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  1. I was able to get the dining for $175. That’s the cheapest I’ve seen it for this class ship.
  2. Royal made a mistake a few months back and accidentally posted it for $18 a day. Several people took advantage and at first they weren’t going to honor it but then so many people complained they decided they would. I was able to book it for two cruises at that price. I did pay $47 a day for my Harmony cruise this past October though.
  3. All caught up and ready to follow along. I’ve sailed all the Oasis class and I’ll be back on Oasis in May from NJ. Looking forward to all the upgrades! We also have unlimited dining and $18 unlimited drink package so I’ll take away all your tips and tricks! Bon Voyage!!!!!
  4. Interesting, I just double checked and it is there for my Feb 23rd Anthem Cruise but it’s too early to view my May 17th Oasis Cruise.
  5. Just an FYI you can see each nights MDR menu in the Royal App quite a ways out from sailing.
  6. Someone posted a menu today on social media.
  7. I’ve looked everywhere for a review on this excursion with no luck. I have it booked for first week of October. Guess I will find out then how it is. LOL
  8. No problem. Someone mentioned when you look at the room description on the website it is listed and low and behold it was! LOL
  9. Can I ask how you found out you have it? I have a Central Park balcony booked on Harmony in September and I have heard of this before but nothing I have says anything about it so I thought it was discontinued.
  10. I was born in Philly, grew up in Levittown and live in Blackwood! 😃
  11. I’m from Philly and live in Blackwood, NJ now. I’m a Jim’s Steak girl! LOL Pat’s and Geno’s are for tourists!
  12. I get Margaritas every cruise in the DL but I would not ask for one using the coupon at another bar or main dining room.
  13. I was on Jan 18th sailing on Anthem and used my Diamond drink benefits every night in the main dining room for drinks and soda.
  14. I didn’t even get to try. The iFly was during dinner and Northstar wasn’t going up that morning because of lightning.
  15. I did enjoy them. I felt it was well worth the price for us.
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