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  1. Yeah I used Carnival laundry once... that was a enough. If I did a 14 day again or BTB I might try it again but on a normal 7 day, no and certainly not less than 7 days. I've never given much thought to the perk program- early (earlier) boarding is nice but that assumes I'm getting to the port that quick and I've never cared about getting off the ship fast- a reception though is nice too and almost as good imho as boarding perks and whatever else they have. I've never booked Carnival because of perks or the promise of future perks. It's a good price, a good time and they port close to where I
  2. Grab a drink at the nearest outlet- followed by whatever's got a short line for food, lol. Then hangout- maybe unpack a bit, if it's a new ship try and get the lay of the place. Then it's usually up in the air- maybe sail away party, maybe lobby bar, maybe early dinner, maybe watch the sun set- maybe watch the sun rise. 😄
  3. I'm in your same boat to some extent. I haven't been in a rush to renew because I wasn't planning on leaving the country until December 31st BUT got a great deal on a cruise for August- now I am trying to get my passport renewed but I have like 9 weeks and I don't want to pay for expediting it, which is still not a guarantee so I sent it in but if it doesn't make it back then so what, I'll go with Driver's license and birth cert. I'm not planning on leaving the ship since I've been to the ports so many times and I've never even come close to being left behind in any event. If I get COVID, desp
  4. I'm happy enough with this- I have thought the CDC was overstepping it's bounds to too great an extent in the face of the entire rest of the country opening up. I think cruise lines should be mindful of COVID and should continue the measure they were putting into place last March before the shut BUT even more so passengers need to be mindful of themselves and if, like me, you are concerned about catching COVID get the vaccine and wash your hands and practice good overall cleanliness. I booked a great deal on a cruise in August just this morning and can not wait to sail the Breeze out of Galves
  5. I went the first week of March last year and the line shut down the next week- so my saddest memory is getting off that last time. I also lost a birthday cruise in August and then didn't book anything else until this year and the end of it at that, lol. Honestly the last cruise I was on I really didn't think they were going to shut down. They had implemented protocols and it didn't feel unsafe, I thought it was fine. Then I was certain they'd be re-opened for the summer, very nearly my whole town was after a two month quarantine. That will be the saddest memory of 2020 in regard to cruising, t
  6. LOL- Three hours after the ship has left port on the very first voyage, posted to YT via the ship's internet system by a new and/or hobbyist "Vlogger" decrying all the "cutbacks" implemented to make back the money from being closed for a year and a half. Probably brought on be a failure to have gelato available in the buffet during initial boarding. Ha ha!
  7. Prices are up some in the near term and decreasing as you move outward but not that high I'd say unless you're planning something in the next two-three months. I booked for NYE and then two more out from there and thought the rates were good for the dates involved and the cabin. Not great, not a steal but good.
  8. My son always got them served in a glass but from a can as I recall. I honestly don't know that I ever paid attention though and it might vary ship to ship and place to place on the ship. and I've never done bubbles but cheers. My son got a lot of juice using it, like orange, cranberry stuff like that at the bars rather than soda. I'd count on a fountain serving though as that's common at some bars.
  9. I'll just toss on here since there doesn't seem to be a firm answer as far as policy that I have seen people bring soda back on board from the port and it not be confiscated and it was canned. I don't think they'd be super concerned. That said, I think the "soda package" (it includes some other stuff) is around 5-6 dollars per day per person so like 40 dollars tops per person for a seven day cruise so it might be worth it to run the time versus cost numbers and see if that wouldn't be better overall. You'll save time running back and forth to your room and definitely save time in the ports of
  10. Well, finally, getting the vaccine is paying off- I mean aside from the whole not dying thing, lol. This is positive news and a good step back to normal.
  11. 1/27/2002 on the Carnival Sensation out of Tampa. I had always wanted to do a cruise and this one was going to Cozumel so I could visit Tulum and Grand Cayman so I could swim with the Stingrays- 😃 Also, a bit unusual we had a stop in New Orleans and I had never been there either. I was SO amazed at the size of the ship- and now they have them 2 and even 3 times as big but at the time the atrium was just mesmerizing.
  12. Depends on where the elevator is and how busy it typically is but I do like being fairly close for ease of getting around. I've never had a problem with noise. Above the funs shops sound okay though- it's what's above more than below for me- things like the pool deck.
  13. That's interesting, maybe just for crew prep? Moving the ship to Galveston for sailing would be troublesome I think so I'm guessing crew prep in Galveston OR maybe moving as much of the crew off Sensation as they can manage onto Vista or Breeze for staffing in anticipation of July. Man, who knows. Interesting movement though. Sensation was the first ship I cruised on, so glad she wasn't caught up in the scrap frenzy last year. That'll be a sad day on my calendar when she finally goes down.
  14. I have not experienced this- I always go through Carnival.com to book though but have you tried shutting down your computer and restarting it? Then attempting to access the website again. It could be a problem with cookies and the internet using that stored info and the Carnival.com site getting confused. Otherwise is there an option that says "Forgot Login" or "Forgot Password"? Even though you haven't forgotten them then maybe resetting one or the other would fix it.
  15. No, but just in case they're reading this PICK ME! PICK ME! PICK ME! lol
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