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  1. Regardless of the specifics, the distribution of tips has been developed by those involved in order to fairly reward those providing service. No need to reinvent the wheel. If you tip the recommended amount, it will be fair. We always prepay and then add at the end of the cruise. I have also started giving random tips to those who likely never get one-the washy washy person at the WJ, a guy painting, etc. It really makes their day. I simply keep some ones in my pocket and give them out spontaneously. Happy Sails to You
  2. Joyce Prince gave us the best such trip we have ever had-40 cruises! Bernard also fantastic. You can't go wrong.
  3. All the passengers who had to stand and wait while they tried to track your selfish butts down beat the snot out of you.
  4. We have the GeoBlue Trekker. We have medicare which does not provide any coverage out of the US, and that policy gives us med expenses and evacuation. If we have to cancel a cruise, we lose our fare, but are willing to roll the dice.
  5. Let it go. Crew member did not deliberately harm you. They apologized and offered a medical check up. Called later to see if you were OK. Be aware that if you really want to pursue it, you could cost that crew member their job. Ship happens.
  6. We have stayed at the BW Elkridge many times. Usually go to Timbuktu which is about a mile away. Fantastic crab cakes-about like G and M. We have sailed on the Grandeur more than any other ship and hope it never leaves the fleet.
  7. We have rented a car there several times. Ryers is very close to Peggy's Cove and has the best lobstah at the best prices. Outdoor picnic table seating. Have fun.
  8. Another vote for Woodwind in Bonaire. Best ever. Happy Sails to You OOOEEE Baby :D:D Bob and Phyl
  9. I was just being sarcastic, Ocean Boy. The same folks who want reduced rates for their kids are all for full rates for their deductions. OOOEEE Baby, :D Bob and Phyl
  10. I am in the process of doing my income taxes. I called the IRS and asked if I could take a lesser deduction for my infant child. Unfortunately, they disagreed with my reasoning and insisted I take a full deduction just as if they were a grown adult. Happy Sails to You OOO Baby :D:D Bob and Phyl
  11. Not a direct answer to your question, but if you are going to Bonaire, book snorkeling with Woodwind. Best ever. Thank me later. Happy Sails to You OOOEEE Baby :D:D Bob and Phyl
  12. It all depends on the ship. The Grandeur has been horrible but the Serenade last month was phenomenal-we even had filet mignon, grilled lobster and shrimp, and whole grilled red snapper.
  13. We got off the Serenade recently after 21 nights. WJ lunch was the best we ever experienced. Steaks, filet mignon!, grilled shrimp, grilled lobster, whole red snapper. By contrast, we were on the Grandeur a few months ago and the WJ was horrible. Seems like the staff has a lot to do with the food. Certainly inconsistent around the fleet.
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