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  1. So, a lot has been going on around here, all good thankfully. Now that DH and I are sharing the home office, sometimes I get kicked out for long periods of time. :) I finally got to scan the fashion photos I've been saving up this spring, and I have time to share some today! We just got back from a short trip to Pennsylvania for my birthday. We visited Gettysburg, Longwood Gardens, Valley Forge, had a day in Philadelphia, and a lovely dinner with friends whom we haven't seen since last summer. I even managed to squeeze in a bit of shopping. So, I have a trip report with photos to s
  2. The Harrier Jump Jet is my favorite plane. We have one here in NY on the Intrepid museum, when it arrived I was happy to see one IRL. My friends think it's funny that I have a favorite fighter jet (if you knew me you would know why). When my students would ask me what I'd be if I weren't a teacher, I'd say helicopter pilot. I have a boring handle, its just my initials. I wasn't very familiar with CC and it didn't occur to me to make up a fun one. I love how creative some people are with their CC names. Thanks for starting a fun thread!
  3. Some great Lands End colors. Coriander Brown: https://www.landsend.com/search/S-xea?initialSearch=true&q=coriander brown Sunwashed Red: https://www.landsend.com/search/S-xea?initialSearch=true&q=sunwashed red Dark Olive Floral: https://www.landsend.com/products/womens-pull-on-7-chino-shorts/id_345902?attributes=44967,46187 Olive Green Floral: https://www.landsend.com/products/womens-plus-size-u-neck-jersey-t-shirt/id_329748?attributes=46379&rd=true
  4. Super cute and comfy dress: https://www.coldwatercreek.com/dresses/superbly-soft-pocket-dress/211040568220.html?utm_source=google&utm_medium=cpc&utm_campaign=shop&&src=PGOG5001&gclid=EAIaIQobChMIwrDhiIbW7wIVymJyCh0ojwF-EAQYAiABEgI7DfD_BwE&gclsrc=aw.ds
  5. Melody, congrats to your grandson, how exciting for all of you! Laurie, sorry to hear about your foot. I hope you can get some relief in time to enjoy the warming weather. We are just starting to have light jacket days, and it feels wonderful. We actually had outdoor lunch with some friends last weekend. We hadn't seen them since NYE 2019. DH had his second vaccine yesterday, and I had my first on Wednesday. We are both very excited and relieved to be on the path to better days. It has been very hard not seeing our friends and family. Last night we had planned a Passove
  6. Thank you for posting these pictures. I have been looking at the map of PC and was wondering what that beach is like, couldn't find any info.
  7. My thoughts exactly. In effect these are the test cruises, and how they go will determine what happens next.
  8. Thank you for sharing that. One of my favorite songs.
  9. For the future, if you decide to go eventually (which I highly recommend), we only snorkeled in deeper water where the wildlife was minimum 4-6 feet away. Sometimes the younger sea lions would come a bit closer to play (blow bubbles for them), or a large school of fish would swim nearby, but it's not like the Caribbean where you are looking at tiny colorful fish by a reef. If you can see a hand-sized fish near the rocks from 4 feet or so, then you'll be able to see a lot without a special mask.
  10. If you think the regular coffee is bad, you should try the decaf. 🤮 I bring Starbucks Via instant decaf, which is a poor substitute for ground but at least it's drinkable.
  11. I don't expect to get my way. Certainly this past year has not gone my way at all. But I am not the only one who thinks vaccine + negative test is a good way to go. "Under recently announced Crystal health and safety protocols, all guests will need to be vaccinated at least two weeks prior to departure. They will also have to meet Bahamian entry requirements, which include proof of a negative PCR test with 72 hours of departure and a negative antigen test on arrival." https://www.travelweekly.com/Cruise-Travel/Crystal-to-launch-Bahamas-cruises-in-July?utm_source=eNewsl
  12. FWIW... I will throw an anecdotal wrench into the mask debate with the news that a high school friend, 60ish, who had her 2 vaccinations in January, was diagnosed with COVID last week after her BP spiked dangerously high and she had to go to the ER. Antibody tests were done also. She had been exposed a week before her symptoms appeared. After I am vaccinated I will still be wearing a mask in crowds for quite a while, both to protect others and to protect myself, and that's ok by me. If I had my way everyone who cruised would need the vaccine AND a recent negative test, at least unt
  13. Melody, my heart goes out to your friend. I'm sure you will be a great comfort to her. We finally got our new car on Monday, a red Mazda CX-5. We took a ride around the neighborhood right away, and yesterday I did a Costco run. Today, wine store. Tomorrow, Michael's for some picture frames. Sure is nice to be able to drive again!
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