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  1. bksunbuddies

    Spa Room and Thalassotherapy Pool

    I’m happy to know that I was not alone in thinking that a spa cabin included “hydro spa” use free of extra charges. Hopefully this his discussion will help other cruisers find out that the spa cabins on HAL do NOT include complimentary use of spa facilities. I wonder if any other cruise line names some of its cabins as a “spa cabin” but do not have complimentary spa privileges?? I do know Viking Ocean Cruiseline lets everyone use the spa amenities for no additional cost. Carnival and NCL include the use of the spa in the price you pay for the spa cabin.
  2. bksunbuddies

    Spa Room and Thalassotherapy Pool

    That is ridiculous to call the cabins “spa rooms” on both HAL and Carnival. They are both Carnival Corp. yet the Carnival ships include the complimentary spa pass in the price of the spa cabin! NCL also includes free “access”, i.e. complimentary thermal suite access which includes use of the thermal suite. Very disappointed and we haven’t even sailed. Maybe we will be able to change our room since we don’t mind walking to the gym.
  3. bksunbuddies

    Spa Room and Thalassotherapy Pool

    That is absolutely ridiculous and very misleading on HAL’s part. They should state that the passes are extra. I never would have switched from a balcony to a spa ocean view. Since Carnival includes the passes with the spa room, you would assume HAL, a company of Carnival, would do the same. Are you sure that includes the newer ships?
  4. Does Koningsdam Spa room include complimentary use of their Thalassotherapy Pool? We recently booked an outside spa room on an 11 day Southern Caribbean cruise. We chose this room category because when we have previously purchased a spa room on Carnival ships (Breeze, Dream, Magic and Splendor) or any Norwegian Cruise Line; unlimited use of the Thalassotherapy Pool is always included with the purchase of a spa room. Now I am questioning our choice since everything I have read on line indicates that free thermal suite access is NOT included with a spa room on the Koningsdam or Nieuw Statendam. If someone can answer this question, we would surely appreciate your responses.
  5. bksunbuddies

    Do you feel shore excursions not offered by Carnival are safe?

    Great place! We love going there!
  6. bksunbuddies

    Restaurant Reservations Diappearing

    I experienced a problem with disappearing reservations but finally figured it out...:D:D You have approximately 15 minutes after you enter your first choice to go to the "check out cart". Check "agree" with the payment conditions and press enter. This is true even if there is NO cost!! Only after doing this will you receive a confirmation! This is probably confusing because so many people have the dining package and/or when the entertainment is free, why would you have to "pay for it"? If you don't receive a confirmation, then you don't have a reservation If you are reserving a lot of dining and entertainment, you may want to do a few days then go to "check out". After confirmation, go back and do the other days. If you wait too long, the first ones you entered may no longer be registered in the cart if it is more than the allotted "cart time". I hope this helps. It is a shame that NCL does not provide more direction to its customers, especially with such a continuous problem.
  7. bksunbuddies

    Serenity Retreat Area with POOL???

    We appreciate the replies. It sounds like we will be sailing on the Sunshine a lot more. The picture (from the Carnival website) does not show the true size of the pool. There is room for 17-20 people :D comfortably. Karen and Brad
  8. We just returned from a cruise on the Sunshine, which went to the Caribbean instead of Bermuda. :( It seems that on most Carnival ships, the Adult Only Serenity areas contain hot tubs. We were delighted to find a pool with a waterfall in the 3 deck Serenity area. We found this pool to be quite refreshing in the 100+ degree heat index of the Caribbean. Does anyone know what other Carnival ships have the pool and waterfall in the Serenity area? Thanks for your help.
  9. bksunbuddies

    Spa Price Increases?

    I do agree with both of you. I guess I am just getting more and more fed up with all the little issues that have snowballed. For a reputable company that has been in business for quite a while, I certainly did not expect so many "not so little" issues to arise. These issues seem to be "exposed" by customers rather than "discovered" by Viking. When confronted, Viking has been uncommunicative. I am very disappointed with their service so far and hope this is no indication of the trip to come. Maybe because we booked with our travel agent, but we have had NO correspondence with Viking. For all the faith we ALL had in them, (by prepaying so far in advance) it would be nice if they did something nice for all of us. We are not "hard-to-please" people. We are the opposite! But I am very apprehensive about this journey. I truly wish we would have waited for another year or traveled with another cruise line. But it is too late for that so we will go and have fun!!
  10. bksunbuddies

    Spa Price Increases?

    Well then...just for the principle of the issue...no massages, etc. will be added to my on board statement. If only some of you who are complaining do the same, maybe there might be some changes...but if you go along with the Viking increases and have your massages, etc.; then why even bring up this issue on the CC boards?
  11. bksunbuddies

    Spa Price Increases?

    Maybe Viking should do the right thing and tell the service provider that it is too late to raise the prices for this cruise!! Why should WE pay more because the service provider decides to raise their price at this late date?? Why is Viking even considering passing the increase onto the consumer now? Maybe everyone should just boycott the services if forced to pay the increased rate! These services should have been finalized a LONG time ago!!
  12. bksunbuddies

    Viking Oceans Names 2nd & 3rd Ships

    Hello Andy, Since there are now three planned (with names) ships, would it be possible to start a separate Roll Call Forum for Viking Ocean Cruises? Trying to find the correct roll call by dates and ship names under "All Other Cruise Lines Roll Calls" can be quite tedious. It appears that quite a few people post in this forum when they are not sure where to find their ship's roll call forum. It would probably be easiest to arrange the Roll Call Forum by ships and then we could set up the individual Roll Calls by the various segments. Those people who are on more than one segment would join the sailings in which they are participating. I am sure many of us who have booked future cruises on Viking Ocean Cruises would appreciate a common forum for our postings. Thank you, in advance, ;) for considering this idea.
  13. bksunbuddies

    What is happening to Grand Voyages?

    The 2014 Grand Asia in September is still a go. It is 77 days. However the Grand Asia in '15 has been replaced with the Amsterdam doing the Hawaii and South Seas in approximately 50-55 days...but this is not a Grand. The World in 2016 includes, but is not limited to, the following: the Panama Canal transit (no Easter Island) Papeete but not Bora Bora Rarotonga New Zealand ports- Bay of Islands, Auckland and Wellington Australia- Melbourne, Sydney, Hamilton Island' Cairnes, Sherrad Island, Darwin Indonesia- Bali and one more port Vietnam- Na Trang, DaNang, Phu My Hong Kong Cambodia Singapore Phuket, Thailand Sri Lanka India-Mangalore and Mormugoa(Goa) Dubai Oman-Muscat and Salalah Safaga, Egypt Israel- Haifa(Nazareth) and Ashdod(Jerusalem) Greece-Piraeus(Athens) and Katakolon(Olympia) Civitavecchia(Rome), Italy Spain- Barcelona and Cadiz Funchal, Madeira The itinerary seems like a combination of options B and C, which were two of the four possible choices. Nothing is written in stone and I am sure there will be some changes. This is still a very interesting voyage and we may consider part of it after it is officially published. :)
  14. Why is HAL changing and/or eliminating many of their longer "Grand Voyages"? The Grand Med use to be round trip from Fort Lauderdale and now does not return to Ft. Lauderdale. The September Grand is ending in 2014. This is being substituted with a long cruise (approx. 55 days) in 2015 BUT it is not considered a "Grand". The South America Grand is still available but prices are rising on the "elegant", but very old, Prinsendam. And what happened to the voting for one of four options for the '16 World Cruise?? The itinerary chosen is very different from the four choices upon which we voted! Does anyone else fell disappointed by the choices HAL is making?