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  1. Hi, I spoke with P&O yesterday about our December cruise. We're to pay the final balance in a couple of weeks, although we have already decided that we are not going. P&O say that if you do not want to go, you can transfer the full deposit to another cruise next year sometime; if we don't pay the balance, and haven't transferred the deposit, we will lose out (unless of course P&O cancel the cruise). If I was you, I would wait until nearer 18th November until you decide what to do. I feel I must say something in defence of P&O. In early March, we decided we were not going on our 7th May cruise, for which we had paid the full balance. We were cancelling due to COVID-19 and resolved to lose 50% of the monies paid, as we didn't fancy catching it nor having to isolate for weeks on end. However, 6 days after we cancelled, P&O contacted us to say that they were placing the 50% that we had forfeited into FCC for us, and we could spend it on any cruise up to March 2022. Very generous, we thought. I managed to speak with P&O twice yesterday and got straight through each time. Maybe I was just lucky.
  2. For us, BA always has the edge over Virgin, although we haven't flown in their Upper Class Suite, so we're not really comparing like for like. Their configuration is suited for the solo traveller and I really do not fancy passengers standing round the bar, being noisy especially on a night flight. Incidentally, on our next BA flight, it's not possible to pre-select meals on the outbound flight - don't know why, but it's not important as we are congregating for a family pre-Christmas lunch before the flight. Can't manage two 3-course meals in one day! When it comes to Barbados cruise flights, I would always prefer Thomson PE over Virgin PE. Value for money is off the chart; Thomson have always been brilliant in service and choice of meal and beverages are both good. Horses for courses I guess, as we all measure service in different ways.
  3. I am loathe to veer off-topic, but why-oh-why do people insist on perpetuating the myth that the whole island of Ibiza is filled with unruly drunken tourists? Magaluf - a resort; Benidorm - a resort; Ayia Napa - a resort; Faliraki - a resort. Ibiza is an island of many resorts, and it is beautiful with an unwarranted reputation. Stay clear of San Antonio by all means, but visit Ibiza - you will be surprised. Thank you, rant over.
  4. Your purchase is itemised on your receipt, so you can know exactly what you have paid for. We always check the receipt total against your printed on-board account and we know exactly what we have bought, and how much it cost. We do this every cruise. Mistakes happen, especially when you consider the amount of transactions occurring on any given ship across the fleet. We've never had an erroneous charge on a P&O cruise (14+), but have on a Celebrity cruise (just 2, to date). So, according to my stats, P&O = never wrong vs Celebrity, wrong 50% of the time. 😉
  5. We were on Oceana at the beginning of May, cruising the Adriatic. There was an exceptionally high presence of dark suits/tuxedos on board. I do not recall seeing many (if any) chaps in "plain clothes". Everyone made an effort to adhere to the dress code of the evening, not just in the designated bars/restaurants. We dined in the Beach House on one formal evening, and many chaps were in DJs, including my hubby. As I see it, most ladies on a cruise love to dress up and not only on formal nights. If their husbands/partners can make an effort on just 2 formal nights, it scores highly with the ladies. Can I suggest, if you don't want to adhere to the dress code, get room service.
  6. This is what we've decided to do. We've never watched TV in the cabin & have decided it's not that important anyway. We can watch it when we get back to the UK. Thanks; enjoy your cruise.
  7. Hi, we have never watched TV whilst on a cruise - well on any holiday - but I've just found out that the conclusion of the current series of Line of Duty is on next Sunday whilst we're on Oceana. Can anyone tell me if BBC1 is available in the Greek Islands area? And what the time difference is likely to be? TIA 😊
  8. We always think it's worth it; we just consider it as part and parcel of the total holiday cost. We are flying to Malta in May also, albeit with Thomas Cook and we have paid an extra £100 to ensure we sit together in extra leg room seats. Totally worth it. Only you can decide what is best for you.
  9. Your post has proved particularly useful, vis-a-vis the proximity of the ship to the restaurants you mention. One of our party has sustained a serious knee injury and will not be able to walk too far. Now, to narrow down the choice..................
  10. Except for one occasion when I had to insist on better service, I have never had a problem with amending bookings - albeit of my own making. They have always been really accommodating. As this is of P&O's own making, surely they should be more helpful to you? Incidentally, my brother-in-law is taking his school-age family on a cruise out of Southampton on the Celebrity Silhouette, late July. Is this something you may find a suitable alternative?
  11. I was going to suggest similar. Ventura with children in April is a better option than Azura, due to the roof over the pool. April's weather can be unpredictable so as least Ventura's pool can be used in April if it's raining or windy.
  12. Hi, I would suggest you call P&O asap to enquire about alternative flights. You will have a better chance of getting what you want now rather than leave it until nearer the time.
  13. Thanks 27clint. I'll spend the morning checking out these venues. Really looking forward to returning to Malta again. Happy memories of our 10th wedding anniversary.
  14. Thanks Brian. I've had a quick peek and the venue looks beautiful. The menus appear to suit everyone who will be at our lunch. Great suggestion.
  15. Hi, we are arriving in Malta on 2nd May to join Oceana. Friends of ours are sailing into Malta that same morning on Aurora. We'd like to meet up for a Special Birthday lunch. Can anyone recommend a restaurant within walking distance of the port? Thanks Everyone
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