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  1. Thank you for the positive feedback. I am not opposed to the staying in the North East. Have sailed the Caribbean in the Summer many times with the heat and humidity. A different itinerary is welcomed :).
  2. I am not experienced with sailing Carnival. Exploring taking my 10 year old son on Glory this Summer. Wondering if anybody can give me feedback on the kids program for his age group. We are "Loyal Royal" cruisers so his first preference was to go back on Allure or Oasis but I think he needs to scale back his expectations with some "in between" cruises :D. Thanks in advance.
  3. Sailing 2/11 and would really appreciate the compass too. tpodmenik2002@yahoo.com. Thank you :)
  4. Her (Jen) pics of Hilton Marina are fab. I stayed there prior to Oasis and didn't get many pictures. We had the corner balcony and it was awesome. Well worth the money. Great to bring back memories. Yes...Cha Ching on the restaurant is right :rolleyes:!
  5. I was on Monarch in September. REALLY enjoyed Jade. It was neat cooking our steak on a lava stone. Great experience. Will book again on Voyager in February. It is a nice intimate setting. Almost like having the place to yourself. You do pay seperately for that dining but I never get hung up on stuff like that. For me, it is V A C A T I O N and plan accordingly. Windjammer will have a quieter, softer atmosphere for dinner at night with servers tidying your table up pretty frequently. I agree she is a great little ship, especially if for a first cruise.
  6. If you are in a Junior Suite or lower category, you will (should) get a separate card that allows you access to the lounge. They will be in your stateroom...not when you get your seapass card. Ours have always been plain white and do not look like the seapass cards.
  7. A L L U R E ! ! Atlantis would get boring for my 9 yr. old after the second day.
  8. SERVICE for one thing. I am a Diamond Plus C&A and I cannot complain at all about the service RCCL provides....HOWEVER, when I had a Grand Suite on Freedom, the seapass card is GOLD and it stands out. Without a doubt they have a trained eye for that gold card. Service was over and above.... There is also reserved suite seating in the theater. I HIGHLY recommend renting a cabana near the water in Labadee. IF that interests you. I LOVED it!!! You will be able to email the concierge and tell him your order of preference for cabanas. ....and anything else for that matter. I had salon appointments scheduled ahead of time as well.
  9. Yes they provide them. I have had to ask before when they are very busy but have always received one.
  10. Sailed a voyager class (Mariner) Christmas sailing a couple years ago. The ship will be DECKED OUT for the holidays!!! If you have a promenade room, it is fun to decorate the windows. Some in our group strung lights. Some placed the gel window clings. One had a miniature lighted tree in the window. Can make it fun. Oh, and brought onboard a few gift bags for stateroom attendants and dining staff. Enjoy!
  11. I did MTD and even with changing faces, it was still a great experience with the same waiter and assistant waiter each night.
  12. What a WONDERFUL cruise. Please ... please can I go back?! I wasn't sure how I would feel having sailed Allure in April and now Monarch. It has been a few years since I was on Monarch and after reading some of the comments, wasn't sure what to expect. Can I just say, I am a "detail oriented" person and I think she is one fine ship after all these years. I did not see any of the "showing her age" areas that I read about. Food was great. Service outstanding. Junior Suite wonderful. Weather great. Seas calm. BEST....Jade Steakhouse!!! The experience was wonderful. I rented a bamboo cabana in CocoCay. Worth every bit of the $120 spent (IMO) Spent the day at Atlantis. Have been there before. Enjoyed another great experience. I do believe a vacation is what you make of it. Can't wait for Voyager in February.
  13. How far is the parking from the terminal? Not sure we would be dropping off luggage first. Is it a long haul carrying luggage?
  14. Has Monarch made the advancements toward being able to view your onboard charges on the TV yet?
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