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  1. Kat Look at the 8 day southern out of Miami on the Carnival Horizon in the Havana. If you want a longer vacation stay a couple of days on South Beach some Amazing resorts. We did it last year and it was fantastic.
  2. Can I ask what are your feelings about how windy Loft 19 will be. I am sure there will be a clear wind screen but unless there is a lot of protection I worry it will be crazy windy unless you are on the sides. What do you think?
  3. Here is a conjecture question for the experts. I know nothing is posted yet and no one knows yet. If I book a excel suite for Dh and I and book a cabana in loft 19 can our non excel staying friends come enjoy our cabana in loft 19 with us? Think there will be arm bands like Havana? Are you guys worried about Loft 19 being super windy?
  4. I am a eat what you want and enjoy it. For my family who like great dinners thats a HUGE part of vacation for us. Because with a 18 and 16 YO its when we re connect. If you can afford UDP sounds like a great option. I will definitely look into it for our next cruise. The one thing is to not stress about eating your moneys worth just enjoy the meals and food you want.
  5. Some kids told DH and I a story, so maybe you guys can confirm or destroy their tale. This would have been in the late 90's They said Disney's first boat "the big red boat" was originally a ice breaker ship so it had a reinforced hull. One time they hit a huge storm and the Disney's boat lead a line of cruise ships thru the storm. They talked about how people were pucking everwere because it was rocking back and forth (teen age boys) They thought it was so much fun because they would jump from floor to floor(maybe it was landing to landing) thru the stairwell. We have had rough seas but never rough enough to jump thru the stairwell
  6. I think every single one of us wants to cruise again and cruise soon. But we also want to be safe and healthy. We want what we had in 2019. Cruising has always had its health risks so does going to a football game or out to a club. Unfortunately the data released looks like they can not control the spread with only staff onboard. I don't see cruises happening again out of US ports until a vaccine comes out. Cruise Lines have to appeal to not only devoted fans but also new cruisers. They have to be or at least appear to be safe.
  7. 1. Not mandatory but I think with it you could streamline boarding as in no other testing required. I also think it would get the ships fuller sooner as consumers would feel safer with it mandatory. I would much rather a shot than a mask. 2. absolutely will I get the shot (asthma) . My daughter said she would volunteer for the trial if that would mean I could get the shot earlier. I don't want her to do that. I want it proven first
  8. The Havana Cabanas are not "private" as in you have a "back porch" the other Havana guests can walk by. Not many do but they can. The Havana "Afts" on 6, 7,8,9 are private. We had a aft wrap on 6 and it was amazing. There is a havana stairwell you can take to go up to your room without leaving the havana area. Perfection. I am not thrilled with the adjustments to the Havana Area on Mardi Gras but I will absolutelyy sail in the Havana on Horizon or Vista again.
  9. Havana Havana and again the Havana. There is a breakfast buffet in ocean plaza its great to get your food and go back into the Havana to relax with your food. The coffee shop is right there too. The pool, hot tubs and shaded areas are great to escape to on busy sea days.
  10. Do not worries about your daughter kids make easy friends on cruise ships. Just make sure she goes to teen club on the first night that is when the groups form. Personally since it sounds like you haven't been on a Oasis Class ship HotS or OOts will blow you away. I like HotS coco cay, st Thomas and St kitt option. CocoCay looks amazing, I have not been since her remodel and they do have zip lining now. You really can not go wrong, not sure about when your rebooking to but a 9 day might be harder with your daughters school.
  11. Between Covid that caused work to slow down she had a fire that caused damage to deck 2 but no injuries. I am dreaming out to 2022 something fun to focus on and look forward to. So I can plan it to death over the next year. I would love to cruise in 2021 but with asthma it is better to wait instead of hoping to go and having to cancel.
  12. Thank You for the info I will look into the Oasis Allure and Symphony. A small pool works great for me. We are looking at Carnival new Mardi Gras but worried to many people to small of a space. The Allure (sailed her 9 or 10 years ago she was new) was so not congested with people all the time. I remember thinking "where did all the people go?"
  13. Thank You so much for the info. Other lines have their 2022 summer schedule and I was hoping Odyssey would be in the Caribbean but it looks like that is a long shot.
  14. Thank You for all the info you guys have on this thread. So sad to see her delayed. I am looking at 2022 since I want something to dream and think about besides the crappy 2020. I love her 8 day southern itinerary do you think she will sail that thru summer 2022? I know it all just a guess but so many of you normally get it right. We have sailed Quantum and Anthem and just love this class of ship partially because of the Solarium pools. Oasis class just has hot tubs in the Solarium right? Please correct me if I am wrong. It has been a long time since I have been on a Oasis class my kids were little and so didn't get to enjoy the adult only pool area. Deck plans made them look like hot tubs
  15. Last I looked it was June 22 but that is not a surprise. There goes our idea of a little trip to Niagara falls, cause we all know you have the good falls in Canada.
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