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  1. Yes, it was available for many years before that also.
  2. It's not the same but we watched the Youtube documentary last night and it was interesting. Also makes me rethink ever booking an interior room.
  3. I’m not sure it’s the same one. Different title than the one from HBO.
  4. The whole documentary? I'm only seeing the trailer on You tube.
  5. I would love to see the documentary but I don't have HBO.
  6. As someone above mentioned, check out the family message board. There are helpful tips and tricks mentioned by other parents/grandparents. One thing that is mentioned frequently is car seats and how to bring those on a ship. If you visit ports, how to transport kids with or w/o the seats. It seems to be an ongoing discussion. The buffet will be a good option because they usually have some kid friendly foods available. All 3 of their cruises have been on Caribbean princess, which has world market place. On either side, they have a smaller cooler with milks and box cereal, which always was nice as a snack. This ship also has a new kids' area, which we haven't gotten to experience yet but it looks nice. We choose the ship over the ports because I found it nice to be familiar with the ship when traveling with kids. The two main Princess pools are not suppose to be for kids using swim diapers. I've never used those pools with my kids but have seen others take their babies in them. From what I can tell, Princess staff doesn't say anything to the parents. Bring more diapers and wipes than you think you'll need, just in case. You don't mention where you're cruising but in my experience, pharmacies are hard to find in Caribbean ports. Diapers and wipes are not sold in the gift shop. Beach toys and other entrainment activities will need to be packed. You can't leave your child alone in the kids club until they are 3/potty trained. You can take them in and stay with them to play but it may only be certain hours. Princess ships don't have changing tables in their public bathrooms so to change diapers, etc you'll need to take your child back up to your room. That can be difficult, considering where you are on the ship. If possible, bring a grandparent or two to help you enjoy some time by yourself. It's not easy with kids and I wouldn't consider Princess the most kid friendly cruise line. My kids have cruised 3 times and twice I booked a suite to have more room for them to play/walk around in. When you have the drill on the first day, my husband discovered that if you miss the first one, they have a second drill with less people and that was easier to attend with my son. I think he was napping during the first drill so we missed it. Enjoy your cruise!!
  7. I took my kids on their first cruise when they were 22 months and 10 months old. We booked a suite on a 5 day cruise. It was fun overall, especially since my 10 month old wasn't walking yet so was easy to carry her around. We had a great room steward, (which I found helps tremendously when traveling with kids) who was able to help with diaper disposal, etc. My kids have been on three cruises and looking back, it was fun but with diapers, running around, naps, annoyed looks from other passengers and being too young for kids club, it's not something I would have done if I could do over. If you are going to go when kids are young, I would suggest having other family members who are willing to help out and watch the kids while you have some quiet/alone time.
  8. I have been checking the stock almost daily and was surprised to see it over 19 a few minutes ago. Nice work!
  9. It's very boring...A is what my first name starts with...K because that's my middle initial and Easley because that was my last name before I got married. Someone mentioned changing their screen name, which I should probably do!
  10. I love mine but you're right, the gold labeling does wash off after a few trips in the dishwasher. I recently found two of those mugs at the Salvation Army for $1.99. Now I'm thinking I should have bought and resold on Ebay!
  11. My DH just purchased 100 shares of CCL. Is the OBC you receive on a cruise per family or could I also purchase 100 shares and receive the OBC? Was going to ask in the other CCL stock thread but it has closed.
  12. Another Stephen King not to watch is The Mist.
  13. If it doesn't happen I won't be too upset. Thanks for the advice though.
  14. Yep, just checked myself. I've been wanting to buy CCL stock for years and am looking to see if it gets lower before purchasing.
  15. Cruised in February 2008 and received a free upgrade to a suite with my mom. Hasn't happened since and I'm not thinking it'll happen again.
  16. I didn't realize Zika was still an issue. That's one reason I didn't cruise while pregnant in 2016. Just me, but if your doctor says it's ok, than why not go?
  17. Sorry to hear you missed the promo!
  18. Don't know if you'll see this or not but the $1 sale is being offered now on some May 2020 Caribbean cruises.
  19. It's a parents decision on how they want to travel with their children.
  20. I think it was offered in the fall of 2018 for our March 2019 cruise. When my kids are a few years older I'd like to try and book two insides which I think may be cheaper than one mini-suite for 4 people paying full price.
  21. Totally agree with this post. I've only seen the inside rooms on Princess and don't know where a pack and play would fit. Maybe you could only keep it open when you're baby is sleeping in it and store in the closet the rest of the day.
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