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  1. Other lines have lots of extra benefits that Carnival is just now touching with Mardi Gras. Private restaurants, pools, bars and sun decks. Also stuff that wont cost them much money like a concierge to make arrangements for activities, dinners, reserved seating in shows. Private escorts off the ship in port, and back on you have to have a arranged time or call ( you have a ship phone ) but they meet you in a golf cart and you go in thru crew areas. All of this is pre covid of course who knows what it will be like now. But you pay for all of this other lines suites cost a lot more
  2. Carnival suites are really just about the extra space and priority embarkation, except Mardi Gras that ship is going to do something new for Carnival, maybe if its does well some of the perks will make a appearance on the other ships . We cruise in suites and not in suites depends on sailing and what is available. I feel like everybody is different some people can do 2 cruises for the price of one but other people like us have limited travel time so we splurge when we cruise.
  3. For our teens we had/have a always dinner with mom and dad rule. They can do whatever before and after, unless mom wants family pictures. They tend to spend some time with us but not every minute, unless its a port day. My daughter always makes friends but my son more quiet would choose to hang out with us and go to the shows after dinner. We encouraged him to go with his sister and make friends but being super social is just not his personality and being on a vacation doesn't change who someone is. Next time we cruise they will have aged out of teen club so who knows what that will look like.
  4. I know for a fact on Horizon 2019 they made non alcoholic drinks for my teens. It was not your basic soda but something fun the kids had drinks with and without my hubby and I there. Now I can not remember for 100% sure that the kids sat down maybe they stood. But my DD (17 at the time) spent her "cruise allowance" (we give them a flat amount for the cruise to buy drinks, stuff, video games, ect they have cruised since they where 6 and 4 it works for us) at alchemy.
  5. The Alchemy bar is amazing and if your daughter is like my kids she will really enjoy some exotic concoctions without any alcohol. Alchemy didn't do any drink specials that I saw or noticed on Horizon.
  6. I am personally looking forward to videos of the Excel suites and info as in which ones have the hot tubs. Also how Loft 19 works. As in can I book a excel suite for Hubby and me and put my kids (young adults) in another, less expensive room and they can come visit our cabana in Loft 19
  7. Not only are people vaccinated how and want to get out there are also all of those who where cancelled and need to reschedule. No line is going to make those sailings cheaper than the original bookings until the very last minute. Maybe deals in 22 but most likely not until 23. We didn't have anything booked but I keep looking late 21 or 22 and everything I want is high higher and highest. Our Florida keys vacation we booked in January is easily double what we paid for it.
  8. I think we have to get to the point when we know there might/ will be outbreaks but ships still run on schedule. Before any level of normal cruising can go on. Most of us cannot risk being stuck on a ship for days or weeks because of a outbreak. Or taking 2 more weeks off work after returning from a cruise.
  9. Is anyone else in the same situation? Planning a non cruise vacation is nowhere as easy or as much fun. The rooms are bigger though 🙂 I am sure the vacation will be great but it makes me miss cruises so much. Being used to easy evening entertainment options makes a land based trip seem a little bit boring. I keep looking at 22 and the prices are so high....I know the million reasons why but it makes me sad.
  10. Kat Look at the 8 day southern out of Miami on the Carnival Horizon in the Havana. If you want a longer vacation stay a couple of days on South Beach some Amazing resorts. We did it last year and it was fantastic.
  11. Can I ask what are your feelings about how windy Loft 19 will be. I am sure there will be a clear wind screen but unless there is a lot of protection I worry it will be crazy windy unless you are on the sides. What do you think?
  12. Here is a conjecture question for the experts. I know nothing is posted yet and no one knows yet. If I book a excel suite for Dh and I and book a cabana in loft 19 can our non excel staying friends come enjoy our cabana in loft 19 with us? Think there will be arm bands like Havana? Are you guys worried about Loft 19 being super windy?
  13. I am a eat what you want and enjoy it. For my family who like great dinners thats a HUGE part of vacation for us. Because with a 18 and 16 YO its when we re connect. If you can afford UDP sounds like a great option. I will definitely look into it for our next cruise. The one thing is to not stress about eating your moneys worth just enjoy the meals and food you want.
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