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  1. Glad the bone graft is good but it's never fun to hear that "intriguing" comment. I hope they can come up with a solution for you soon. I got my staples out today, which wasn't pleasant but at least was quick. I got the go-ahead to start Zumba again, and I can color my hair in a week -- just in time for our visit to my sister's. Happy Dance! I just realized we leave a week from Sunday and I haven't even thought about packing yet. I have been thinking a lot about my clothes recently as my routines have shifted so much. I definitely am light on sweaters that aren't cardigans for when it's too cold for a top but not cold enough for lots of layering. Hmm. I'm doing a lot more walking outside than when I was driving to work every day. I'm in Manhattan a lot more and feel the desire to be more stylish, and definitely trending toward a bit more black. Lately with all the doctor stuff plus getting together with friends, I'm on the subway and walking around in Manhattan at least 3 days per week. Big shift. Anita, that book sounds interesting. One thing that's nice about riding the bus or train, or walking a lot, is the time to ruminate. Your recent comment made me think about how I've had different wardrobes for the several distinct phases of my life, and now I'm entering a new one without a definite idea of what it is or what I need. So. Lots to ponder. Also that thing with the photo of one's mother, that hit me hard. So many times I wish she were here so I could ask her the questions I never bothered to think about when I was younger and she could have answered. Not to be a downer, but this is my first Christmas with no parents. I struggle a bit at odd moments, like at Costco the other day. They had these Belgian cookies, manufactured but the type that my grandma used to make only at Christmas time, by hand, on a special iron. Then they had Mexican teacakes, which my mom called snowballs when we were little and only made at this time of year. AND they had a really good dark raisin bread, which was another of my grandma's specialties. I was trying to decide about getting the bread and out of the blue I almost had a meltdown, in Costco, how mortifying. Who expects to find triggers at Costco. So, items or mementos as stories, so resonant for me right now. Christmas day entertaining was handed from my grandma, to my mother, to me, and now with them gone I am a guest in someone else's house for the holiday. It's hard. I'm not happy about it. I realize others have way more difficult holiday losses to live with, but I find I swing from happy to sad, and then just that lack of equilibrium is a challenge for me because I'm not normally like that, so it makes me uncomfortable with myself. If that makes sense. I know this is normal, that I am normal, and it's ok to feel this way at Christmas. Thank you for listening, my friends. ❤️
  2. True quote from me on Sunday at the Mexican restaurant: "I miss drinking. Which would be.less bad, white wine or tequila? Get my staples out tomorrow, another week before I can resume 'normal activies" LOL.
  3. Does anyone know which of the beaches have non-YC cabanas? Can we designate which area we'd like one?
  4. https://www.bloomberg.com/news/articles/2019-12-04/why-cruise-lines-keep-cutting-their-ships-in-half-for-stretching?utm_source=pocket-newtab
  5. https://www.bloomberg.com/news/articles/2019-12-04/why-cruise-lines-keep-cutting-their-ships-in-half-for-stretching?utm_source=pocket-newtab
  6. Anita, so enjoy reading your review on the RCI thread. Excellent info about the Flowrider. It's good to know about the levels of assistance they provide, it's encouraging that so many ages and abilities are accommodated. My Christmas present arrived yesterday! I finally got a new laptop. It is so small, so sleek, so fast! 😄 Not to mention that all the keys on the keyboard work. And my antiquated version of Windows is bye bye, thankfully. Still, it's quite a learning curve with the new software, and having to load all my bookmarks and special programs (like the one for NYPL) , and generally how the pad works. The "desktop" works more like a phone with windows and layers, so that's a bit odd to get used to as a visual person who likes to see things laid out flat in a pattern. We are PC and Android users from way back, so we choose similar products so that everything works together. Laurie, my go to for dresses was the L&T store, but their website is still a first look for me. I think Macy's has stepped up their game for dresses a lot. For a really special dress I've shopped at Nordstrom. I love Tadashi Shoji but generally look for a sale because they are pricey. So here is a Christmas freebie for one of our regulars. I got these VERY nice JJill pants on a super discount, but they just don't fit right on me. I am very straight up and down so these curve out in the hip and thigh area just a tad too much on me. I don't want to bother with trying to alter a knit. Never been worn. Size L (12-14). I'll pay shipping if you promise to make a tiny donation to a local animal charity in return. 🙂 You can email me folkdt at aol.
  7. Sally I'm looking at the weather in Sarasota and it looks like it will be pleasant but not really warm for Christmas at my sister's. We may not even bother to visit the beach this time, we'll see. I'm excited that I should be able to fit in three classes at Zumba Sarasota, where one of my favorite teachers is, and a visit to St. Armand's. Hard to believe that last year at this time we were getting ready for our Africa trip, having shots and making packing lists.
  8. Anita, I can't wait to hear about the Flowrider.... My incision is healing beautifully. The worst part was the compression bandage, which gave me a rash, and that I could only take Tylenol, which upsets my stomach and gives me horrible bounce-back headaches when it wears off. I stopped it as soon as I could bear it. Now I am clearly coming down with a cold... 😞 sore throat, headache, fuzzy head. I'm supposed to be resting anyway, and it's snowing wetly so I wouldn't want to go out because I have to keep my head dry. Did anyone get a good Black Friday buy? I got myself an Ellen Tracy cashmere leopard sweater for $30 and a beautiful ICE blue one for my sister. I did most of my gift shopping on Friday and wrapped everything yesterday. I love wrapping! If I never buy any more bows or paper or tags, I'll probably have more than enough for the rest of my life, lol. I usually have a theme each year, but this year I'm using up what I have so not everything matches, which is fine. I like to use wired ribbon and tie "silk" flowers into the bows (I get them at the dollar store). Since I'm not allowed to lift or carry anything, I won't get to put up my full size tree AGAIN this year, so I have the table top one out. All our holiday decorations are in the attic up at the lake, and since DH doesn't fit up there, I usually pull everything out. Oh well. On a completely separate note, has anyone been to Greece, specifically Athens? (Melody??) We are thinking of adding three days to a business trip DH will have to Israel (where he's been many times) and we've never been to Athens. We love history and ruins and museums, so it's a good fit.
  9. Thank you for the quick response. My cruise departs Jan 12th so I hope it goes through by then. I hope to match as Gold from Princess Platinum. I'll share on the spreadsheet when/if it goes through.
  10. I booked my cruise 4 weeks ago and applied for status match for Princess right away. I haven't gotten a response yet. CS said it would appear on my account on the website, but where? And shouldn't I get an email or letter? Should I sign up for Voyager Club now or wait until I get my match?
  11. Perhaps if they named it US Only Rate it would have created publicity issues. It's no different really than a US line offering cheap fares in states with port cities to fill empty cabins by marketing to people who live close by. The name is what causes confusion. We freaked at first too but I'm all checked in with my NY address and no flags appeared. Passport should be the only ID required.
  12. My friends and I just booked last minute for January and got the same "Florida rate." We were told that it is just a U.S. promotion with that as its name but we don't have to be residents of Florida. Only one of us is but we all got the same fare.
  13. Sally, what a lovely picture of you and your family. Love your hair color and your glasses! Your daughter has such a wonderful smile, she looks like someone who would be friendly and fun to talk to. Happy Anniversary Melody! How nice to have your grandson visit, and flowers are always a treat. 🤩 We spent turkey day with DH's family on Long island. They keep kosher, so turkey but no pie. I really needed pie! Here was my sporty new hat: In one of those "well that's not how I thought my Wednesday would go" stories... I finally had a consultation with a surgeon to remove a benign cyst from my head. My dermatologist thought it was a lipoma (just fat) and would be an easy fix, but it was not. It was another kind, and since I had had melanoma before, the surgeon wanted it out without too much delay, just to be on the safe side. I said I couldn't do January because my husband was having hip surgery, and probably couldn't come back until March. They said how about 2:00 today? Which I did. Now I can't exercise for three weeks, can't color my hair for five weeks, can't lift anything or bend down until a week after the staples come out. I wore a hat yesterday but I have this stupid compression bandage that wraps around my head and is giving me a rash. I get to take that off tomorrow and wash my hair! Yippee! And today I get some pie. :) And I"ll be able to swim in time for pool party Christmas at my sister's. So, what I had is a pilar cyst. It was the color of an egg (really like the tips of your fingernails, because it is keratin), smaller than a ping pong ball but not by much. We named it Stella.
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