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  1. Celebrity limits the use of gift card redemptions: "When booking, you may use/redeem up to $500 in gift cards per person/per sailing, $1,000 total per stateroom to pay for your cruise." So, we'll need to keep an eye of HAL's terms to make sure there are (or become) no similar restrictions.
  2. My wife and I have been on over 20 cruises on HAL with our two daughters since 2006, when they were 7 and 8. Now, they are 20 and 21. Each time we have been in a quad. It works just fine for us - probably because we started off this way and we just got used to it. We also have some rules to preserve the peace. For example, for "number 2," we use a public rest room. We also split the beds to gain more room. We've had some new challenges as the girls have grown up. One is 5'10" and the other is 5'11". So, it is now my wife who gets the couch! And, yes, my wife and I also eagerly look forward to our cruises by ourselves. On most cruises, the girls have been free - we just pay their taxes and port fees. So, the economics make this fairly compelling. We prefer to spend the extra money on our private excursions. Yes, it may get cramped, but it's one of the few times that we really get to hang out together. We watch movies as a family, and we play Uno and hearts. I have a still busy legal practice, and they are now in college. So, these are truly precious times for us being able to hang out together. Sure, there are sacrifices, and, yes, tempers sometimes flare up. At the same time, we can all recall famous stories about the really stinky fart, or how we had to take four showers in 30 minutes to make dinner. These are the things for which memories are made! So, I wouldn't so easily dismiss the quad. It really just depends on your family, your habits and your expectations.
  3. Amx disabled this work-around in August 2018. See https://www.doctorofcredit.com/the-amex-offers-multi-tab-trick-is-dead/ Even if it appears to add to both cards in the double browser or multiple tabs techniques, it will only add to one card. It is now no longer possible to get the credit on more than one card per user.
  4. Amx changed the game a few months back. It eliminated the ability to add these offers to multiple cards. Worse, it even clawed back some offers that folks added to multiple cards.
  5. Having been aware of the discount gift cards for Carnival and Celebrity, I've looked in the past for HAL. Never found any, nor have I ever seen a shopping cart on HAL that permits the use of gift cards. I do know Celebrity limits you to $1,000 in gift cards per sailing, which takes a bit of fun out of it (over 21% off on ABC Gift Cards).
  6. Our last cruise - now nearly 1 month ago - has not posted correctly. We wrote Mariner Society and received the following response: "Unfortunately, there is currently an issue with recent sailings not posting to Mariner accounts. This is a known issue and we are working as fast as we can to get it fixed. We thank you for your patience on this matter and sincerely apologize for any inconvenience this may cause.
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