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  1. We had an overnight in Lalong Bay two years ago. The first day we did the tour to Hanoi. The city and countryside were interesting, but it was about four hours each way. The second day we did the Halong Bay boat tour. Beautiful place.
  2. Same thing for me. No booked cruises shown. I looked at cruises in general for Oceania, and every cruise I looked at showed all cabins waitlisted, so I’d say it is a website problem.
  3. We are on Riviera right now, and enjoyed the very first ever Dom dinner last night. The food and Dom pairings were excellent. The pours of champagne were small, but they offered several refills. I am attaching the menu with descriptions of both the Dom and food. One thing missing from the first course description is the mention of the beautiful slice of fois gras. At $295 plus 18% gratuity per person, it is expensive, but where else can you have three vintages of Dom Perignon in one sitting.
  4. Franck’s mashed potatoes! They mash them, evaporate excess water over low heat, then add in as much butter and cream as they will absorb. A true guilty pleasure.
  5. The Terrace always has sugar free cookies and ice cream at lunch.
  6. willmschen


    We were there last year on Nautica and we docked out away from the city. It was a bit of a drive, but interesting countryside.
  7. New_cruiser, DH and I will be on Legend June 12. We would love to hear how far into Kenai Fjords you sail, and what you see. We’re debating a trip in there with one of the local companies before the cruise.
  8. We took the Oceania excursion to the Tropicana and had great seats near the stage.
  9. When you book a grand voyage, You receive a key card for the entire cruise. As far as things to do around Southampton, we hired a driver a few years ago to see the New Forest area. It’s a beautiful area with forests and small villages.
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