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  1. Saint Gregg, ( or anyone who will answer) when you are walking back from the ship to the Hilton I see elevators " to shops and dining area" Is there a way to take the elevator and bypass the esclators?
  2. Greg, I have never stayed at the HIlton Riverside, but have reservations in a couple of weeks. Having viewed your video ( thank you SO much for walking FROM Cruise to Hilton) I feel we can walk from the ship to Hilton. Never been to the Riverwalk mall either and was wondering if it will open for walkers around 8 or 9 AM ? Also, is there any way to take elevators and not go outside the mall.? Again, TY very much for the video and your information you provide about New Orleans and Carnival Glory! Looking forward to our first Glory cruise in a few weeks. Any advice you can provide about rooms to request at Hilton Riverside is appreciated. THANKS<
  3. I saw someone mention this company but I can't find out anything about them. I will be going from the airport to convention center and then back to airport. Just wondering what price range I will be looking at.
  4. Thank you serene56. We have 2 cabins side by side and were told it could be done, but would block the view. I am wondering what view would be affected. Thanks again.
  5. :)What are thoughts on removal of balcony dividers on the Carnival Legend? Would it make for one large balcony, I understand the removed divider will block the view, just not sure exactly what view will be blocked. Anyone here who has experience with combining the two please add your input. Thanks.:):):)
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