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  1. HAL tracks your play on the slot machines by your room card. You need to insert your room card in the slot machine to have your play tracked or to take your money out of the machine. The table supervisors track your play if you are playing tables.
  2. I have someone I know joining the Rotterdam tomorrow. I will see what I can find out. It's possible, with the Rotterdam being new, there will be CSM's on it. I believe Av8rix is correct but it has been a while so I am not 100% sure. I only pay on the 3/2 table so I have no clue about the other blackjack tables.
  3. The airport offers testing. The rapid antigen test is $59. I have 6 friends coming over from the Netherlands. Due to the 48 hour restriction they will have to test for their flight from the Netherlands and then again for the cruise. We will all being going to the airport the day before the cruise to get tested. A few extra dollars but the peace of mind is more important.
  4. I would have sworn this has been discussed several times in here over the last few months.
  5. FLL airport offers all 3 tests at the airport. $179 Rapid PCR Test...$119 Regular PCR test and $79 for the Rapid Antigen Test just as an FYI
  6. The only time we have ever been in the MDR, and we are 4 star mariners, was once. And that was on my Nieuw Statendam cruise, and that is because muster was held in the MDR. LOL!!!
  7. Brilliant Idea. Let's put the entire crew at risk.
  8. There is a huge shortage for tests now. I am wondering if that is the issue.
  9. Sold out but at what percentage. 50, 60, 70 percent? No one knows. Except for HAL of course.
  10. Yes...I saw that also and questioned my friend on it. He received an email from KLM at exactly midnight his time stating their flights were canceled. KLM had, about a month ago, changed their flights til one day later. Here the flights were simply canceled with no rebooking. I am guessing their site will take some time to update. He is looking at Lufthansa out of Frankfurt now.
  11. Right now I would be more concerned with your flight into Schiphol. KLM just canceled alot of flights, if not all, to and from the US. My friends from Holland just received an email from KLM a few hours ago announcing the cancelation. They were coming over, if the US allowed pax from the EU by then, for the Nov 10th Rotterdam sailing.
  12. We seem to get casino offers once a month. I have no clue how long it takes for you to get on their email or snail mail list.
  13. My friends are from Heerlan. They get casino offers. And yes there is an amount you have to gamble in the casino. No one knows exactly what that amount is though. The more you gamble the better your offers are.
  14. There used to be a list of the cabins where the tips have been removed in the stewards utility room. Some guests are down at the front desk on embarkation day removing the HSC.
  15. Most cruise lines, including HAL, recognize vaccines approved by the WHO of which is AZ is one.
  16. I think everyone needs to realize that Covid testing has increased significantly over the past month for several reasons. Most notably due to the delta variant. But there are also schools that have reopened that are having major issues with covid positivity. Those kids need to be tested. It's very possible that the Quest sites are simply overloaded and can not handle the traffic. In ALL cases those needing tests due to symptoms of covid or those who have been in close proximity to those who have tested positive for covid should take precedence over those needing a test to travel.
  17. With HAL I would not take any chances. The cage may have your info and it may not. Always best to have back up.
  18. This is where I really need your help. I may have been misunderstanding this all along. I thought if you were vaxxed and caught the virus while on a cruise the cruise company would pay to have you flown or medivacked back to the States. It is possible it was another cruise line that offered this. I read where the family of this pax set up a ***** page to assist with the cost of the medivac. That led me to believe she was not vaxxed.
  19. I am curious if this has something to do with PAX on Carnival that was disembarked in Belize that ultimately succumbed to Covid after being medivacked to Oklahoma.
  20. Carnival Cruise Line Will Require Doctor's Note for Unvaccinated Guests (msn.com) I understand HAL is advertising 100% vaxxed cruises at this time. Is this a potential workaround for 95% vaxxed future cruises?
  21. The older ships have larger aft balcony's. We had a Pinnacle dinner for 8 on our 7th deck aft wrap. Sorry I don't remember the name of the ship. Possibly the Zuiderdam. Many pax avoided deck 4 aft wraps on those ships because the window washing apparatus is there. With the new class of ships the deck 4 aft wrap is the way to go if you're looking for space. The window washing apparatus is not that big of a deal to us.
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