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  1. We didn't know about the status match until after we had booked. we have applied and it came through really quickly, in fact they even phoned me because they couldn't match my details. Gave a Gold Status to match our Caribbean tier on P&O. They seemed to think the 5% discount could be added retrospectively. I must chase that up just in case our cruise sails in July.
  2. Just asking, are you on the TA in October? We have done this many times (4 on Britannia) and have always found there is a great mix of young and old and you will get on with everyone especially if you join in with the social events. Have to agree that breakfast in the Epicurean is an excellent perk with the suites. Your Butler will also do as much or as little as you want serving you breakfast or evening meal on your balcony, arranging restaurant and spa bookings or even gatherings in your cabin. We draw the line at getting them to unpack for you as it takes days to find where they have
  3. Sets you up nicely for the day ahead
  4. And the walk there and back is great for keeping the weight down
  5. We did get the sun in the morning but were protected from the midday sun when it was high in the sky. Having had A722 in the past, which is an aft balcony, before the canopies were fitted, the Balcony was large but we found that at midday in the Caribbean it was too hot to sit out. With regards to the canopy wrapping right round on the corner suites, I cannot remember as it was out of our sight but I have a feeling that they did
  6. We had B724 on the TA in 2019. First cruise after the canopies fitted. While not to everyones taste it did cure the soot problem and gave us some seclusion from the Sunset bar and A deck. It also enabled us to sit out on wet days and was great for an evening cabin party. Would definitely book again
  7. I asked the Question when phoning about an unrelated matter last week. I was told by a very nice lady that they had been told to expect a busy time with bookings in March
  8. Going under the road bridge towards the sea
  9. We were in B724 in October 2019 for the TA. This was the first cruise after the canopies were fitted. We were booked in again for the TA last October, I think that tells you all you need to Know
  10. Only if you haven't worked out the card trick
  11. We've got three booked in 2021. One in July on MSC, one in August on Viking and the TA on Britannia in October. All booked in 2019 before the pandemic. Hoping that at least one goes ahead
  12. Got ours this morning, We were just going to reuse this years as most of the pages are unused
  13. Barry from Eggheads was on board once when we were on Ventura. Gave up doing the Syndicate Quiz on that one! He was quite useful in Battle Of The Sexes though
  14. I know it's not a Carnival brand but on Viking Ocean you are encouraged to bring local drinks on board
  15. We were also booked on her in 2016 for the TA and the trip down to the Amazon. As was mentioned earlier we got a miserly £100 compo, but we managed to squeeze extra OBC on our next cruise 22 nights on Britannia. We were only given limited time to accept the offer or loose it. This was after her short lived Fathom experiment.
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