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  1. I cannot seem to find the link to the countdown clocks. I set one up for a 2021 sail but cannot do the same for our 2020 sail. Also, I cannot figure out how to have thread following to my last cruise post. I have used the search function with no luck. I have not been on for a while so I don't know if I have missed something.
  2. What is nice is you can almost take a nap there!
  3. As you requested travelcat2 (i am old I forgot your name...LOL) The Master Bedroom (MB); 2 sinks 1 open to the bedroom area next to the tub with a curtain to separate bed from tub area. The other sink in the bathroom area which had the shower, undersized commode and, bidet. The bidet was larger than the commode. If a person is over 6 feet tall knees would bump up against the shower side. Limited counter and storage area in both bathrooms. Walk in closet was adequate. At the foot of the bed, there were five sets of drawers (double stack) about 24 inches off the floor. This did make for a large shelf to store some of our items. The doors to MB were glass and somewhat difficult to open, so my wife left them open unless one of us used the sink or the second bathroom. The top of the wall in MB/living room was glass, it did not aide in helping reduce the sound into the MB. The second bedroom was in keeping with Voyager standard of a useless long hallway like walking into a cave. Only outside lighting came from a vertical window. The bed covered most of the bedroom area with scarcely enough room to walk around. The bathroom was the size of a single-wide trailer about the same as a bathroom in an inside cabin on larger ships. Part of the available storage space was taken up by a second (unnecessary) refrigerator. Very, very small wardrobe closet with 4 small drawers. The living room was acceptable although the TV’s were smaller than we are used to. The living room couches had very soft cushions which made it difficult for me to get up. I normally used one of the dining room chairs. Not to leave out the deck as it would only accommodate 3 people. The view from the deck was obscured by part of the ship’s hull. Our entrance door was adjacent to the crew entrance and the accompanying traffic noise. Bottom line is the space available at this location was not appropriate for a Regent master suite and pales in comparison to the master suites on the 11th floor or other master suites we have stayed in. This Suite did not justify the price we paid.
  4. I forgot to mention is was master a suite 700 on the Voyager.
  5. I agree with you Wendy, but we are glad we visited Cuba. I have a minor mobility issue so a walking tour was out. I do use a walker, but I was not sure of the terrain. We enjoyed seeing Andy and Tammy as they make the entertainment special. Our biggest disappointment was our suite. It was not close to the master suites we have enjoyed on Mariner and other cruise lines. More about cruise later.
  6. I would like to see this thread continued. I believe there is a way to see the posted comments on a particular ship. If you read the first post and select the ship you can review the cabins posted. SinceBill is only one person I can understand why the suite information is not posted in real time.
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