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  1. A long, long time ago I work on the Cunard / NAC Sagafjord. A new guy on the 'night gang' was told to clean the lifts. So, he called the lifts on verandah deck and cleaned and hoovered them thoroughly. Then, he walked down the stairs one deck, called the lifts - and cleaned and hoovered them thoroughly. Then, he walked down the stairs again - called the lifts ..............
  2. So, if guests on NCL are required to wear face masks except when dining - I guess we'll only need them for sleeping!!!
  3. On top of which - their chief executive is a known Irish crook - so, they won't be able to fly any more planes in in or out of the UK whether they like it or not!!
  4. Actually, it will not. Because, if paid by a credit card - consumers can simply do a chargeback. This will cost the airline even more - as RyanAir's bank will add a fee for every chargeback they receive - AND Ryanair are jeopordising their UK aviation operating licenses. If they do not adhere to UK consumer protection legislation - then this brings into question whether they are 'fit and proper' and likely to adhere to health and safety legislation, etc.
  5. This won't be in the UK version of NCL t+c's. If it was - then the unfair terms in consumer contracts regulations would render it 'not being worth the paper they're written on'.
  6. It isn't a problem at all. It is within a certain number of days of you being aware that the service was not provided - NOT within x days of the payment.
  7. What a load of rubbish. 1. They have plenty of staff from other support departments who could be transferred to the accounts / finance dept. 2. You ever sold on ebay? If an item you sold is out of stock / didn't arrive / broken / returned - you push 2 buttons and the buyer gets refunded to their original payment source. Simples....
  8. They CANNOT get any more cash in. If I book a cruise today or deposit on a future cruise - then Mastercard / Visa / Amex will not pass my funds to NCL. They will hold it until the 'service is provided' as consumers in the UK will simply 'chargeback'. I assume that the US experience is similar. So, they do not have ANY current cashflow in and massive cashflow out for refunds / chargebacks, etc. I wish I was wrong - I love NCL ships, have sailed for 20+ years - but the game is up.
  9. Chances of May cruise = nil June / July / August = nil I am booked for October, 21 nts, I'll not be going. Look at the current HAL ships and others!
  10. YES, you will need to open a dispute / chargeback with Visa / Mastercard!
  11. In the UK - do a chargeback now if you are due a refund - you will get 100c in the S.
  12. NCL stock is mow circa $7 from circa $60. The promised refund has not materialised - so I urge everyone to open a dispute / chargeback with your financial institution.
  13. If you are in the U.K. - you simply contact your credit card - visa / mastercard and open a dispute / chargeback. I have done this and will be refunded by my bank.
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