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  1. Bill Thanks again for this great review and your comments on the ship. I've made a few notes for future reference. Hope you don't mind a couple more questions. You said that you didn't need a travel visa for Beijing and that you could stay there up to 144 hours without one. Is this 144 hour pass (or whatever it's called) something that you need to apply for? Were you satisfied with your Beijing tour guide Maggie? If you were, could you tell me what company she's with? There are dozens of tour guides listed on the internet but if you recommend her company I want to make a note of it. You do an amazing job on these reviews Bill. Thanks again. Paul
  2. Karen I think you might be a little to hasty here. That deep fried scorpion might be delicious with a little Tabasco Sauce on it. You might want to eat another one. I think I would have to try it. Paul
  3. Bill, another series of great pictures. It sounds like you rented a car and did this day on your own. If so, would you recommend it? Thanks for another great review Bill. Paul
  4. Bill Did you need any special travel visas for this trip? Were there any medical requirements? Paul
  5. Bill Sorry about your tour problems in Seoul. It sounds like one of those unfortunate situations that we can sometimes get into through no fault of our own like the time I took this girl to a New Years Eve party while in High School. At the party this guy shows up with two of his friends and tells me that I'm with his girl friend. It was not good Bill. You didn't ask for your tour mix up and I didn't ask for this. We just keep pressing on. Some day you will be able to laugh about the Jersey Girls. What a fabulous review you are doing. Looking forward to China. Paul
  6. Bill Really enjoying your review Lots of great photos and the food looks delicious. Looks like you picked a good tour guide for your time there. Paul
  7. Bill I'm really enjoying your review of this trip. I don't know how you find the time to do this and read all those books you take. I'm looking forward to your photos and comments from Hong Kong. I was there several times back in the 60's. That was a long time ago and I know it's changed a lot. It's to bad you won't get to see the Tiger Balm Gardens. It was a beautiful place that was taken out several years ago for a hotel or something. What a shame, it was something to see. One of the best meals I have ever had was at the Aberdeen Floating Restaurant in Hong Kong. I think it may be gone too. If progress hasn't taken it out, I recommend it. Enjoying your cruise almost as much as you and Marie are. Paul
  8. Bill Another great review you are doing. I haven't been to that part of the world since the 60's (the Military years) and haven't had a serious thought about going back to that part of the world since but you are causing me to think about it. Hope you and Marie are having a wonderful time. Paul
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