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  1. I think this area is THAT BAD. I would try to get a cabin in any other location if possible and would only stay in this area again if I really wanted to go on a specific cruise very badly, couldn't get a cabin in a different area and if I could get an extremely good deal. I'm sure it would depend on the staff/entertainers on the cruise - if they like to stand in that hallway and talk after the last show of the evening or if they just move through the area. I'm pretty sure the doors slam because they are fire doors, maybe that wouldn't bother everyone. Also it would depend on what your schedule is like when you cruise. I tend to get up very early and so might be winding down or in bed by 11 some nights, also it might be hard to take an afternoon nap because of staff coming and going. Just things to consider. The cabins I'm talking about are 3001 - 3011. I think the entertainers might be in 3001? - closest access to backstage. I think any numbers above 3011 would be normal noise-wise. I think along with the noise of the cabin what bothered me almost as much was the apparent lack of concern or interest shown by the staff at customer service. Tell me there is absolutely no chance of changing cabins when I first ask, don't keep me in suspense for days on end by telling me you'll look into it.
  2. We were on the Eclipse for the first time in December and found the very secluded relaxation lounge on deck 11 forward. I asked if it was a private area and was told by the spa staff that it was open to everyone on the ship but very few people knew about it. They told me to feel free to go in and help myself to water or tea if I wanted some. I was the only person in there for about an hour. It was also one of the very few places on the ship that was quiet - no music being piped in. I did find it a bit too warm after a while because there was no air/con but it was very, very relaxing.
  3. On a cruise in June I didn't find the robes in my stateroom and thought it might be another cutback. I asked my stateroom attendant and he brought me one immediately - it was just an oversight when preparing the room between cruises. On our cruise this month two robes were in the closet when we arrived. I always use the robe and am glad there is one less thing I have to pack. I don't think Celebrity sells the waffle weave robes any longer - just the plush ones now?
  4. SHIP: Eclipse CABIN #: 6307 DECK #: 6 CLASS: SV AREA: Aft BED NEAR: Balcony QUIET?: Yes very, unless you have neighbours who let the doors slam when coming and going. BALCONY VIEW: Wake of the ship and beyond - lovely for stargazing at night. BALCONY SIZE: Seemed about 1 1/2x deeper than a standard side balcony. WIND A PROBLEM?: No SOOT A PROBLEM?: One or two specks some days but never an issue. PROBLEMS/COMMENTS: *As most people in SV cabins will mention it is a fair walk to the elevators but I never had a problem with it as I like to walk a lot - DH commented several times how far it was. *The cabin seemed narrower than the cabins on the M-class ships and it definitely looked a bit narrower than an inside cabin we also booked on this ship. *I was a bit worried that there would be no privacy on the balcony from above but this was not the case - if you sat on the balcony near the doors you had complete privacy, you would only be seen from above if you stood at the railing. Could not use if it rained or at times if you didn't like full sun. *The roof of the Tuscan Grill extends out beyond the balcony floor but that didn't detract from the excellent views of the wake. *You often would feel the vibration of the engines, especially when travelling at night. I didn't mind it but it bothered DH. *I would not hesitate booking this cabin again if I ever did another S-class cruise.
  5. I suppose it's technically not spam but I returned yesterday from a 2-week cruise and found 16 emails from Celebrity in my inbox with assorted offers/deals. There seem to be so many of these emails offering deals lately they tend to blur together and I don't give them much attention. The 16 emails don't count the emails I received from booking on board that were incorrect, which I tried to correct two days later and then again a day after that. The corrected emails don't show a correction and the rebooking emails never came through. Luckily I have learned from past experience and got photo copies of everything while on board.
  6. Thanks Queen of Oakville - it sounds like a good price for five years of convenience, definitely something to think about. Love those mini trips to the States. We're heading to the States for a few days next week - luckily we can avoid weekends so the lines usually aren't too bad.
  7. Queen of Oakville - how long are the Nexus cards valid for, years? I would also love a quicker way across the border or through the lines at the airport. :)
  8. We've done the Panama Canal twice - both times from west to east. We were lucky enough to get an aft/corner balcony cabin and spent most of our time out on the balcony. If we can score another FV cabin on any future P C cruises I'll gladly sign up again. I'm not a history buff but found the whole story of the Canal interesting - yes I did read The Path Between the Seas, forced myself at times to keep reading, and I enjoyed the five lectures given by the Canal expert on the ship. The transiting of the canal and the actual canal itself were nothing like I had imagined. My favourite part of the whole cruise was going across Gatun Lake and how peaceful and calm it was when you were gliding through the water. I also liked all the different things we saw along the way from the start to the end - the landscapes on each side, birds, buildings, people, bridges, locks, etc. I think back on the Panama Canal cruises as being peaceful and relaxing - the length of the cruise, the sea days, the different ports, some of which we spent very little time exploring and just an overall enjoyment of the cruise.
  9. I agree with the OP and wish the term Elite could be replaced by something else a bit more neutral. While I do like and appreciate some of the perks of the level I don't need the implied "status"? of the label. Yes, I know, it's just a word but I would prefer a different word to describe this level like Silver, Level 3, Marlin or Magnificent!:D
  10. I was too. :) If I had ever spotted any bookcrossing books on any of the ships I have been on I would definitely have picked them up and continued their journey. I didn't see any of the dozen or so books I left in the library over the past year. Hope you got at least some of the books you left last time registered.
  11. The library on the Summit in June was just sad. There were a lot fewer books available than in the past year or two and close to 50% of the books were in languages other than English. I always bring 3-5 books to read and leave on the ship. I also put a note, in the books that I leave, that I brought these books and if the person doesn't finish it on the cruise they are welcome to take it with them....so they don't feel guilty about taking it. Hopefully anyone who takes one of these books will pass it on when they have finished reading it. I still love to read "real" ;) books and do like the library on the ships but with the concierge at a desk on 9 and people sometimes using the library to play board games it isn't the quiet hideaway it once was.
  12. I would also like to add my thanks to you for posting this fabulous review, I am so enjoying each post! :) DH and I did this same cruise back in June of 2011 and loved it even though we had rain for at least part of each day we were in port. Luckily our pre-cruise days in Amsterdam were sunny so we enjoyed our time there. I would love to do this cruise again but without the rain next time. We also used TJ Travel in St. Petersburg and would not hesitate using them again, I think we might have done the same itinerary. Even though I did love seeing all of those places everything became a blur after a while and like you said, there was so much time spent travelling from site to site and then being herded through the crowds at some of the busier places it became a bit exhausting. If we're ever in StP again I would like a far more relaxed and "real" people view of the city.
  13. It would be nice to get something when you book a single cabin - coupons for a few drinks, a coupon or two for Bistro on 5, an extra gelato or two. How about paid gratuities or an excursion or a Celebrity robe or some OBC or ???? I know many people have the drink package so the free drinks might not be a big deal and a free meal or two or gelato might also not be a big deal but it would be very nice of Celebrity to do something for those of us who book single cabins on a regular basis. :) Yes, I know, it's a business so it's about the bottom line.:cool:
  14. Thanks Cruise Raider - The fact that this cruise was starting and ending in San Francisco is what got me so excited. I love San Francisco and have been wanting to get back there for many years. I spent a lot of time trying to decide on this cruise but have decided to give it a miss....there was too much indecision as opposed to some other cruises which were instant and easy decisions. I will keep looking at the cruises out of San Francisco because I do like the idea of that as the home port. There is a cruise next year on the Infinity to Alaska for 14 nights that could be good.
  15. Agree with you on the restaurant choices. Toronto is such a multicultural city we have so many different foods available as well as restaurants at all different price points. :) I'm not really a pool person (on a ship). I only tried the outdoor pool on Millennium once on my first cruise but I LOVE the T-pool and used it 1+ hours a day on my other cruises....when I could manage to find it without too many people in it. I don't use the hot tubs at all. The T-pool is one of my favourite features on the M-class ships, going to miss it on a future S-class cruise. I noticed that the bed was in an awkward position and would also miss the convenience of not having a bedside table. I have been in cabins where there were doors constantly slamming because of people coming and going and it drove me crazy. Thanks everyone for your input. :)
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