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  1. Well my wife and I decided to cancel this cruise. And yes it was because of the Covid-19 issue and some medical issues. Maybe next time.
  2. I have not had trouble before this, so it was not necessary for me to search for solutions. I am glad that is another option which we will use on our 2021 cruise. All is well now. I totally agree with 1982Cruz.... it appears to me that regent's developers do not adhere to "best practices" I.e. regression testing! I wonder if they are rejects from Boeing. 😮
  3. Well in 4 hours my TA and RSSC were able to get all the tours we requested. 😀😀
  4. My TA who is 2 time zones away had the same issue.
  5. Cruise ID EXP200921A Southampton to Venice 9/21/2020 I have been trying to book free tours on this cruse but unfortunately the process does not work, for me. Off and on for the last 3 weeks I have been trying to use the booking procedure. I select the tour and the time then select “add to cart”. I made the mistake of assuming it was recorded. I then select additional tours after 4 selections I noticed that the number of “excursions” selected was zero (0). I went to “check out” and sure enough no excursions were present. I did this several times over the past weeks, each time with the same results. My patience finally wore out (I can’t believe it took this long🙁) and I called RSSC when I explained this to the “advisor”, his solution was that I write down all the tours that I wanted (with multiple selections) for each port. I am assuming he had the itinerary in front of him since I gave him our booking number. There 24 ports that we visit, and I was astonished that the {expletive deleted} wanted me to identify the tours and write them down along with alternate selections and send them to him he would record them for me. I unceremoniously told him to report this foul up and get it fixed, then hung up. I posted this in the roll call first. I want to see what a broader audience would bring posting here. Now I am using Windows 10 on a Surface platform with EDGE. I used Ccleaner and remove internet Cache and Internet history, and cookies (not the ones I use). For good measure I rebooted. The results were the same I could not save the tours I wanted. It was suggested I use Google Chrome and I did and use the same process. I received the identical results. I then used our Dell desktop applying the same procedures and there were no differences in the outcomes! I finally contacted my TA and explained my issues. Well he tried and received the same problems, the tour requests were not recorded! Well he has a contact at RSSC and the she suggested he compiled a list of the tour codes and times and send them to her. That only took us about 45 minutes; so we will see what happens. You know have a great TA when he will take the time to go the extra mile.😀 I cannot understand how RSSC can market a great product and have such a poor WEB presence🤬. It almost makes me want to use a different cruise line not really, but I wish they would get there act together .
  6. I cannot seem to find the link to the countdown clocks. I set one up for a 2021 sail but cannot do the same for our 2020 sail. Also, I cannot figure out how to have thread following to my last cruise post. I have used the search function with no luck. I have not been on for a while so I don't know if I have missed something.
  7. What is nice is you can almost take a nap there!
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