3. Looking forward to following along on your B2B. Enjoyed your last B2B post. Can't wait to see the pictures and hear about the Millennium as we sail on 11/29.
  4. I agree as this was what I was told previously for my minor. I would also keep the seapass cards or invoices just in case.
  5. Could you share what number you used? I reached out yesterday on the number listed on the Best Price Guarantee page and was on hold for over 1.5 hours and the rep that picked up said that he couldn't do anything but would transfer me to someone who could. He transferred me to Royal Caribbean who was really confused. She transferred me back to Celebrity. After about a total of 3+ hours I got a rep that said she would assist...she could not and transferred me again but stayed with me checking with me about even 4-5 minutes until she got through to a rep. The final person I spoke with supposedly filed the paperwork and told me that I should see an OBC but that it would take up to 14 days. Just would like to be able to verify that something is in process.
  6. When trying to decide on my return flight from FLL, I spoke with Celebrity and asked for their recommendation on earliest flight out of FLL. This is not a TA but they recommended the earliest to be 11:30 am. Not sure if this is helpful.
  7. Want to thank everyone for their input. I have been checking regularly and today additional times were available and I was able to change to 11:30am.
  8. Really miss the pianos in the lounges especially Jordan Peterson. He was by far one of the best lounge entertainers on Celebrity for a few years.
  9. Looking for a reasonable hotel in Ft Lauderdale for one night before November 29th cruise. I see information on this page but much of it is not current so looking for updates and opinions. Prefer a hotel that includes breakfast and has airport shuttle. So far I am considering: Fairfield Inn & Suites - 2081 Griffin Rd Dania Beach Hampton Inn FLL North/Cruise port - 2301 SW 12th Ave Holiday Inn Express - 1500 SE 17th St Causeway Interested in opinions/experiences with these hotels. Also open to other recommendations.
  10. Thank you all for the advice. It sounds like there is hope that I may be able to change and not have to sit outside the terminal for 3-4 hours.
  11. The check-in for my Nov 29th cruise opened at 12:01 am this morning. Completed check-in in the app by about 12:15 am and the only time available was 3:00-3:30pm. How do you get an earlier check-in time? I know they don't want you to arrive at the port early but currently I am flying in the same day (I know not ideally, working on trying to change) arriving at FLL around 9 am so most likely will be at the port much earlier than 3 PM even if I take my time claiming baggage, etc. What does everyone else do these days since check-in and waiting inside does not seem to be available?
  12. Thank you everyone for you assistance and knowledge. Hopefully will have a cruise booked in the next day or so and hopefully not have to use the CWC...just wanted to understand in case I need to use it.
  13. But if you have a non-refundable deposit and get the FCC if you cancel, is the FCC for the total paid - deposit and final payment?
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