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    Cruise Critic on Tauck!

    I attempt to enter a comment at the end of the Uniworld, Scenic comparison, however it seemed to want me to sign into Facebook. I did not want to do this so I am posting it here. I saw on the forum the link to the comparison between Tauck and Uniworld and found it very interesting. Then I noticed the comparasion between Uniworld and Scenic. Of these three lines I have only been on one so cannot comment on the details of the information given. However, I would like to point out some discrepancies on the comments re Scenic. The first thing I noticed was your comment on the lack of Balconies on Scenic. The first comment I thought for sure must be a typo. As I read further I realised this was not the case. While we could quibble about the defination, I do feel your post is very misleading. When I did my research for our first river cruise, in 2012, scenic was, at that time, the only line I found that had " step outside" balconies and they were on the vast majority of cabins not only in the top suites. They were not part of the normal cabin and, at that time they were a major part of our decision. In 2014 we travelled again with Scenic, both were on their original ships, the concept had been improved to provide the option of turning the balcony into a sun room with the push of a button thereby making the balcony useable during inclement weather, still completely separate from the main cabin. If someone preferred to simply have the normal balcony they just had to not make use of this amazing feature. In either case, as with any balcony on any ship the doors that lead to the outdoor space can be left open if desired, although this may impact AC on some. Secondly, there is another example of inaccuracy. This one is with regard to the laundry. This year one bag of laundry per cruise will be done for all passengers. Even if we go back to previous year's your info is still inaccurate or at least incomplete. All passengers on the top deck and passengers in JR Balcony on the middle deck, can have two pieces of clothing, per person, pressed every day. This was the case on both of the cruises we have been and, with the addition of one bag of laundry, still exist for our third cruise which we will be departing on next week. I found your comparisons very interesting as all three of these lines are on our radar for future cruises. So my comments are not intended to be cheerleading, I nor am I an Aussie. However, like others, I do rely on info given being accurate and was disappointed to discover that, in the above instances, they were not entirely. M C (tinylady)
  2. tinylady

    Low levels on the Danube July 2015

    I am reading this topic with interest. I won't be on a river cruise this year, unfortunately. However, I am booked for my third for 2016. What I find very interesting is the difference in positions re ship swapping. Given the options that are available once Mother Nature has done her bit, I would have to say, my feeling is that a ship swap, while not ideal,is by far a much less disruptive prospect than cancelled cruises, docked for days and having long bus rides to see the sights. I am sure that most lines will in different circumstances be forced to make one or all of these calls. I travel a long way to Europe so given the other options a ship swap would, definitely, be my preferred option. Again I'd like to say how interesting it is to read opposing viewpoints. On another note, I received an email from Truck stating that they were lowering their pricing due to the strength of the US$ to the Euro. Great news for some, however, I am in Canada and our dollar has tanked so no joy for me. I wonder how prices are for our Aussie friends if booking with Tauck. Here's hoping the rivers get back to normal soon, nobody wants a bus tour.
  3. Thank you so much for this amazing review and photos. We will be leaving on the 26th for a 14 day Amsterdam to Basel cruise with Scenic so I am doubly enjoying this. Looking at the memorial pics made me wonder if you had seen the TVO series Apocalypse which just ended this week. It was very thought provoking and,if you didn't see it, I would strongly recommend it should they re screen it. I also saw another show recently that dealt with the Treaty of Versailles in detail. It may have been on Cogeco on demand, sorry can't remember the name. Having originally come from the UK, I thought I had a pretty good knowledge of the First World War, however, both of these programs proved to me how little I actually knew. Once again thanks so much for your review, Mary
  4. tinylady

    Viking Rhine Getaway - Viking Dailies

    Got them, thank you so much.:)
  5. tinylady

    Scenic European River Cruises 2015

    Hi, I'm in Canada and I was able to download the 2015 prerelease from the Australian site. I did it on both my IPad and computer, maybe give that a try. Also the prerelease always has less in it that the full one that comes out later. Plus the pricing would be in Australian dollars. Not sure if that makes it more or less expensive though. Hope that helps.
  6. tinylady

    Tom Harper river cruise

    Hi, I also am aware of this company. Friends of ours went with them a few years back and had a great time. However, when my husband and I were looking for a company last year we fairly quickly removed them from our list. This wasn't because we thought they offered a bad product, in fact they are an excellent company. However, they did not offer what we were looking for. Firstly, they do not have hotel beds, theirs are Pullman. No balconies, of any type. They put great store on the fact that they do not sail at night, ever. We would have not found this an advantage as the more day time sailing the less time in port. This probably suits their clientele, we crossed paths with them a couple of times during our cruise. The average age was quite a bit older than on our boat so less time in port, and walking, may have suited well. In addition, as already stated they are all inclusive, something we like, however, in their case it includes pick up at your door, I can call for a limo, and a tour guide who accompanies the guests on the flight. We were actually on the same flight. I feel that this complete hand holding is reflected in the price rather than boat amenities. I can't comment on excursion quality. Bottom line I determined that this is a very good company which would suit older possibly less mobile passengers who want someone with them from the moment they leave their home and who don't mind sleeping on a pull down bed. It all depends on what you want, which is why research is so important. Not many bad choices but important to get the right choice for you. We passed on JVD and went with Scenic, which we loved and will sail with again next year. Mary
  7. tinylady

    trip insurance question

    Hi all, I live in Canada and I am wondering if this "cancel for any reason" is available in Canada. Franski you are so knowledgable I wonder if you have ever checked this out? thanks, Mary
  8. tinylady

    Budapest to Amsterdam Question

    Hi Linda, we were at this concert last year. It is a lovely evening but alas we just watched the dancing. Although, I did feel like I was treading on air when we left. To answer your other question, I would suggest that you keep your nicest outfit for this evening but jackets and ties, if any, were definitely in the minority. My suggestion would be not to bring them. Just dress as if you were going out for a nice meal and you will be fine. I always wear dresses to dinner but only because I find them the easiest thing to pack, no coordinating, lol. Everyone looked very nice but only one lady wore what I would call a more formal outfit. You will have a lovely time, I have to wait until next year for my next cruise with Scenic. Mary
  9. tinylady


    Eliana, thank you for your reply. It is such a shame that what should have been a wonderful trip did not turn out that way. As you indicated it is how passengers are treated that leaves the most lasting impression. If this was your first river cruise I do hope you will try again, although understand why you might not. Last year was our first, also with Scenic, and ourselves and traveling companions found it to be our favourite method of travel to date. Others feel differently, only you will be able to decide if you should risk it again.
  10. tinylady


    Eliana, I had seen your previous post regarding poor hotels and food. It would be very helpful if you give more details on your experience, I.e. what hotels did they use. Did you spend all your nights at a hotel. Also, did Scenic give any rational reason for the 12%? It certainly seems a paltry amount. I know Scenic is an expensive product, travelled with them last year and we are booked for another in 2014 so getting a little concerned. This awful event was no ones fault and my sympathies go out to the people in the area. However, I think how companies handled it will speak volumes. Thanks in advance.
  11. tinylady

    Water levels on Rhine and Moselle Rivers

    I was on a river cruise of the Danube last year, planning another for next year. I just wanted to thank those of you in the actual vicinity who are posting such frequent updates. While I personally am not effected this year, I think it is incredible kind to keep people on cruise critic informed. It is heartbreaking to see the beautiful sites we enjoyed so much last year. I wish the wonderful people of this area the best. Mary
  12. tinylady

    Cruise Critic on Scenic?

    [quote name='LHT28']It may also have something to do with where you are coming from Some people from certain Countries adapt better to mediocre food than others The wines we had last year were very good ..some from Australia, Italy France & maybe a California one The free choice tours are usually "Optional" (fee based) on other river cruises take a 2 prong plug to use for your camera etc... but be sure to check it it is dual voltage The walking tours were usually small groups & you have the headsets which work very well[/QUOTE] I guess I must be from one of those countries that adapts to mediocre food, although I have been in Canada for 36 years. I found the food to be almost as good as many fine dining restaurants in the GTA. Having said that a plate covered with a huge steak as I've seen on some cruise pics would not be my idea of good food. Give me delicious, small portions beautifully presented to a Keg meal any day. To each his own.
  13. tinylady

    Cruise Critic on Scenic?

    [quote name='alexandra cruiser']as I admit I was. I went on Scenic tour facebook page and found lots of info and more reviews.Most VERY POSITIVE.So I feel a little better about my choice. We definitely need MORE reviews on CC to get a better feel for it. Also, some cruisers just do not care for river cruises that much.For MANY reasons.Is is possible that Erica(on his FIRST river cruise)might be in that category? Will look forward to other opinions.;)[/QUOTE] Alexandra cruiser, thanks for the heads up. Also regarding the review I think you may have something there, exactly what I was thinking and that was my reason for asking what river cruises the individual had been on previously.
  14. tinylady

    Cruise Critic on Scenic?

    [quote name='conan']We were on the Scenic Ruby from Amsterdam to Budapest last October. We live in a city that boasts the largest Oktoberfest celebration outside of Munich but had to celebrate this year on the Rhine/Danube. Loved it!!! Am already booked on a Scenic Moscow to St. Petersburg in September of 2015 taking advantage of the pre-publication early bird specials I'm open to questions about our experience if you have any Ciao for now and Happy sails[/QUOTE] Conan, I am guessing you are from Kitchener ? We did the Danube last year and thoroughly enjoyed it. We are now looking at 2014 but don't want to repeat. I had put a deposit on the Rhine/Rhone but it turns out they are not offering a fall sailing next year so I am a bit lost. Thought about the Am to Basil plus Swit. But again the add on is only available early or late in the year. Do you think the am to Basel would be a good choice despite being a bit short without SW. Also thinking of France or Russia although others in our party may not go for Russia. It may have to wait until 2015. I didn't know that we were able to book 2015 already, can you tell me where you got the info to enable you to do it, thanks in advance, Anyone who has any thoughts on where to go please jump in and help.
  15. tinylady

    Cruise Critic on Scenic?

    [quote name='Erica@cruisecritic']The food wasn't subpar -- I just wasn't wowed, but that may be my palate. There were some very very good dishes (the pasta at Portobellos notably). There wasn't much in the way of entertainment. There's a singer/pianist/DJ who was mediocre and one fun local performance (I was on for 7 days). And they took us on a private tour and dinner at a castle, which was fun. The crew show was very entertaining and not to be missed. Excursions were typical walking tours but the guides I had were very good. The technology is outstanding -- you get these devices that let you listen to the guides, provide self-guided tours with maps and provide commentary on the river. The electric bicycles are great, and I recommend doing at least one guided bike tour if you like biking. The cabins may be the highlight of the ship and most have large closets with shelves and hanging space. There's not much bathroom storage until you get up into the larger suites. (If you remind me which category is BB, I can comment on storage.) I'm not a big or expert drinker so I can't comment on wine selection/quality. Everything I had was tasty! They come around with a red and a white at breakfast and lunch but you can order other wines/drinks as well. You can pretty much order anything at anytime and the bar staff may have provided some of the best service onboard. It's a nice addition. My official review will show up on the editorial review site ([url]www.cruisecritic.com/reviews[/url]).[/QUOTE] Hi, could you give some info on what you thought of their Scenic Enrich and Freechoice tours? I was expecting much more than the standard walking tours. From your comments there doesn't seem to be much to put them above other much less expensive lines? I hope someone will be able to comment on the quality of the included drinks as I think that would be a crucial part of any review of Scenic. Did they really serve wine with breakfast? I personally don't drink but to others in my party the quality of drinks would be of interest. In what way was the service sub par? What other river cruises have you been on and how would you compare them? Thank you in advance for your reply to these questions, we will be booking very soon for our 2014 trip and had settled on Scenic, however, I am now, based on your comments, second guessing that decision. I look forward to your answers.