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  1. Yeah, I guess that you're right about that. I was thinking it was more of a comparison of the clientele between cruise lines, but after reading the OP again it seems to be more of a comparison of destination/region using the same line (Carnival). Sorry 'bout dat.
  2. What brand was that? It looks like it took quite the pounding! We just bought a new Delsey set to replace a hodgepodge of various older pieces. I hope that they are durable enough to withstand the rigors of baggage handling. We've never owned any of the newer style "hardside" luggage.
  3. This is true. My wife had a Birth Registration Card, issued by the Commonwealth of Virginia. It was an official record of live birth, and acceptable for every use except when we applied for our passports books and cards. Even though it had raised letters and the official seal of the state, we still had to order a paper re-issued birth certificate. It is the size of a credit card and is (was) considered an official, permanent record.
  4. Oh yeah. My reply was more of a tongue-in-cheek response. I don't know of anything Disney does that doesn't come at a premium. But, I will have to admit that I am fond of being able to book a one-stop vacation at WDW. We haven't been there in several years though.
  5. I'm thinking that they are who we are going to use in February now. It seems that most folks are really happy with their price and service!
  6. Ya' know, since that Disney is also into the cruise scene, you can have the best of both worlds! Just sayin'.
  7. Thanks! My wife would really love to get hers stamped while we are heading to our excursion bus.
  8. So I take it that this event is geared more towards youth? My wife is into crafts and stuff. I have to endure a spin through Michaels or Hobby Lobby every now and then.
  9. I have a quick question about the cove balcony staterooms on the Vista. My wife is concerned about storage space for luggage. We have collapsible wheeled duffels that worked very well on our last cruise (Ecstacy, November 2010). My wife seems to remember being able to stow them under the bed. I thought that the space under the bed was blocked off, but it's been a long time. This time I was thinking about bringing our enormous 28" Delsey Spinner hardside suitcase. That thing is big enough to hide an adult in. So, does anyone have any input as to which type of luggage works best in a cove balcony?
  10. How do you make it to the invitee list? I may be interested in a CC meet-and-greet.
  11. You know, my wife would really enjoy Cirque or Blue Man Group style shows. Are there any cruise lines offering that type of entertainment fare?
  12. I bet that I wouldn't be able to avail myself of this benefit since our cruise is booked through a TA (using credit card points).
  13. Not trying to be snippy or anything, just curious. Can you define "better"? More elaborate production, larger live band accompanying the cast, better cast? I haven't seen their newest offering, so I'll wait to render judgement. But, I was not very impressed on our last cruise, I will admit that. I would be entertained by skits like that were on TV years ago - think Hee-Haw and Laugh In.
  14. Not a deal breaker for me. I was just trying to see if ordering a bottle once onboard was possible. Think of it as "Plan B" in the event the RR is discovered.
  15. We are booked on the Vista in mid-February. Seven-day Western Caribbean. That's why I was curious. We will each bring our allotted one bottle of wine, but sometimes I like a whiskey and ginger ale. The last time we cruised I had our bottle of Jim beam ordered through the Bon Voyage Program. It was delivered to our room about mid day after departure. Since then, they've added a gratuity (delivery) charge and tax.
  16. But, I have read posts here (to various other threads) where folks say they regularly order the bottle through room service. If you pre-order, you pay tax and the gratuity. If you order through room service, you pay NO tax, but still get hit with the gratuity. Or so I've read.
  17. Looks like my mind is made up then. Every review I've read for them so far has been positive. And now your input has helped push me over to their direction. The only reason I was still considering where we parked last time was purely due to convenience. It was easy to pull up to Cruise Terminal 1, drop the wife and luggage, park and walk back over. It was just across the street. When we were disembarking after the five day cruise we hit a snag. It was one of those rare Customs 100% check days. It was after 11 before we were let off of the ship, and then only because they had to start boarding their oncoming passengers. We waited in line for over two hours from that point. It was absolutely miserable. Once we made it to the other side we weren't patient enough to wait for any shuttle, or for me to go and get the Jeep and come pick up my wife. Since our big duffels had rollers, we traipsed off across the parking lot to get on the road and find some lunch.
  18. How were their shuttles? Did they run constantly so the wait times were relatively short? My wife is pushing me towards using them this time.
  19. Falstaff Parking. They have a website, it can be found with a search engine. so far, they have pretty positive reviews. That may be who we book with for our February cruise. Last time we used Galveston Park-N-Cruise - right across the street from the cruise terminal. Easy walk, average pricing.
  20. Maybe.... Just to be sure about some of the information I've gleaned from here, I made a call. Actually, I made two calls. I called Carnival directly, and queried them about ordering a bottle through room service. The booking agent was hesitant to speak to me at first since we made our reservations through a TA. I explained that it was a "general question", and she was suddenly very interested in helping me. The Carnival agent had never heard of the ability to order a bottle of liquor through room service. She even put me on hold in order to "ask the front desk". Her reply was "No, room service ordering of liquor is not available". So, I politely thanked her and hung up. My next call was to the travel agency we booked our upcoming cruise through (100 day countdown!). While my agent wasn't available, I did speak to another helpful lady there. She put me on hold and queried someone there. Here answer was that indeed I'd be able to order a bottle of liquor through room service once aboard. She did caution me that the selection may not be as large as what I could order through the Fun Shops (previously known as the "Bon Voyage Program"). Two calls, two entirely different answers.
  21. The least they could have done was present it to you as "an upgrade", at no charge to you!
  22. That would be awesome. My wife likes the idea of a commercial vessel cruise, but she's having trouble with the cost. We both understand that it is a very unique opportunity, but dang. The cost......
  23. Funny, after finishing NNPS, I requested a cruiser (CGN-39). My detailer thought I'd make a better submariner, I guess. I ended up on the SSN-702. I would have preferred seeing the waves than passing beneath them.
  24. Man, if they only had shorter cruises available! Even my wife thinks that this would be a great adventure. She has always wondered what life at sea would be like. I never tend to share the stories of my six years in the Navy. I wish that the picture links were still active.
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