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  1. I agree with the majority of posts so far - service dogs on the ship are fine (and necessary) IF they are properly trained/certified. Others are not! My friend has a certified service dog and they volunteer at local schools, hospitals, etc. and provides a great service to people in difficult times. He and his dog had to undergo alot of training, but he said it is worth it and is a MUST in order to be a certified service dog.
  2. Thanks - I was wondering about this as we do not have a store in town (our first one opens in 2 days!).
  3. I think that our Medicare Supplemental Insurance provides some out of country coverage. Check with yours to be sure..
  4. Obviously the right hand does not know what the left hand is doing. Not unusual for HAL - lack of good communication.
  5. Just be sure that it does not include the sail-away day, as it is closed for most of that day. I would call Ships Services to get the details.
  6. I assume that you know that the airline generally will work with you on the new flight, even if you decide to move it to the next day. As you are doing, find the flight(s) that you want and then give them a call - it really helps the process if you know the options you have before you call.
  7. We stayed there a year or so ago. Nice place, great staff, but the gas station right next door is open all night and got quite noisy at times in the wee hours. This time we are booking the Hyatt House nearby (2-3 blocks). It is right by the Space Needle and I understand that it is a quieter location. Either place will shuttle you close to Pikes for free, or you can take the monorail for $1 (senior fare) to within a few blocks.
  8. I would have used that sales office on a recent cruise!
  9. Did she get a mailer from HAL regarding the Private Sale? If so, I understand the situation - it is just for her. If not, that is a bit concerning as how is one to know without trying both names - makes no sense.
  10. Good idea - I do this as well if its not on the TV.
  11. Thanks for all the information Hank. I guess I misunderstood about the BB and your bookings.
  12. I thought that the limit was $1000 (on the membership card)??? Am I missing something?
  13. Thanks! This is what I thought, but was not sure of. Based on all of the above great responses, I conclude that the BB is great if you know exactly what you want and do not need alot of "hand holding". Further, if you are interest in upsells, you will have a more difficult time and it will be harder to get a great upsell deal (unless you time things just right). I think I will give them a try on a cruise that I do not expect upsells on. The extra OBC sounds good, as does the 2% cash back.
  14. OK - Thanks, I understand your situation now. My real question (which I should have better explained) is does big box pass on the "upsell" email offers that HAL seems to generate on almost every cruise lately (depends on category naturally)? For example, on my April cruise, 4 weeks prior to sailing I received an email from HAL offering to upgrade me from a Signature suite to a Neptune Suite for $99. I quickly called them directly on the provided special phone number and got it done in a matter of minutes. So, does the big box pass this type of offer onto you (most other TAs will do this, but the process speed varies)?
  15. s to the upsells, how did the big box handle it? Now I get the upsell email offer directly from HAL and I call a special number to accept it. Do they contact you or do you have to originate the request somehow?
  16. Is there an upper limit on this amount (the 2%) that I can earn?
  17. Hiltner - I tried a big box store booking and got the same fare as HAL, even getting the casino rate (impressed). Plus it was showing an additional $550 OBC now for 2 people (very impressed). With a new store finally coming to our city next week, I will check this out further. Three questions though: 1. How do I used my FCD (future cruise deposit) and will I get the ZPM promotion OBC with the big box? 2. How good is the big box on passing along "upsells"? I use this often. 3. Any other perks for booking with them? Such as membership discounts or credits? Thanks - DaveOKC
  18. I have only used HAL transfers twice and both times we were among the last ones to depart the pier area. One time we BARELY made the flight (had to run through the airport) even though everything else was on time. I really try to avoid them unless I have ample time.
  19. It generally is posted in the early afternoon. If you are on a ship with the newer TV setup, it also is on the TV early morning - very convenient.
  20. My friend was in 3352 on our 14 day Panama Canal cruise and he loved it. He said that the location so very convenient to the elevators/stairs and the Promenade. I would avoid 3340 as it is right by the launderette (if it is still there).
  21. I was wondering the same thing. If you are just going to transfer it later, why get a PCC involved? Seems like a waste of both parties time - why not let the TA who is getting paid to do it, do the entire process?
  22. I have been told that you need to order within the first hour that the MDR is open (this may vary by ship), so keep this in mind. Can have it delivered later, but often they tell you not within the first 60 minutes of the dining room opening (I assume that this has something to do with how they prepare the entrees.
  23. Last Sept we drove from south of the airport to the pier and the traffic was brutal (at least to us from Oklahoma). We left around 9:30 am and it took 1.5 hours (or a bit more).
  24. I agree 100%. I am a "map person" and really appreciate a decent map as it helps orient me in a new port.
  25. I confirmed this with my PCC today - 2 month limit. I have never tried this, so I cannot speak to the pros and cons of it. However, I will say that the service my PCC provides is worth paying a bit more. Very recently I was looking at booking a cruise but the category I wanted was only available as a guarantee and I wanted a specific cabin (I checked this out on several websites to confirm this. I called and asked my PCC about it and she confirmed the same (something to do with my cruise being part of a longer one), but then said that she would make some calls and see what she could do. About 30 minutes later I got a call back from her and she got me the cabin I wanted and it was the same price as the guarantee would have been. I was very happy with this! I am also happy with how the upsell process works when going directly through HAL (and I have gotten some very good deals with this). So, for me, I am not changing my bookings.
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