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  1. They are doing a reverse a itinerary this week because of storms in the Pacific.
  2. Go to sea day brunch at lunch time and try a burger and super food salad!
  3. Sailed 3 weeks ago to the Mexican Riviera on Splendor. Ships time moved ahead 1 hour the night before Mazatlan and then moved back 1 hour after Puerto Vallarta. It's kind of an inconvenience and wish they didn't do the time change.
  4. We went last October and had pretty nice weather. It was warm in Cabo and Puerto Vallarta, but not nearly as hot as it was a couple of weeks ago when we went. Sometimes the last sea day can be a little rocky on this trip, but we had smooth seas all the way!
  5. We took an Uber to Chileno Bay 2 weeks ago. It was $7 there and $10 to get back. The visibility was excellent and there were tons of fish very close to shore. There are nice clean restrooms and showers, but no shade. We brought some drinks and snacks, as there isn't anywhere to purchase anything there. We really enjoyed our day here.
  6. We did Chef's table a couple of weeks ago on Splendor. We did not know the schedule until boarding. They actually had us scheduled on a port day, but I was able to change it to the 2nd sea day at the end of the week. They had Chef's Table 4 nights on this cruise because so many people signed up. It was awesome!!
  7. We reached platinum with the old loyalty program in 4 years after 10 cruises. Many of them were short cruises and we only had 47 days.
  8. They told us we could have 2 starters at the Conquest steakhouse a couple of months ago.
  9. We found the snorkeling at Princess Cays to be outstanding. The water was crystal clear with an abundance of sea life. We really loved it there!!
  10. Thank you so much for your review! We're going on the same cruise Saturday. I really love all your family pictures!
  11. So excited to see another review from you! We'll be sailing on Conquest in April with the same itinerary except going to Princess Cays instead of DR. I can't wait to hear about your adventures in the ports. Going on a 3 day cruise tomorrow so will be so happy to catch up with this when we return! Thanks so much for your reviews!
  12. Thank you! Have really loved the live review! I hope you're feeling better soon!
  13. So excited to follow your trip! I was on Bliss in October and loved everything about the ship! Looking forward to what's to come for you!
  14. We liked our ocean cabana at Amber Cove, but the water was muddy looking and you couldn't see below the surface. We jumped in once to cool off and quickly got out and rinsed off.
  15. You can take towels and such. When we went the water was rough and it was rather difficult for some people. Everyone got out of the small boat in the water and they then ran the boat up on the beach with everyone's things in it.
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