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  1. why? i just dont get it, your on seperate ships. they cant get real close or another glory could happen. give me another island stop. i could see if they took multiple ships to thier private islands for a party
  2. kassimer1

    Sea Glass

    none on jolly beach either
  3. thanks for replying, have you been since they changed coco cay? i can not find where to book it
  4. i did, i have been looking for 6 months under excursions and there is nothing. have you been since they changed things for a perfect day at coco cay? im wondering if they did away with it
  5. determine height requirements on rides? The basic determining factors are: ASTM Standards for amusement rides, which give a range of force tolerances per age or height requirement Manufacturers and safety restraints, which would be determined by rider proportions, forces, and points of contact Parks, state laws, and insurance; Factors such as insurance costs, number of back-up or fail-safe systems, type of restraint, and size of the ride may be adjusted at a more direct level, usually in the form of raising the height requirement so that a more mature audience is targeted. These are the main ones, but there are other smaller factors that are more directed at a park-by-park basis. i got this off an engineering site, since you dont know the forces placed on the childs body at lower heights or pionts of contact maybe listening to those that do and have calculated these things out would make more sence than ignoring it.
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