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  1. I wonder what happens to the people sailing on the 8th if you show up to the terminal with the sniffles, they won’t let you board for sure, do you still lose everything or get a credit?
  2. Ok I just emailed my TA (who is awesome ) to double check and get the skinny. I’ll let y’all know what she has heard. 😊
  3. Well I’m still going unless DH or I come down with it or NCL cancels OR the POTOS says I can’t go. I’m still going dag gum it! (I do feel better though knowing I can cancel 48 hours in advance) 🍾✈️🚢
  4. Right?! I have never lived through a pandemic before so I am not sure of the protocol. I will say this, if this country doesn’t start testing people (but keep spouting this crap that only 129 people in the US have this virus) I think I am going to scream. Third world countries are testing 1000’s of people everyday and the strongest nation in the world can’t get enough tests out to test a large high school. Unbelievable... We could have a million infected already and not even know it...
  5. They could and will I’m sure, but this is a very fluid situation and things are changing by the hour. I am going to Hawaii 4/10 on POA, it’s a wait and see right now. We not only have to worry about losing our money but what if some of us get sick with anything... you have so much as a sniffle and they ain’t going to let you board. I have bad allergies, that might not be in my favor 😳
  6. I agree , The airports were shut down after 911... just saying. Anything is possible at this point. People are being arrested and jailed in other countries for hoarding mask for Pete’s sake. It’s mass hysteria in some parts of the world.
  7. I agree with #8 , what a lot of people don't understand is we know the flu & what it can do, we don't know what this virus is capable of doing and whether or not it can mutate into something else. Coronaviruses are dangerous because they jump from animals to people so they are unpredictable. Not to mention we are being lied to all over the place by communist China who doesn't give a rip about its own people, do you really think they give a rip about the rest of the world?
  8. I am also grateful that you asked this question because I wasn't sure how it worked either as I also paid full price. I don't care because Ill drink the credit anyway. However I didn't realize that there were 734 post already about this subject, but you know what .. who cares. I guess we could just shut down the live forum because I am sure by now every pertinent question has been asked as it relates to cruising. We could just look them up from the CC archives rather than risk getting verbally beaten up publicly by another CC member by having the unmitigated gall to re-ask a question on a free cruise website forum that is supposed to exist for fun. I guess some people don't have enough to do that they have to troll the subject lines of questions they have memorized the answers to so they can humiliate unsuspecting cruise critic members. I haven't been on this board for years... now I remember why I left.
  9. What a great Review!! Thank you so much! My hubby and I are going on this cruise in April and now I really cant wait! We have never been to Hawaii before and want to explore it on our own and not depend on excursions and you made it sound so easy to get around and see everything. We are doing Pearl Harbor the last day though and going whale watching. You didn't mention whether or not you saw any whales, did you happen to see any?
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