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  1. I wonder what MSC is doing in their dining rooms right now on their Italy cruises. That might give us a hint at what X will be doing when they startup.
  2. We had a reservation on the exact same cruise as the original poster here. We tried and tried to get this cruise rebooked but Celebrity would not budge. Despite what some have posted here, even with written letters, Celebrity's Resolution desk would not allow a Lift and Shift change to the 2021 cruise that was one day longer. The current price for the 18 day 2021 cruise is so much higher that hoping for just waiting this out, making the final 2020 payment and using the 125%FCC would not have any benifit. We decided to just cancel our 2020 reservation before the final payment due da
  3. Maybe I could have changed the wording in my OP title to read Aqua Class when cruising first resumes Right now most Aqua cabins are already booked for scheduled cruises in August and Sept, etc. I know many people will likely cancel their booking or move them to a future sailings but how will Celebrity handle those AQ passengers that remain booked and expect to sail soon? Going forward I'm sure Celebrity will adjust what needs to be done and maybe take fewer AQ reservations or expand Blu but what will life be like for those first AQ folks who do sail on those first cruises?
  4. I wonder what life will be like for Aqua class passengers when cruising resumes? What will the "new normal" look like? Will Celebrity bump people with existing Aqua class reservations to reduce the overall passenger head count as cruising re-starts? How will that be determined? How will Celebrity accomodatea dining in Blu with the extra table spacing requirement? Maybe three fixed time dinner seatings, or use other venues / space for dining? Will access to the Persian Garden have to be by reservation only for a set time limit? Elimi
  5. There are a few posts here stating that Celebrity has made individual exceptions to their current published policy regarding the number of cruise days required for a Lift and Shift match. Is this really true, hearsay or just wishful thinking? Can anyone confirm that they actually had this happen to them for a specific Celebrity cruise? My particular situation is a direct booked 17 day cruise in Sept 2020 from Hawaii to Australia on Solstice. They only similiar itinerary cruise in 2021 or 2022 is 18 days. I was told verbally by Celebrity phone reps that Lift and Shift would not apply
  6. Yes. I was wondering about that as well. Does anyone know or have a way to list where each of the X ships are currently and where they would need to be if and when sailings resume in May?
  7. Sorry if this situation has already been posted here somewhere but can someone confirm this. We have already paid for a X cruise in late May 2020 that has not yet been cancelled by X. If we decide to cancel that May cruise and take the FCC as currently offered, can we apply that FCC to another X cruise that we have alrady booked but not paid for late September 2020? Also confirm our undderstanding that if we decide to cancel now, the FCC is 100% and if X cancels the cruise the FCC would increase to 125% for the dates mentioned above. Thanks
  8. Thanks CaptainZ. I always appreciate using Cruise Critic for good advise and to share experiences.
  9. We will be on the Summit in May, goimg to Maine and Canada. Can anyone comment on the difference between the Unlimited and Surf the Internet package with regard to using our i-phones on airplane mode to make audio (not video) facetime calls. The Celebrity writeup says you need the unlimited internet package to use facetime. Is that true for audio calls or do they mean video facetime calls?
  10. What am I missing in this posting? A "Celebrity logo" or "Reserved" towel clip is no different than anything else that is left unattended on a pool chair or a theater seat. To me, if its unattended for 30 minutes then its fair game and free to be used by anyone who wants or needs it. Also, if I happen to be sitting in a lounge chair with "VIP" or "RESERVED" logo towel chips in place, I think that says a lot about me without having to say a word. Just my opinion.
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