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  1. I think we've all had different experiences. I had four cruises booked for the next year and i cancelled them all in April. My MSC cruise(I have never been on MSC before, was to be my first cruise with them) refunded everything I had booked and paid for on line immediately---clearly from an automated system. I was very impressed. The refunds for my deposits(I had not yet paid the balance due) all came back in 30 days. Don't know if I was just lucky or what, but MSC was the only company I didn't have to call and follow up on getting my refunds from. The others, including many mentioned
  2. We were on the World Cruise and were cancelled on our second segment from Sydney to Bali back in February. We just received our refund on Monday after being told it would have been no later than June 1st a few months ago. Later than it was supposed to be, and we had to call to follow up(once), but we received it. Do I wish it would have been sooner? Of course I do. I also wish they didn't change our itinerary twice within 48 hours requiring me to change my flights only to cancel the cruise all together days later. But these things happen. I am a very frequent cruiser, and Crystal is
  3. Thank you for taking the time to post all the menus and reflections. We are joining the world cruise from Auckland to Singapore and this is very helpful
  4. Roy, Just wanted to say thank you for your detailed and informative review. We will be joining the Serenity in Auckland, on until Singapore. Haven't sailed Crystal in a few years so looking forward to it and really enjoying all you are sharing.
  5. I feel a little vindicated seeing this. I'm a diamond plus member on Royal---been on over 40 cruises, so obviously I love the line(when travelling with kids) I went on the Anthem ship once(sister to Quantum) and I just wasn't a fan of that ship. Have been told by others i'm nuts, so glad to see the only Royal ships that made this list were in the Quantum family. I agree with Bermudabound2014, there is a design flaw in these ships. I am booked on my first MSC cruise in the yacht club this summer, looking forward to it(on the Grandiosa). If I am cruising without my kids, Crystal is tops f
  6. We will be joining the World Cruise from Auckland to Singapore, having been on a few other World Cruise segments with Crystal over the last 10 years. Thanks for all of your updates, advice and suggestions. Others have said it, but I do want you to know it is appreciated.
  7. Having been on both myself, I agree with your review. I would add to the entertainment review(which is globally a part of this) that the casino on The Crystal ships is a nice experience with many tables and generally full nightly whereas the ones on the Oceania ships are pretty empty and one step up from those smaller ships with one table and a couple of slots to me. Also the enrichment programs during the day on Crystal I believe are superior to the offerings on Oceania, though their kitchen was great. Goes part and parcel to the overall entertainment experience I suppose, Food on Ocean
  8. Don't know if you're able to post the Daily Planner/Schedules? Thanks for the review
  9. I agree with you, that would never be the only reason. I live in NY and do like the convenience of going out Cape Liberty. But the itinerary from there(on oasis) is a cruise to the bahamas which has 4 sea days, and the ports are Port Canaveral, Bahamas, and Coco Cay. Coco Cay is great, but the other two I've been to many times are just aren't on my list of things to do I'll say politely. So it's really a balancing act and this would be a swaying factor for me, especially with that many port days. Everything about cruising is personal preferences of course at the end of the day, and th
  10. Thanks for letting us know. I am disappointed of course, and very surprised actually based on comments posted here and my own personal observations that they would extend Cats for more than 5 years. I think it's a mistake.
  11. I am SOO hoping they do away with Cats. The fact that when you look up Oasis in many places it doesn't mention Cats any where makes me think/hope that the show will be replaced. I know some people liked it, but it is clearly the most controversial of the shows they have. I will tell you when I was last on Oasis, I tried to go see Cats and give it a try and I was one of many who walked out in the first 30 minutes. It was a topic of discussion throughout the ship of how that show should be replaced. I live in NY and would love to go on a refurbed Oasis, but also want to know that show is
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