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  1. Are you still allowed the main dining menus? Looking over the Luminae menus, we are not finding much to our liking. It seems Luminae menus have considerably changed since we last cruised in a suite. I could be wrong, but since Luminae is not located near the main dining on Edge ships, it seems to me that you wouldn't be able to have access to those menus. TIA!
  2. I see now from the pictures. I’m so happy we went with the S3. There was one you tube video I saw that it appeared to resemble an IV that made me nervous.
  3. We did the S3. Love the pictures. Just reinforces our decision.
  4. Edge sailing. S3 7198 or SV 7312. Last two left for each category so I held them both. I'm leaning towards the SS since the price difference is only $592 total and for that we have Luminae, the Retreat lounge/sundeck and more CC points. With the SS, we can get drinks in the Retreat lounge and the Elite evening; whereas, the SV we will only have drinks in the evening. Both are with the current resident rate so it's basically sail only. I did the math and it works out better this way on each. The draw to the SV seems like its a true veranda with an aft facing view. The S3 in pictures (haven't seen many) looks like it's more like the IV because it's within the track. Am I wrong? We also love lounge chairs on our balcony. It's been reported that people have received them in the SV on Apex and Edge. What about the S3? Anyone have any success with requesting one? I know it's not deep enough but what about width wise the long way? On the SClass ships our request was always accommodated and our butler placed them running along the width of the cabin. TIA
  5. Might be a dumb question but where do we go upon boarding to book the Sanctuary? The Sanctuary?
  6. I called princess. I spoke with someone in Navigator, and they said it was a problem with my sailing not loading. She reported it but will probably not be until November until I can access my reservation on the app?????? I guess they are dealing with the issues pertaining to sailings sooner in order. We sail in December. Is this normal for a sailing not to be able to work on the app? My roll call is not active so I can’t see if others are having the same. Totally new to Princess but don’t like this whole thing at all. I can access my reservation online but everything I want to do I have to do through medallion which I can’t. I can book shore excursions that’s it through the web.
  7. I tried again this morning. No luck. I’ll try again later but if no luck, I’ll call.
  8. We are new to princess. I downloaded the app but it won’t let me link my reservation. It keeps saying booking not found. I am entering the correct booking #. Am I doing something wrong?
  9. I couldn't find any info except for the Regal which I'm sure is the same. It looks like a decent corner aft. I'm wondering if the balcony is partially covered? TIA!
  10. We had a really great price on the cruise. It was a previous L&S from a cancelled cruise so the pricing from that cruise was well over two years ago. Current pricing is ridiculous compared.
  11. We cancelled a cruise for December that had final payment on September 11. I would have kept it. I just didn’t want to have another FCC if we had decided not to sail. Oh well.
  12. It’s an onboard booking. I hardly ever book with an agent. I have no idea why they sent me an agent copy. Nobody seems to know how to price a reservation these days. Frustrating. They sent me the agent copy for some unknown reason. The previous copy was a guest copy. I called in for a $550 price drop today, and they didn’t reprice it correctly from what was showing on the website. They agreed an error was made and after they supposedly corrected it, they said sent me the agent copy which still had the incorrect pricing total???? Took 4 hours total but after several more calls they removed the $275 for the $550 reduction to reflect today’s pricing and I have a correct guest copy. Their customer service has gone from bad to worse and nobody knows what they’re doing. This is the 2nd disaster of a reprice.
  13. Yes. That’s one of the numbers I quoted above. They won’t price reservations or assist with pricing. They transfer you to reservations which is of no use.
  14. I have been calling 800-760-0654 for over ten years now. It automatically brings you to regular reservations no other choice. I checked the website and it gives 844-418-6825 and it brings me to regular reservations no choice again. I can’t get anyone to price a reservation correctly even a supervisor/resolutions. After 1.5 hours they were able to get me the correct fare finally with taxes fees but added $550/275pp for Non Comm Cruise Fare. Never seen that before and it’s not on all my other reservations. Also last column now on the invoice shows a shadowed Comm/Admin Rate??? When I inquired she said it’s because you booked with a travel agent. It clearly says Onboard Sale on the booking. Celebrity's customer service has gone from bad to worse 🤦‍♀️. One Elite+ that has had enough. Here is the screenshot. Sorry. My markup skills aren’t the greatest 😂. After finally getting the correct price applied after 3x they add $550.
  15. Thank you for all your input. We decided to go with the basic fare and not take the HIA. When doing the math, we probably wouldn’t break even. We only need one internet and need the premium. We don’t drink all that much. It’s only a 7 night cruise so don’t really need specialty dining. We’ve never sailed HAL so it would be nice to try all the MDR menus. This way we can spend the money that would’ve gone to the HIA on what we would like and not what they preselect for us. Also the HIA didn’t include gratuities. We also will have OBC from Amex Platinum, shareholder and TA.
  16. Hi. We are new to HAL. We had our first cruise on this line cancelled during the suspension. We are trying to evaluate whether going with the inclusive package or paying the extras that have more value to us as makes more sense. I couldn’t find these answers on their website. Am I correct that all cruises are vaxxed and based on the FAQ’s they are not allowing any children under 12 and those that are 12+ will have to be vaxxed? 1. Is there more than one beverage package? I’m assuming yes since drinks were valued up to $11. If so, does anyone have what’s included on each. Can you pay the difference or maybe it’s just worthwhile for us to go without and pay fully for what we want since we’re not big drinkers. 2. Internet. The promo stated surf. Hubby needs internet and we definitely need stream. Can we pay the difference and what is the full price for steam one device. Thank you. Looking forward to sailing our first HAL cruise.
  17. Celebrity has outsourced the call center reps to the Caribbean. If you call in the evening, you can hear the tree frogs in the background 😂. I’m being totally serious when I say this. I thought when I spoke to two different people I could hear that distinct sound, and when I asked one person where she was located, she told me the Caribbean. I didn’t ask where though. Definitely cost saving measures there. Whether they are having difficulties finding help here who knows 🤷‍♀️. My biggest issue with this was that they were very inexperienced with the brand and policies. I was told that I was losing my OBB OBC because I was changing my reservation. They also didn’t know that the OBC increases or decreases depending on length of sailing and cabin type. I was also told that I couldn’t have the new price or cabin I put on a courtesy hold applied to my reservation because it currently wasn’t in inventory. Hopefully things will improve in time. I miss when the Captains Club could actually help you with your reservation and not just general questions like nowadays. Now the captains club transfers you to a regular person. It’s been a few years since they we’re actually able to do this. I always knew their names too. I remember Amanda at the captains club used to be super helpful with any of my reservation needs.
  18. Symphony December 23 isn’t showing any excursions. I know there is dock construction and some ships are calling while others have cancelled the port. I’m wondering if they’re cancelling the stop. I’ll be perfectly happy without Nassau as long as we get a better substitution. Really don’t want another sea day. Coco Cay is already on the itinerary. Thoughts? There really isn’t much of a roll call for me to ask there.
  19. You do get to keep it. I have repriced two reservations with the 20% and both were onboard bookings. But, on one of the reservations, the celebrity agent was clueless and had to speak with a supervisor/resolutions to get it applied. Good luck.
  20. Was this for the Dec. 19 Oasis? If so, can you post the new itinerary? TIA
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