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  1. 2 hours ago, Tree_skier said:

    We were there the last weekend before the "Pefect day" stuff kicked off.  It certainly didn't appear it was going to go away. I just checked my Cruise planner for it on my Dec 2020 cruise on Allure and it's not there.  I'm sure that I saw it before under the spa services but it's not there now. Maybe I'm thinking of the cruise planner from last April,  maybe they discontinued it.  I just can't imagine them discontinuing any revenue stream.  That is what Cococay is all about, more revenue for RCi.


  2. 4 hours ago, birdylady said:

    And it is so nicely done.  You go up a little hill with a few steps. They have 'bungaloos' that are private yet still open air. You get to listen to real ocean sounds (and people on the beach too) while you relax and enjoy it.  Very nice treat.


    thanks for replying,  have you been since they changed coco cay?   i can not find where to book it


  3. 5 hours ago, drrich2 said:


    Has it really? I did a little quick Googling and didn't turn up any basis. My suspicion is that it's likely arbitrary, perhaps based on average (or low average) heights associated with some age or grade group. 


    Recommendations aren't always based in experts having proven much of anything, and sometimes catch on like they're natural law. The recommendations that one should drink 8 glasses of water per day, and the assertion that breakfast is the most important meal of the day, have both come under scrutiny. Many people just believe what they hear said. I would to know the evidence base for that. 


    I agree. Be interested to know what that's based on. 



    I doubt it is. I suspect it's based on arbitrary assertion, but no way to know for sure. 



    That's a bit extreme (but the kid could be a midget, and the safety concern mental not physical!). 


    If people had received false advertising, I'd probably spot them 4 inches or so if reasonable if I could. 


    We're not changing the world here. Just sharing me view about what I perceive to be another example of an over-paternalistic nanny state that seems to have cheer leaders.



    determine height requirements on rides?

    The basic determining factors are:

    • ASTM Standards for amusement rides, which give a range of force tolerances per age or height requirement
    • Manufacturers and safety restraints, which would be determined by rider proportions, forces, and points of contact
    • Parks, state laws, and insurance; Factors such as insurance costs, number of back-up or fail-safe systems, type of restraint, and size of the ride may be adjusted at a more direct level, usually in the form of raising the height requirement so that a more mature audience is targeted.

    These are the main ones, but there are other smaller factors that are more directed at a park-by-park basis.


    i got this off an engineering site,  since you dont know the forces placed on the childs body at lower heights or pionts of contact maybe listening to those that do and have calculated these things out would make more sence than ignoring it. 

  4. 10 hours ago, Luckyroot said:

    For the all inclusive, you get either 2 rum punch OR 2 Wadadli beers, AND 2 bottles of water is what I was told.  For other drink menu items, they are offered at a reduced cost for Day Pass visitors.


    I'll be there in 2 weeks, and will take notes on everything and report back.  Can't wait!

    thanks,  i dont drink rum or beer was wondering if a vigin drink could be substituted


  5. there is a drop off once you are in the water.  it has been about hip deep each time i have been there.  its not as bad as some beaches and since its hip deep i just float over the bump with the raft i bring to get out of the water


  6. Hi Hannibal - Curious to know if you caught a town bus/van and if so how far a walk from cruise terminal to get one,; Also I understand that all beaches in Antigua are free. Were you able to forego the $75 US resort fee and just enjoy the beach. Is there also a bus that you can catch to get back aboard in a timely way?

    jolly beach is right next door to jolly beach resort. so it you only want the beach you can go to that section. we did a day pass at the resort 3 different times. i did not see anyone just walk up to the beach without the day pass at the resort but i dont know if you can or cant. i loved the day pass since you get all the food and drinks and the pools included

  7. im sorry your child was left behind but i fail to see how it was royals fault that his dad assumed he put him in the kids club but the kids club was not where your husband left him. Unless you had verbal confirmation that they were going to take your son to the club you should not have left him there. im sure the daily planner stated that this was a registration and never said the lobby was the kids club. I do agree that they should have called security to come get him and not let him wander around. Hopefully next time your husband will make sure he actually sees your son go to the kids club before leaving to go to the casino

  8. I'm sorry to say nothing RCCL can do about this. The federal law in the United States is very clear. The cruise line or business cannot even ask the reason for the animal. It is not just Cruise lines same thing happens on Airplanes. I have a friend here, another American, who loves Standard Poodles, comes from a very wealthy New York Family. No health or mental issues, but plays the system. His dogs travel on the Airplane with him in the cabin.


    He purchased a new puppy two years ago, from the top breeder in North America, but had the correct paperwork saying it was a service dog. Which here in the Philippines means go to the doctor pay a office fee and get the letter. With this letter he was able to travel with the dog in the cabin for the flight and no one could question anything.

    not true, they have to let service dogs on but comfort dogs are not by law mandated to be let in anywhere except planes. a service dog is a dog that has been trained to do a task, such as seeing eye, or a seizure dog. comfort is not a task. if it was trained to perform a task because of PSTD like pull its owner out of a crowd then its a service dog.

    just because you feel better with the dog there does not make it a service dog, and real service dogs are trained to behave and work, not be petted

  9. Thank you my cruise will be going to half moon cay as well my biggest concern is it's going to be January so not sure how "beach weather" it's going to be. I heard the water is freezing that's why I was looking for other alternatives I heard a lot of good about the golf carts but wasn't sure with the recent hurricane. Thanks all



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    we have gone 4 times in jan, 2 were cold and 2 were nice swiming weather so it is good to have a back up plan

  10. This makes me so happy to read! I’ll be there on Oasis in December. I’ve felt a little conflicted about vacationing there when there are still so many people suffering the effects of the hurricane. Our usual in St Thomas is to taxi to Sapphire Beach, but we decided to do a ship excursion on a catamaran just in case taxis weren’t readily available. I can’t wait to see that blue water!

    just be careful and use deet insect spray, they have had some cases of dengue fever , also be careful and only drink botrtled water. there has also been leptspirosis

  11. I was looking online as well, I saw videos of Beachlimerz but it looks very rustic. I was interested in Pineapple Beach Club but I hear it's far from the ship via taxi. Jacqui Os is closed on mondays when we are in port. Cecelia's looks a little too shabby chic, rustic for my taste as well. Are there any other resorts with day passes in Antigua? Sandals is closed until mid December.



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    we have done Jolly beach resort twice now, it was 75$ per person and if you get 10 or more people you get 10% off. food was great, drinks included, it is now starfish jolly beach resort but we have reserved for our cruise in jan

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