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  1. where/how did you submit proof? Can it be done through email? If so, do you have the email address?
  2. I am kind of dealing with the same issue. We have had two cruises cancelled. The most recent, the fair was $250 and port fees/taxes were an additional $285. We are now trying to book a new cruise. I understand you cant use the FCC ($250) towards a deposit, but my understanding is that the port fees/taxes should apply to the deposit since it is refundable. However my PVP is telling me that we have to make the deposit out of pocket. Is he misinformed?
  3. Thank you for the response. Sounds like we play about the same amounts. Anyone had any experience calling the promotions or players club departments and asking for these offers? My guess is 100% no, but doesnt hurt to ask.
  4. OP, Are you heavy players in the casino? I have gotten a few okay casino offers but nothing like this. Just curious how many "points" one needs to get these types of offers these days.
  5. Meanwhile, Royal Caribbean just instituted this policy. Would be amazing if Carnival would follow suit: "For new and existing bookings created by August 1, 2020, guests have the flexibility to cancel their cruise up to 48 hours prior to sailing and receive a full credit of the cruise fare for a future cruise through April 2022. Royal Caribbean has also enhanced “Cruise with Confidence” with new rebooking options. The updates now available to travelers and their travel advisors include: “Best Price Guarantee”: Guests can choose to change the price and promotional offer on their
  6. When is your sail date? He said they have only extended final payment for cruises sailing through September 30th
  7. I will have to call him back again. He was basically saying that isnt possible, which doesnt make sense. I will tell him to get a supervisor to make it possible or I wont book.
  8. Unlike the past two cruises, this one is going to be $1800; not $500. I'm already hesitant to shell out that kind of money at the end of August (for final payment) with all of the uncertainty. That said, I dont want to refund...I am fine with them taking the full $535 and rolling it to the new cruise. Its the principle of the matter that he is asking me for more money out of pocket. Makes no sense to me.
  9. He said that since we were past final payment on the two cruises, we were technically in the "100% penalty" time period. So the 100% penalty is being reimbursed in the form of FCC. He said people who has excess funds, meaning were not assessed a 100% "penalty" could use their excess funds to pay for deposits. However, since I was at 100% penalty, I cannot use that and have to put down a deposit out of pocket. Is this correct?
  10. Hi all, we are among many others who have had multiple cruises cancelled (we rolled the dice on a couple cheap casino offers). However, I don't fully understand what my PVP is telling me regarding a November booking we are trying to make so I came here for some clarity. Here is how it all worked out: 1) Booked 3/15 cruise for $180 + $245 in taxes = $425. Cruise was cancelled and we elected to take the FCC and $600 OBC. The $245 in taxes were refunded to my credit card. 2) Booked 7/11 Cruise for $250 + $285 in taxes = $535. $180 credit was applied, so I paid $355 out of pocket
  11. Is the $200 new from an offer you received? I've also noticed I current have NO offers at all, whereas I would normally have a few.
  12. So, we just had our second cruise cancelled. We took the FCC + $600 OBC for our first cancelled cruise. Am I safe to assume we wont get an additional $600 OBC for this second cruise (for a total of $1200? I assumed thats how it works, but looking for a concrete answer. Thanks in advance.
  13. Not really...If you think about it, your $600 OBC represents lost revenue opportunity to them, but the COST is much lower, especially if you use it towards something you wouldn't have bought otherwise. For example, if you use it for drinks, it costs them pennies on the dollar. Only thing I can think of that would be a dollar for dollar loss would be gratuities.
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