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  1. This is correct. Dinner will start on time regardless if you are at dock or at sea. Not just the MDR but all the dining locations.
  2. I would cancel if I was going to be unable to vaccinate them before sailing AND if a substantial portion of what I paid to go on vacation was non-refundable (i.e. airfare, hotel, rental cars what have you) should I fail to get an exemption for my kids. Not everyone gets an exemption for their children as there are only so many being offered and it's on a first come first serve basis, so that would heavily play into my decision. The other factor would be how much do my kids enjoy hanging out with me and vice versa- without organized kids activities your children will be pretty much always with you. Lastly there is the consideration of excursion. You'll only be allowed on "Bubble Tours" which have to date been pretty limited in there offerings- often just a beach excursion and some reviews have stated that they were confined to a fairly small area of the beach at that but that's the ONLY way you'll be allowed to leave the ship in ports of call barring a medical emergency. So... I probably wouldn't do it but, my son mostly likes spending time with me anyway, I've been to all the ports so staying on board is no big deal and I, knowing the situation with kids, probably would book flexible arrangements so that the financial loss would be zero or low (although there's still lost vacation time possibly to consider and trying to find alternatives at the last minute). With that in mind I might do it, if I was just dying to take a cruise right now and he was also okay with the restrictions.
  3. I haven't been on either ship but I'd go with the longer trip because it's longer, lol but also a shorter drive AND not having to disembark on New Years' Day. I'd like having the extra days to recover from the late night celebrations. As well San Juan is a wonderful port of call.
  4. The menu does vary- at least sometimes and with some ships. It was different between the Vista and the Breeze- wildly different. The cost was the same on both ships. There is no galley tour at the moment due to Covid but that's not really the point of the dinner and you're not missing much. It's an industrial style kitchen much like any large convention hotel and the "tour" isn't terribly extensive or interesting. I had the impression that the menu is designed by the chef of the ship hosting it.
  5. Ha ha! Yeah, cash ALWAYS works. I use cash and sail and sign (primarily cash on room service though) and the reaction to both is the same- gratitude.
  6. We had 2102 passengers on the Breeze August the 21st. Double occupancy is just over 3600 and Max capacity around 4700 so we were between 45 and 55 percent full depending what number was used. The popular areas on the ship inside still felt pretty full. The outside deck areas rarely did.
  7. It was offered on the Breeze in August and I did take part- it was held in the Library which I think is the standard location. My Vista cruise is still not showing it as an option but you have to pass through the galley there to reach the Chef's dining room on the Vista and that might be part of the cause there- I don't blame them as the kitchen could spread Covid pretty fast. As well on the Breeze the Chef's Table was discounted 20 dollars as the galley tour was not being offered. I was surprised by that and would have still paid full price as I'm going for the meal not the tour- lol.
  8. I knew that you had to ask for certain things but kept forgetting. I did drink a bottle of water in my cabin though and I think I was never charged for it- despite there being a stipulation to go to the bar to get it. I was thirsty at one point and decided I'd rather pay the cost then walk the walk, lol. I grabbed the pin when I was in Pixels getting photos and the cashier remember to give me the luggage tag which I forgot to ask for- the was the Platinum gift. Like others have mentioned I do Cheers so didn't bother with the free brunch drink and the free drinks at the "party" were fine I guess but also not really needed. It was my first time as Platinum so I did the party but in the future... eh... probably not. There really isn't much "benefit" to the program to be honest.
  9. I've gone to the Imax twice with my son and enjoyed it each time. It's cheaper then the Imax in my home town- around 12 dollars as someone mentioned, I think the nature ones though might have been cheaper? We went to see the first run movies just like we might do while on vacation at home. We went to Cherry on Top before hand and picked out candy to take with us though I think the concession stand had some for sale as well with some drinks including beer. Someone above there mentioned getting cookies from the buffet to take and that's a great idea. All in all I really enjoyed it.
  10. It's definitely possible. I'm going by the FAQ section on the Steakhouse at Carnival.com but it might not be updated. Although if it's not it's sure to lead to a lot of confusion. It could be a measure partially rolled out as well ship to ship.
  11. I was on the Breeze a couple of weeks ago. I feel like the description when I booked the Steak House stated gratuity was included, however there's also a tip line. I think, though, there's always been a tip line there but that might be because I've always order the wine pairing or a bottle of wine of something like that. In any event, I've always tipped in addition to the "included" gratuity and I did this time as well as though I were tipping on a meal at home.
  12. I think about it the same way as shown here. I have PAID an 18 percent gratuity in the first fifty dollars of drinks when buying the plan but typically my bill would have been around one hundred dollars for drinks without the plan so, in a sense, the staff has only be tipped half of usual, plus I usually tip twenty percent not eighteen. For that reason I add an additional dollar or two or even more to each drink I order based on effort involved.
  13. It would have to be a very good deal to risk it I think and so far I've never seen a deal that good. There are some really bad locations on every ship. That said I've booked a really bad room all on my own and paid the regular amount so choosing yourself is no guarantee either, lol.
  14. On the Breeze I'd say the buffet was "lighter" than on a fully booked ship which is to be expected. We were sailing at only 45-50 percent and I can't imagine the waste if they tried to provide the full experience of a max capacity ship. As well, I think the wide variety of other places to eat is cutting into the buffet quality and necessity. I haven't used the buffet for true dining in years, I might grab some dessert there but even though an upcharge there's several other places to try in the evening and I still enjoy the MDR at night. I'd say that there was as varied a selection and option at the buffet as the MDR though despite not feeling as extensive as before COVID.
  15. Ha ha- I was just joking cause your offer was ten dollars more than the one posted on FB so you had to pay more so they screwed you over- lol, I wasn't being serious. Obviously your offer was very good. I meant it in a light hearted "I'm jealous" way.
  16. They don't have it on the Vista yet I think. I keep watching as well. On the Vista you pass through the kitchen to get to the Chef's Table dining room and maybe due to the risk of spreading Covid to the kitchen they've not restarted? That's just a guess but maybe.
  17. I did it on the Breeze about two weeks ago- it was great as always. I was so glad they offered it. Here's the menu and a couple of shots. I very much hope the Vista opens the table for my upcoming trip in December- if not I'll be fine but it would be nice.
  18. Honestly I didn't find it to be a big deal. It was depend for everybody but outdoors it wasn't required and indoors it was mostly around food, like the buffet, tight areas like the comedy club/elevators. Walking around hallways, stair wells, sitting and drinking at the bars, sitting at a table and eating, the spa, ect. was all mask free. I found the pre-testing to be a bigger deal due to the stress, lol. The mask never bothered me and several of us played it up with fun adaptations- the picture here I wore a typical disposable mask underneath. It was actually fun and can be if you take it in the right frame of mind. Not only would I go again but I am going again on NYE in a couple of months and I expect largely the same policies in place as now.
  19. Sorry you got screwed- lol- the person in question posted a screenshot of the deal and it was $35.00 Ha ha- been seeing prices all over the map actually and who knows maybe her's was four day and your's five.
  20. Ha ha- no kidding someone was posting like a 35.00 VIFP deal they got for a four day on the Breeze for September/October. Really? Meanwhile same prices as always on my page. Carnival needs to drop the lottery system and what they offer one VIFP person they offer them all.
  21. Value is very subjective, lol but for a long time I booked Carnival because the port was close (Galveston) and the itinerary was good and the schedule fit and then yeah it seemed like a good value- size of cabin, dining choices, atmosphere, included amenities that I was apt to actually use tied to price for the dates in question at the port in question. Eventually it just became what I know and enjoy although I do think the model is shifting some, especially with the new class of ships, to more equal the RCL model. In addition RCL is moving a 220,000 ton liner to Galveston to a brand new terminal. I'm certain I will sail that ship as Carnival has nothing like it- even their newest class. It'll be my first cruise outside Carnival and we'll see what I think from there.
  22. This is true and even masking wasn't that invasive. The pre-test was a little stressful but at least I could find out before traveling down to the port. The ship itself was fantastic, everyone was having a great time and it really felt just like it was, except fewer people, lol. I'm headed out again for NYE and can't wait to get back.
  23. You made the right decision. I really can't imagine what some people are thinking. There's not a lot of areas on the ship that are adults only- I'm sure they could find somewhere else to go.
  24. I’ve started to think that as well, lol. There’s definitely a focus there from what I’ve seen. Admittedly not my deal to gamble so okay I guess all the money I spend elsewhere on the ship is just not balancing the scales. Ha ha. I’m looking forward to RCL moving their mega ship o Galveston. That’ll be my first jump from Carnival.
  25. I understand your position here and I thought about cancelling as well, partially because the measures feel designed mostly to CYA the corporation and little else. The situation wasn't dangerous enough to immediately roll out masking across the fleet and I'll bet part of that was not wanting the videos and marketing being created with the Mardi Gras launch to be forever covered with masks which was more important than the Delta outbreak obviously. Nor was it dangerous enough for Carnival to provide the option of testing at the port which would have financially put more of a strain on them versus my showing them that I was negative three days before boarding which means nothing by the time I actually get on board. So, you know I don't see the implementation of these measures as very effective and I don't see a true danger there or everything would have been rolled out at once. That said in the end I decided to go on the 21st, I might regret it. We'll see but if I do regret it on this five day voyage then at least I know well enough in advance to cancel NYE's 8 day and maybe the Sailabration next March if it seems like this is just going to drag out forever. I have a friend looking to cancel NYE as it stands and expecting me to convince her why she should go, lol. Hopefully I'll still feel like she and I should when I get back.
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