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  1. We are doing our first Windstar cruise on 10/28/17. We are on The Windsurf Morocco/Canary Island Cruise. Any suggestions or tips for our first time on this cruise line? Thanks, Lorrie
  2. poma

    My windstar

    We called and were told the website will be up on 2/24/17. They gave us a different booking number than the one we got when we first booked our cruise. We are on the 10/28/17 Windsurf Morocco and Canary Island cruise. This will be our first Windstar cruise but we are traveling with seasoned Windstar friends! I am a little concerned with delay and booking shore excursions etc. We are using a travel agent and she has been helpful with getting some things booked.
  3. We are sailing on 1/31/16, doing the Southern Caribbean itinerary. Did you know anyone who did the beverage package? Was it worth the cost? Did you purchase the internet package? Any other suggestions you have would be great! Thank You, Lorrie
  4. We are on the Epic the week of 9/23/12-9/30/12 from Barcelona. Can anyone tell me what night the formal night is? Thanks, Lorrie From CT
  5. We are on this cruise on 9/23/12. We are doing three days in Barcelona first. We are celebrating our 30th anniversary and my daughters college graduation from nursing school! We have booked two inside cabins! I didn't think the cost to upgrade to a balcony was worth it, and I don't think we will be in our cabin that much. I am really enjoying your review. Thanks, Lorrie from CT
  6. Thanks for the great review. We will be doing this cruise on 9/23/12. We can't wait! Lorrie
  7. What a great review! We are on the Epic in the Mediterranean the week of 9/23/12-9/30/12. We can't wait. Thanks for sharing your vacation stories! Lorrie
  8. poma

    Barcelona Lodging Location

    Thank you for the info!
  9. We are planning on doing 3 nights in Barcelona before our Mediterranean cruise in September. We are a group of 4 and I have been looking at apartment rentals on the Home Away website. Can anyone recommend what part of the city is a good area to stay in? I am looking for an area that is safe and convenient to all the tourist sights. Is Playa Cataluna a convenient area? Any suggestions would be appreciated. Thanks, Lorrie
  10. poma

    AP Tours

    Thank you for all the information. I think we will be using them!
  11. poma

    AP Tours

    Can anyone give me information on AP Tours? We are doing a Mediterranean cruise on 9/23/12. I was thinking about using them for tours in Naples and Rome. Any information would be helpful. Like, type of tour that you did, service and cost compared to other options. Thanks, Lorrie
  12. I am in the process of looking at flights for our Epic cruise next Sept. 2012. Can we make a flight out of Barcelona at 10:50AM? How quickly can we leave the ship to make our flight? Any info. would be appreciated. We can't wait for our cruise! Thanks, Lorrie
  13. poma

    RomeInLimo questions

    I have just booked a cruise on the Norwegian Epic for Sept. 2012. Can anyone give me information on the Romeinlimo companay and how it works. I did go to their site. Does your driver also act as a tour guide? Can you have him take you anywhere? We are comparing the price of using them versus the shore excursions offered on the cruise ship. Any info. would be greatly appreciated. Thanks, Lorrie
  14. I just booked the Epic Med. Cruise out of Barcelona for the week of 9/23/12. Can anyone tell me if this is a good time to cruise the mediterranean? We thought the weather would be cooler and the crowds not as large at this time instead of during the summer. Has anyone done a Mediterranean cruise on Epic and what shore excursions are worth the money. Any other information would be great. I have never sailed on Norwegian. Thanks, Lorrie
  15. I am thinking about Norwegian Epic for a Mediterranean cruise in July or August 2012. I would be going with my 21 year old daughter. The itinerary from Barcelona really appeals to us. I have seen some negative information on the ship. Any comments or suggestions would be appreciated on the following or other stuff! Inside Cabins Shore excursions specialty restaurants Did anyone have NCL book airfare with the cruise? The prices I am looking at with air included seem very expensive. Thank you for any suggestions! Lorrie