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  1. Big Dawg CC

    AMEX Offer...It's Back!

    Amx changed the game a few months back. It eliminated the ability to add these offers to multiple cards. Worse, it even clawed back some offers that folks added to multiple cards.
  2. Having been aware of the discount gift cards for Carnival and Celebrity, I've looked in the past for HAL. Never found any, nor have I ever seen a shopping cart on HAL that permits the use of gift cards. I do know Celebrity limits you to $1,000 in gift cards per sailing, which takes a bit of fun out of it (over 21% off on ABC Gift Cards).
  3. Big Dawg CC

    No Mariner Points from Onboard Spending

    Our last cruise - now nearly 1 month ago - has not posted correctly. We wrote Mariner Society and received the following response: "Unfortunately, there is currently an issue with recent sailings not posting to Mariner accounts. This is a known issue and we are working as fast as we can to get it fixed. We thank you for your patience on this matter and sincerely apologize for any inconvenience this may cause.
  4. Big Dawg CC

    Back Again: $100 off $500 AMEX

    There's an even easier way. Just click on the link twice, and use the same login for each. It will automatically open two web browsers for the same login. If you have multiple cards on the same log in, it will ask you to select which card you want to add the offer to. Select Card 1 for the first window, Card 2 for the second and so on. Once you select each, it will then ask you to add to the card by pressing "Add." When you are done, you will have the offer on each card for your login.
  5. Search waterproof cases at www.rei.com. I use one like this for money, credit cards, ids: https://www.rei.com/product/723130/witz-keep-it-clear-sport-case I personally would not trust any of them with a cell phone or electronics. Although none has failed, it only has to fail once or you simply neglect to close it properly. For peace of mind, we bought a waterproof/underwater camera to take with us on such type of excursions, which can take pictures or video underwater up to, I believe, 6 meters below the surface. Just Google waterproof or underwater camera.
  6. Just to clear up any misinformation, you can definitely book 4 in a cabin online - I've done it over 20 times for our family. Just need to make sure you change the "default" setting of two per cabin to four, and, once selected, it will then only show you cabins which will accommodate four persons - those marked with a square.
  7. Big Dawg CC

    Clues for Quads? (how to survive with four people in one cabin)

    Yes, but for four stars and above, we've been fortunate to have the 3rd and 4th free (just taxes) on many of our cruises. So, it can be compellingly economical to do so!
  8. Big Dawg CC

    Clues for Quads? (how to survive with four people in one cabin)

    We've done 20+ cruises in quads. Our daughters started at 5 and 6, and they are now 18 and 19. We have just one rule to preserve the peace: If it's "number one," inside is fine. If it's number two, the public restroom for you!
  9. I especially liked how they introduced the new logo and tag line, but at the end of the live stream, they froze the screen on the old logo and tag line.
  10. Big Dawg CC

    HAL's new online booking system?

    [quote name='visagrunt']Just used it to book a March 2016 cruise on the Volendam, and the process could not have been simpler or more painless. I, for one, like it. :)[/quote] I'm sure I'd would be ok with it if all I wanted to was to book a cruise. However, I already have a cruise booked, and I want to be able to watch prices over time, which I cannot do without putting in all of the information. Granted, I may be able to get a cabin price for 1st and 2nd passengers after some effort, but, so far, I cannot get to the rate for a 3rd and 4th passenger unless I go through the entire booking process. So, I just may have to call HAL every now and then and tie up one of their phone persons to do so. Hmmmm, what if we all did that every day . . . . Ok, maybe some of us have better things to do, but it might be just the kick in the butt they need to make pricing more visible for us!
  11. Big Dawg CC

    HAL's new online booking system?

    The most significant impact of the new site for me is that I cannot now quickly monitor the price of an existing booking. Could it be that this was done on purpose to minimize the number of requests for a downward price adjustment on an existing booking?
  12. Big Dawg CC

    Kids Eat Free In Pinnacle ??

    [quote name='AlohaPride']And this comment does what to add to the conversation? I teach my girls to only speak when they have something nice to say. . .[/quote] Thumbs up!
  13. [URL]http://boards.cruisecritic.com/showthread.php?t=2044589[/URL]
  14. Big Dawg CC

    Kids Eat Free In Pinnacle ??

    We have two teen girls, and we have enjoyed many meals in the Pinnacle and Tamarind that were either free for them (when they were under 13) or discounted by 50% (after they turned 13). And that discount was in addition to any mariner discount! We understand from HAL that program ended in December 2013, and we have been charged the full amount for our teen-age girls since then (less our four star discount).
  15. Big Dawg CC

    Final statement after you leave ship

    I would not advise doing so unless HAL is not able to resolve to your satisfaction. Your CC company will also ask if you've made an effort to resolve with HAL. In each instance that I have been overcharged by HAL, HAL has taken care of it in a very prompt and professional manner.