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  1. Thank you so much for your review, my husband and I will be sailing the Seaside YC along with some other friends. It will be our first time on MSC. Mike
  2. Sailing MSC Seaside 3/28/20 with my husband, anyone else on board ?
  3. Hey guys, just checking in on this thread
  4. I agree with you, different strokes for different folks and I guess thats why there are different classes of ships but I loved the Edge. Loved Eden, love Magic Carpet. Loved it so much we have booked Apex .
  5. When we were on the Symphony this past April, we had the unlimited dining package- lunch at JR was included on Sea days and dinner was included- so no additional charge
  6. I was thinking the same thing, there is no way they could have adult grandchildren, they both look so young
  7. Yes she is new. She is an Ultra Quantum- I will be sailing her for New Years next year.
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