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  1. Hi. Booked for the Hong Kong to Dubai section of the cruise, so fingers crossed it will go ahead. Should be in Iceland now, also on Aurora, which was booked on launch day.
  2. Good afternoon to all who have helped me to stay positive whilst in the 100+ club. I can now announce wait for it , drum roll ............ just checked my credit card and YES. Refund received. Seems like the last emails to CEO office and to cruise TA CEO may have produced a result. Wow. Hope others in the 100+ club also have good news . Thanks everyone.
  3. Hi Graham & Hampshire Steve. Unfortunately so. The postman has just this moment walked straight past without delivering any mail, so no cheque yet again. I honestly do not know what else I can do. I have emailed all the contacts from several pages ago on this thread and although I have had an acknowlegment email nothing more positive. I have considered a Section 75 but realise that they are also inundated and that action would also take several more weeks. I really wish that all the March 100 day club could now report a happy ending, but we may at least be able to go out for a meal t
  4. Hi Steve. I am also now beyond stressing about the refund. Latest in my debacle, another call to p.o yesterday informed me that I am now due a cheque refund , which I know from this thread seems to be the norm. I have asked this very question to the T.A and P.O on every call and been assured it will be a card refund. So now accosting the poor postman every day instead of my card log in. Postman came earlier with a lovely brochure for "cruises with confidence in 2021 and beyond." Am seriously thinking of making an in exceptional circumstances request for OBC or at least my FCC to be used
  5. Thanks Graham. Seems a long, long time since the March cruise was cancelled.
  6. You and me both Steve. Are we unfortunately going to be the last men (well woman in my case) waiting.
  7. Hi. March cancellations are a nightmare with the longest refund wait times. P.O have been appalling with their mishandling of the situation.
  8. Hi. Yes we were booked on the same cruise and also booked at launch. I took the decision to cancel just before balance due date as I am already awaiting one refund. I have been looking at prices for the same cruise next year and I am hoping that last minute maybe more affordable. Difficult decision for you.
  9. Wowzz. Yes that seems to have been one of the issues but when I spoke to my T.A initially I specifically asked if I needed to do anything and they said NO that they would deal with the cancellation.in hindsight yes had I known the complete farce to follow then I would have completed the required form myself.
  10. Good Morning Snow Hill - I think that scenario has happened quite frequently. I am on day 79 today and actually got through to P.O yesterday evening by purporting to want to book a cruise on the phone options. Explained that I would very much like to book a cruise however wanted information regarding the March 20th cancellation first. Details given then LONG wait on hold whilst she spoke to a manager. They said the refund application only received on 16th MAY - Travel agent said they had a cancellation confirmation from P.O on 23rd March, having cancelled on 16th March. I questioned this with
  11. I hope they do not officially cancel August cruises as yet. Refunds are still outstanding for March cancellations. I am waiting for the prize of FREE CRUISE allocated to the 1st person who reaches the 90 day refund waiting time. It's no joy today either folks.
  12. Ha ha. Me neither. Hopefully we will feel grand on Monday
  13. Please dont abandon me. I'm still waiting for the first batch of cancellations. March Azura trabsatlantic. Think I'm on day 74 but no luck in today's draw. Viv
  14. Update. T.A rang me as they noticed a missed call. I explained politely that I would like either the finance director or a manager to call me as I realised the young lady who rang me would only give the apologetic spiel and it wasnt her who should now be pro active. Awaiting the said return call. All I want is confirmation that we are now a priority and an email to confirm when the refund has physically been processed.
  15. Good Morning I thought it would now be beneficial for us poor lost souls to have a new thread and I am happy to take over the baton from Andy. I know of Galeforce9 and Canberra forever and possibly Wowzz who have been somewhat "dumped in a black hole" by P.O. I have just tried to contact the relevant TA but imagine " they are currently experiencing a very high call volume" I dont suppose that any of the callers are booking new cruises. So if anyone has any information regarding our plight after actually making contact, please could you post. We may yet break the number of refund wait
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