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  1. We cancelled and will get a FCC in the amount of our deposit Happy Sails to You
  2. It seems this is a real confusing mess but it all boils down to a few things. First, we want to know when or if this policy will be rescinded or extended or amended. Also, part of the problem is determining fitness to sail-are people who are 70+ with diabetes or COPD ever going to be able to sail again even if their doc says they are fit to sail. I understand restrictions when covid is rampant, but what about later? If I am never going to be able to sail again (50 cruises) that is fine, but let me know so I can get refunds and make other plans. By CDC and the cruise lines waiting too long to make decisions it screws with final payment dates, refunds etc. I am almost to the point of cancelling 4 future cruises, taking my money, and going on road trips.
  3. Well, if they enforce the over 70 policy, it would reduce the number of Diamond and D+ people such as my wife and I.
  4. Is that included in the price of the water park? My niece only cares about the balloon ride-can that be purchased separately. Thanks for all the info.
  5. The TA is shortened to 11 nights and fewer ports. The 8/24 was extended two nights which will be on sea day and Istanbul!
  6. There is no roll call, but someone told me the cruise is back on and will be 14 nights instead of 12! Yippee
  7. The cruise for next August ( probably chartered) has been cancelled but I have not heard anything about options or compensation. Anyone?
  8. I just got off the phone with C&A, He confirmed that both the med and TA were what they call code red, meaning no spaces can be sold. We are booked on both, so hope it sails as scheduled.
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