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  1. I don't know what Mobile is like but in Galveston when you have Priority boarding the appointment time doesn't really matter. You can check in whenever you arrive at the terminal from like 11am on and then there's a waiting room with drinks and snacks for priority guests where you wait until the ship opens for boarding and then you are the first allowed to board the ship before the main terminal boarding. So, IF the set up in Mobile is the same as Galveston and IF you don't mind the possibility of an extended delay in the cruise terminal Priority Lounge then just go like normal and chance it. Maybe you'll be able to board even with the repairs depending when and where they are taking place/ maybe not. If you are concerned about where and for how long you might have to wait then allow the additional hour and get there at 1pm.
  2. Honestly my favorite cabin is any suite- lol- no surprise there really. Everything is bigger and there's a whirlpool tub and double sinks in the bathroom! I also really like deck seven because it's typically the middle residential deck and therefore pretty quiet. That said- I like ANY cabin on a cruise! 1A- Grand Suite, I don't care because any bed is a good bed and the rest of the ship is where I mostly spend my time. 🙂
  3. It seems a little unfair certainly and I can understand your frustration cause I'd be a little frustrated as well. Try talking to them and being really REALLY nice. Maybe request an upgrade or a "room credit" instead of money back (even a 25 dollar credit would at least be something) in the friendliest possible way you can- lol because being nice buys you a lot more from customer service. That said, if you can cancel your current booking without penalty I'd just do that and rebook.
  4. What ship is it? Are you certain there's a specialty restaurant on board? LOL- Sorry EDIT: I see you said it was the Spirit. There is a steak house there so yeah maybe all booked up but boy that's early! Keep checking, maybe the site is glitched or undergoing maintenance.
  5. I honestly think that the effort involved with getting to the port and getting on and off the ship makes it not worth doing anything less than 7 days unless I lived in the port city or maybe within an hour of it, maybe. I mean with three days- one of them being the day you board- I'd basically not want to unpack or even sleep- lol and that's the biggest draw back I see, too little time. The best case scenario would be you live in the port city and have been on the ship before so you don't have to travel and learn a new boat- OH! And it's a good deal, lol. Then I'd do it for a quick weekend getaway. The only other draw back might be less of the "stage" type entertainment in the main show lounge and maybe there's not a formal night? Not a big deal though.
  6. I had the same offer on my last cruise and I have to agree that it's not really worth it. It's definitely bigger and there were a few things like the larger closet and a lounger chair on the balcony that I really enjoy but that was about it. I don't regret doing it but I doubt i would again in the future unless it was a much better deal.
  7. I always get this for my son and he's never had a problem anywhere on ship inside and out- nor have I when I ordered for him with his card. It's a good deal in my opinion!
  8. I think it's very nice that you are concerned about your fellow table mates on your upcoming cruise. I suspect you really enjoy getting to know other travelers and as such you don't want to disappoint anyone else looking for the same experience on their cruise. I think that's great of you. That said and especially in this age when we are lucky to have such a wide range of options and so many choices for dining on ships I think that you should take avail yourself of those opportunities as often as you like and there is no set rule. It may even give you and your table mates something to discuss and have a conversation about on the other nights in the MDR. Enjoy your cruise and enjoy the specialty restaurants- I've found them all to be very good!
  9. I used my Cheers package almost as often at the coffee/milkshake place as a typical bar! LOL- They do awesome Irish Coffee and spiked milk shakes!
  10. I can understand your worry here but as people have stated Carnival's policy prohibits it. You can try to bring it on but maybe you get caught/ maybe not. Have you spoken to you doctor about this as to what his advice may be regarding what you can do to mitigate to side effects you typically have to endure while traveling? There may be nothing that can be done but I'd check with medical professional. Beyond that perhaps a local bakery could create and package some items for you to your exact needs and specifications with necessary accompanying labels to satisfy the cruise ship policy. We have a few small locally owned places that work with various allergies and ailments frequently when creating cakes, cookies and so forth. Good luck with this! 😄
  11. This doesn't seem like a huge change to me. Why go back there at night anyway? Except to just see what it looks like, I guess and I suspect if you're really curious they'd allow you to take a quick look around early in the morning when it's lightly attended in any event. I had Havana access on my last cruise but my son was 11 not 12 so I almost never used the area. It was good and well done but there's lots of space on the Vista well done-lol. There are so many places on that ship to find some peace and just hang out, especially at night, that no one's really losing anything here. My thought is that the violation of the privacy of the Havana rooms opening onto deck 5 directly probably motivated this. Especially at night if the crowds along that walkway got heavy it could have felt awkward to the occupants to have their curtains open or to even hang out on their decks. From that stand point I think it's a good change for their sakes alone and for the rest of us we really aren't losing anything.
  12. I think the Broadway style musical review styled show in the main theater are fairly good and sometimes quite imaginative in their execution. There's usually two I think. The comedy club is excellent and always a highlight. I also enjoy the musical acts spread around the ship of which there are several. The violin trio in the lobby was fantastic each evening and there were some cover groups and duos around that were great. I also saw bands performing concurrently in the Pub and the Havana lounge/bar. This tends to be my favorite past time listening to music in the lounges. There's also the typical slate of bingo/trivia/hairy chest contest styled stuff too during the day and evening. This isn't the same thing but the Vista and Horizon both have IMAX theaters on board that are true IMAX and they and the Breeze have a "Thrill Theater" which is the 4D set up with motion and 3D like at Disney World and amusement park rides. All in all I honestly have never been bored and in this day and age find it near impossible to do everything and don't even try.
  13. LOL- In my first six cruises two were on Elation and two were on Conquest. I'll be going on the Vista for the second time in February and that will be my ninth cruise and I might do it again at Christmas of next year. And I almost went a third time on the Conquest but had to cancel. Honestly port of debarkation played a big role in these double trips. The port of Galveston is only around a seven hour drive and an hour and half direct flight from where I live so I like going out of there.
  14. Ha ha! I'm just getting close to Platinum and that upgrade perk makes me want to take more cruises faster- LOL. That's quite nice actually.
  15. That sounds very exciting! I saw the Fantasy next to our ship in Cozumel on my last cruise. It looks like a lovely ship. A partial transit is, as I understand it, going through the locks on the Gulf side and entering Gatun Lake and then turning around and going back through the same locks in the Gulf. As opposed to going all the way through the canal into the Pacific. I LOVE days at sea and have been thinking of another Panama Canal cruise for that very reason. I think you'll have a very good time. OH! And I'll add I have done the Panama Canal on the Fantasy's sister ship the Elation and I really enjoyed it. I mean it had been something I was looking forward to for a long time, since I was a kid, when I did it so it was like checking off a dream. If the transit through the locks is the same way you have to be up EARLY- lol and the sun is intense so use sunscreen and shade!
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