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  1. January 2020 on Miracle from San Diego which is where I live. So glad Carnival has returned to San Diego for several months out of the year!
  2. Does the FCC have to be used on a brand new booking? I put a deposit on a May 2021 cruise several months ago and would like to use the FCC to pay it off.
  3. Was on Miracle in January and they had the new sea day brunch.
  4. We will be on the January 12th sailing also. I've cruised to Cabo with Carnival several times and they always have stayed on pacific time. We will arrive at 8am Cabo time. You will have to be on one of the first tenders to make it on time.
  5. Scenic Grand Oceanview! They are forward rooms with amazing views and a lot of space. We had this one on Splendor and have one booked on Glory in 2021. They are hard to come by as there's only 2 on the ships that have them. The Scenic Oceanview is really nice also. They have one big window and also a lot of space.
  6. Tortola looks amazing! Thank you for all your amazing pics!
  7. The mofongo from Punto de Vista looks amazing!! Enjoy the Veuve! That's awesome!
  8. So True! My husband and I used to gamble every night and missed out on so much! We did get a couple of free cruises out of it, but realized we had more fun not spending all our time there. Of course those free cruises were not free! Thanks so much for your entertaining trip report!
  9. We took an Uber to Chileno Bay last August on our cruise and had amazing snorkeling. We went again last week when we stayed at a hotel. The water was clear both times and fish were everywhere.
  10. They are doing a reverse a itinerary this week because of storms in the Pacific.
  11. Go to sea day brunch at lunch time and try a burger and super food salad!
  12. Sailed 3 weeks ago to the Mexican Riviera on Splendor. Ships time moved ahead 1 hour the night before Mazatlan and then moved back 1 hour after Puerto Vallarta. It's kind of an inconvenience and wish they didn't do the time change.
  13. We went last October and had pretty nice weather. It was warm in Cabo and Puerto Vallarta, but not nearly as hot as it was a couple of weeks ago when we went. Sometimes the last sea day can be a little rocky on this trip, but we had smooth seas all the way!
  14. We took an Uber to Chileno Bay 2 weeks ago. It was $7 there and $10 to get back. The visibility was excellent and there were tons of fish very close to shore. There are nice clean restrooms and showers, but no shade. We brought some drinks and snacks, as there isn't anywhere to purchase anything there. We really enjoyed our day here.
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