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  1. 2 minutes ago, dleahy4444 said:

    Good for you! What ship are you on? When did you receive the offer to place a bid?

    We are on Adventure of the Seas -

    Booked on 4/29

    Got offer on 5/14 (I went in and changed email settings either that day or the day before- was quick after I changed the settings)

    Offer Accepted 6/25

    Sail on 6/28

  2. We booked a GTY inside cabin about 60 days out- ship sold out shortly after.  Bid for promenade room $60 per person (minimum $50 per person).  We are 3 days from sailing and just got notification that our bid was accepted and a room was assigned.  So glad I am on this board or I never would have know to turn on my email notifications!

  3. 7 hours ago, SRF said:

    And realize, you must activate WiFi calling for the first time, and set it up, WHILE CONNECTED TO YOUR CELLULAR NETWORK


    If you wait until on board and away from land, you are out of luck.


    Once set up, you are good to enable it at any time,

    Thanks! I checked and we already have it set up!  Just wanted to be sure I knew what to do regarding the airplane mode!  

  4. A quick question- to use the wifi calling our our trip in a few weeks, do we just put the phone in Airplane Mode to avoid charges from the cellphone company?  That will still allow us to use iMessage, What's Ap and the wifi calling?  Does the Wifi calling go through the phone app just like a regular call?

    As you can tell, I am not very tech savvy!

  5. 2 hours ago, Biker19 said:

    You might not get a specific cabin, but once you check in (90 days out) your SetSail pass may show the deck for your cabin.

    We are 10 days out and haven't been assigned yet- where would I look on our set sail pass?  I don't see anything but maybe I am looking in the wrong place!

  6. We are sailing on Adventure on 6/28.  We have a GTY inside booked and did a bid for a promenade room.  I was just wondering if we will hear before we get to the port or is it likely they will assign us at the port?  Never did a GTY or RoyalUp, so not sure what to expect.  I know I have read about people getting GTY rooms assigned early, but more recently it seems to be much closer to cruising.  Our ship is sold out if that makes a difference?

  7. We cruised last summer with our kids- they were a bit older than yours (15, 13) but we had a few rules and ways of communicating.  First, if they were not with us, they were together or with a friend (we traveled with another family).  No one was allowed anywhere alone.

    Second, we got a Dollar Tree magnetic white board and extra pens and put it on our door.  If they were ever changing locations, they had to write down where they were.  I know it is a pain to go down to the room, but it was very helpful to keep track of them.  My husband and I did the same so they always knew where we were as well.

  8. When my son had food allergies and we cruised, we emailed them ahead as well as speaking to them on the ship.  They checked with us on menus each day and it went very smoothly!  I would advise adding it to your reservation/emailing special needs as well as speaking to them on the ship.

  9. I have had motion sickness issues my whole life- haven't been on that ship, but on other smaller ships.  I take Bonine- not sure of your daughter's friend's age, but it is for 12 and over- all non-drowsy meds by mouth are as I have tried to find some for my kids!  It still makes me a little sleepy, but not horrible.  I take one in the morning with breakfast and one at night with dinner so I am always covered.  I also take one the morning we are to get on the ship to be sure it is in my system.  Also, if she takes allergy meds, like Zyrtec, the sleepiness can be increased- found that out on my last cruise!  Stopped taking the Zyrtec and all was good!  Good luck!

  10. Thanks everyone for your responses!  My husband and I are taking our first trip alone since having our first child almost 17 years ago.  We had been to Disney's island and my husband was just wondering about the adults only area since we remember it from Disney.  No big deal- just thought if there was an adult area, we would take advantage of it!


  11. On 5/12/2019 at 12:30 AM, Biker19 said:

    You should be able to see the menu in the RCI app. 

    Can we see them ahead of the cruise or only once we are on the ship?  Wondering if we want to schedule a specialty restaurant, but would only want it for certain menu nights!  Don't want to miss the things we enjoy in the main dining room!  Thanks.

  12. We are on the 8 night Adventure of the Seas cruise in June and I was wondering if anyone knows where I can find the menus?  We were on a 7 night last August- will the menus be the same as they were then?  If so, does anyone know what the menu will be on the extra night?  Thanks in advance!

  13. We are cruising on Adventure of the Seas at the end of June.  On our last cruise, we purchased the soda package, but since then, we have stopped drinking soda for the most part.  I was wondering if we can bring refillable water bottles on the ship and where we can fill them with ice and water?  Can we fill them at the Freestyle machines?  Or is there a place with pitchers of ice water we can use to fill them?  Thanks in advance!!

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