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  1. Boarding Ovation on Friday and looking forward to Jamie’s, since I’ve never tried it. Giovanni’s on Freedom was hands down the worst meal in a restaurant I have ever eaten which was surprising because it was great on Oasis.
  2. In a Grand Suite on Ovation in one week, received email today. Asked if we wanted to make reservations for Ifly and northstar which made me super happy since the reservations seem to come and go online.
  3. Yes, I’m a roulette player but will check out the mins on the others.
  4. Boarding right after you! I’m concerned about the crowds now as you reported lots of lines. Is it mostly during busy times? Like the lines for lunch usually just during peak hours? Just want to be prepared....
  5. Yay! I’m departing on the 24th...can’t wait to see Ovation and your review!
  6. I’m taking notes and will try my best to gather and report back! I do not have kids and won’t be traveling with any so I’m not sure if I’ll be able to provide any info in kids activities. In addition, I am planning to visit every specialty restaurant and probably will not visit the MDR. So aside from the menus, I won’t be able to provide much on that either. As far as the rest, I’m on it!
  7. Sailing to Alaska on Ovation May 24. I’m not the most descriptive writer but plan to photograph lots of details like menus and daily activity schedule. Anyone looking for specific details beyond those so that I can photograph and investigate? I know few on these boards have details about this ship and definitely about this cruise to Alaska. I will be in a grand suite with concierge access so I will have free Voom so I plan to post during the cruise.
  8. My cruise is in just over 2 weeks and the only entertainment we could book was pixels.
  9. Can I take a doggie bag say from a specialty restaurant if I don't finish what I order? I hate wasting food and sometimes, since I have paid extra for it, would prefer my leftovers to something I can get at the windjammer for breakfast or lunch.
  10. So it seems I need to upload a photo during online check in. Can’t seem to get one that meets the criteria. Haven’t tried yet but can you get through online check in without it and will they just take one at the port? Never saw this before, it must be relatively new.
  11. I have sailed 3 lines...Carnival, Royal and Disney. Currently looking at a cruise on Norweigian. Every time I cruise I run into people who ONLY cruise that line. As far as I’m concerned, the perks for continued cruising on a specific line aren’t that enticing. Am I missing something? Are you loyal to a certain line and if so why? I honestly have had a great time on all of my cruises and find pros and cons to all of them.
  12. Thank you...I think so too. My family of 16 just got off a Carnival New Years Cruise, most of them are not avid cruisers. Most of us dressed up every night and I told them about the dress code rumblings on these boards. They said they honestly didnt even notice what others wore in the MDR or at specialty restaurants and it certainly didn’t affect them or their good time. Not sure why it affects other people.
  13. I dress up every night. Doesn’t matter the dress code. And what everyone else wears means absolutely nothing to me nor does it impact my good time. Wear what makes you comfortable and happy, whenever you want. If they let you in whatever venue you are dining in dressed the way you are, go for it.
  14. Thanks for the reviews. I’m booking on the Ovation!
  15. Thanks, that’s a pretty cool perk. Are the seats pretty decent? I mean I would imagine they are given they are a dedicated area, but ya never know.
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