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  1. Great to hear because we have that booked for our June cruise. How long is the boat ride back and forth?
  2. It makes sense for the cruise line why give away a upgrade when you can get someone to pay for it.
  3. I am in the same boat as you. We booked more than a year out to get in the Havana I swear when we booked we had YTD (wanted early but YTD is fine) but I noticed as I started our check in that we have Late dinning and YTD is waitlisted. We have been on around a dozen cruises but its our first Carnival. I will try and get us switched to YTD, I hope the matre d can accommodate us because if not this will be our first and our last Carnival cruise, that's the deal breaker for my family. Fingers crossed it works out.
  4. I am with you. We are a family of 5. ( 2 teens 15 and 17 and my FIL). So we booked a aft wrap for 2 and a inside for 3 we. Have never sailed in a inside but it was the only way. We do plan on having 3 sleep in the aft wrap, checked You tube to make sure it had a couch. Hoping that it is not a issue. I have been watching and watching to see if a cabana that sleeps 3 opens up but so far no luck. I have noticed on Royal that fewer and fewer balcony's sleep 4 anymore and when they do its a pull out seems as Royal is doing away with Pullmans in balcony rooms.
  5. Carnival is the first line to charge a reasonable amount for a case of water. I think that's great. Yes its cheaper at my local Target but $4.50 is a perfect price point to make lugging water around not worth it. Way to go Carnival.
  6. The excursion to Jost Van Dyke is amazing well I have not done Carnivals excursion just NCL's but I am sure its the same. Defiantly look into going over to Jost and thru the cruise ship is the best way to do it since boat is the only way. We did it on a catamaran. Here is my advice if you sit up front you will wet. Your towels will get wet, your phones will get wet (ie its a phone killer) If you want to enjoy the spray of the ocean, put your bag up in the pilots house or have one person sit up there with your stuff. Lots of dead phones and kindles after people and stuff got soaking wet.
  7. we are also looking at the Irie beach tour can you come back after and let us know how it was?
  8. I am always surprised when this comes up. I guess airlines allowing free lap babies people think its the same on cruise ships. Its very normal for all passengers to pay. Sometimes ships run kids sail free but I have always found they mark it up to mark it down. You might save $20 or $30, not much. Third passengers pay a much smaller fee so you do save money that way traveling with babies and children. Think of it this way you are paying for the waste disposal from your child, The water to wash and drink, the minimal food they will eat and drop on the floor (at least my kids dropped stuff all the time). Your paying for the person to clean up their seat at the table and take the dirty diapers out of your cabin. I hate to tell you this but they only get more and more expensive
  9. Sorry about it being a spa card.....that's a bummer. Thank You for doing this photo review its super helpful We had been thinking about cancelling our "choppy choppy" reservation since we have a great Hibachi local place but I think we will keep it. Its always a fun dinner. I noticed something and hopefully you can clarify it. Are the sodas all canned? Not fountain soda? Do they say at the pool bar give you a cup of ice to go with it?
  10. I want to also thank you this is exactly what I need to decide what nights we can skip and book a specialty Adding the food pics is very helpful
  11. I want to wish you the best of luck and I hope this bump in the road will just be the start to a fulfilling new adventure. Sometimes the most beautiful things start out very hard. What a lucky little girl to have such an amazing aunt.
  12. Always worth the ask much better chance of getting the 11 YO moved up than the 13 moved down. It totally depends on demographics and you will have no way of knowing that. Your kids will have a amazing time no matter if they get to be together or not in club.
  13. My kids figured this out and have been doing it for years for flights and cruises. So yes it has worked in the past. Before I get some haters they both read a lot (well DS more than DD)but neither like kindles very much and books get heavy we have a 3 book max on any trip. That's maybe 2.5 or 3 days for DS. Even with everything on the ship.
  14. I do remember it going on as late as 6 but not at night. Of course I wasn't looking for it. I think they need good light to see and help the participants stay safe. Defiantly book it early in your cruise (like first sea day)so if weather cancels it you have time to rebook. Towards the end of the cruise you always hear people complaining that they can not do it. Also if everyone in your party wants to do it book 2 different times with time in-between so one set can ifly and one set can take pictures/ video then the other set and ifly and the first set take pictures.
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