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  1. It was around $300 per person for our 9 day cruise. It varies depending on the length of the cruise.
  2. You can definitely phone and book them. We did so for the Transatlantic next week. Can't wait!
  3. Hi there! Your poor friend. This would be perfect for her! I discovered it by researching online. My mom has a friend who is a surgeon, and she used one during surgeries after she broke her ankle! It is especially great because you can do stairs, and it leaves your hands free, as opposed to crutches. You don't set any speed records, though. The only time I felt unsafe was when we passed through the buffet one day. I had a couple people bang my foot (which sticks out behind you), and I stepped on some sort of food item, which made the peg leg really slick! I was glad to have DH there to hold onto. That was our last trip to the buffet. Best of luck to you and your friend. She'll rely on you for help, but will be absolutely fine. It's all about the attitude. Go and have fun!!! 👍
  4. Most people focus on the value of the alcohol included in the PPBP, which is, of course, the main component of the package, but for a coffee lover there's real value there as well. I definitely wouldn't drink $30 a day in Starbucks coffee, but with bottled water, a nice bottle of wine with dinner and an upgraded cocktail here and there, I'm there easily! 👍
  5. Thank you both so much! We're both just fine with regular coffee with our meals, but a few lattes and iced coffees throughout the day would be lovely. (Yes, we love our coffee!)
  6. We are sailing on the Encore Transatlantic in November, and are thinking that with no ports, this may be the perfect time to try upgrading to the PPBP. The bottled water, upgraded wines and spirits, as well as bottles of wine at dinner would all be a benefit, but the inclusion of specialty coffee would probably be the biggest benefit for us. I have read in other threads about people "hearing" that coffee at actual Starbucks stores onboard is not included, whereas the Starbucks coffee served on ships without an actual Starbucks store is included. Can anyone tell me if they have been able to use the PPBP at Starbucks onboard? ☕
  7. I will definitely be following along! We are at least 5 years away from being able to partake ourselves, so I will be living vicariously through you!
  8. Thank you! I guess we'll find out. We'll ask our server first, as it would be a little awkward to have a bottle and not be able to share it. 😬
  9. With the PPBP, if we have an included bottle of wine with dinner, can we share it with our dinner companions who don't have the PPBP?
  10. SO sorry about your accident! I went through something very similar in January, and can tell you first-hand that you will be just fine! Post-surgery: 20 days later on our Panama Canal cruise! The iwalk 2.0 is the very best invention: https://iwalk-free.com/product-introduction/ I got mine from Amazon, and traipsed all over the ship and took excursions in every port! Luckily, at my 2 week post-surgery check-up, he gave me an air cast, so I could then fly and take it off for showers. Before that, I used a garbage bag and elastic band to cover the cast and showered sitting down. 😬 Sending you lots of positive thoughts! You've got this! 😃 Sherri
  11. Great! It makes a huge difference!
  12. Only one of you needs to book and pay for it (so $599 will cover all 3 of you). Your picture has a check-mark beside each of your names, so I just wanted to be sure that you knew that.
  13. I just booked the Oceanview Villa at Silver Cove for our Breakaway cruise in February, and we are not in a suite. It was the same price that Wendy&Grumpy paid above. I read an article somewhere online that said a small number would be available for non-suite/haven guests.
  14. On the Escape last November it was a dinner show. We had a very nice 3 course meal, as well as the wine. We thought it was a lot of fun!
  15. Sounds like you're doing everything right! Great job moving to the aft penthouse. We were in a suite as well, and the quiet breakfasts and lunches were greatly appreciated. We walked through the buffet with my iWalk once, and that was the only time someone ran into my foot. Avoided it like the plague for the rest of the trip. I had fracture blisters after my leg surgery, and they are indeed gruesome! Didn't see your picture, but I can imagine. 🤢 One other thought, since you will be in a suite, your concierge will be a huge help as well. When using the wheelchair, we kept running into trouble because the housekeeping carts blocked the hallway. I'd have to hop by them while hubby folded the wheelchair. We mentioned this to our concierge at breakfast, and from then on the carts were parked in the widest parts of the hallway, instead of the narrowest. 👍
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