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  1. Oh wow, that's good to know! I'd prefer to read up about a tour operator before booking, but this is a good option for any last minute cruisers, or if something doesn't work out. Thank you! Did you take a city tour, boat tour?
  2. Hi APDMOM - I know this is an older post, but you mentioned doing a tour. What tour did you take, do you have a link, website or contact info? Thank you!
  3. I was looking for a tour for our upcoming cruise! I went on FB, and there are a lot of posts to go through! 1/ Is there a section on FB that lists the tours he offers? I see several rain forest tours, not sure if that is the only type of tour he does? I was looking for a city tour, but then again, I've never been to San Juan. I would need a tour that is less than 5 hours to ensure we make it back to the ship on time. 2/ I'm not sure what this means for example? The cost is $ 60 pp. minimum $180 Thought I'd check with you all before I message him. Thanks!
  4. Oh thank you, but I don't think I could walk too much. I'm going to look for a tour van and/or the Segway tour.
  5. That's a great tour. We were hoping to get a tour that includes Orient beach for just a few minutes, but not Maho beach. Unfortunately they don't have one. Maho beach was fantastic, but I personally don't need to do it again. Bernard is amazing!
  6. Hello! We did Bernard's long tour many years ago. Back then, he was the driver! We're doing a shorter tour this time around. Which one are you planning on doing?
  7. Thank you so much for taking the time to find the info, much appreciated! Maybe they'll re-start the chocolate buffet by the time my sailing comes around 😐 Wondering what grill night is?
  8. Just chiming in here This is great news, thank you! Would it be in our cruise compass as well, or just posted at the WJ entrance the morning of?
  9. We did the 5 hour SXM Tour 11 in 2011 (I think it was called something else). Back then I think Bernard was our actual driver! His company has certainly grown. For our 2020 cruise, I don't need 5 hours so the 3 hour Fabulous French and Dutch tour is great, but it doesn't include a stop to Orient Beach. I loved that beach and remember how beautiful it was. We only need a few minutes at Orient Beach to take some photos! We really like Bernard's Tours, and would love to book with him again!!! I did email Bernard and he confirmed the 3 hour tour doesn't stop at Orient Beach. Would taxis be the only alternative? I read the response above, but we'd rather have a tour guide. Customized tours are too pricey for 2 people, and other tour companies offer similar itineraries, excludes Orient Beach. Thanks!
  10. Ugh, they don't allow edits after a certain time frame. Tried to say they tasted like firm bagels, not pretzels!
  11. I was curious about them for our first sailing too, after reading about them here on CC. I posted a picture of them on page 18 of this thread. IMHO (in my humble opinion), they're tiny little firm bread bites covered in poppy seeds. I found they tasted like pretzel bites. I personally didn't like them, but they are very popular. I hope you see them on Liberty. If not, ask your waiter for them, and I'm sure they will have them for you the next night, if they don't already at the time.
  12. I'm a baker and I have to say, I like my cream cheese frosting too ....lol The raspberry chocolate tart sounds delicious! I'll be on the look out to see if they brought it back ... Our next cruise may be on Celebrity. Is Café Bacio included, or for a fee? I love apple pie with ice cream too! I found a picture on CC's Harmony page, but I also saw one recently on YouTube and it was an individual apple pie. *Photo from Cruise Critic member Christoh1 (May 2018) Note: Yes, I'm a foodie ... lol
  13. Oh wow, I remember the red velvet cake in Chops (even though it was so long ago). It was dry and very bitter, due to the red food coloring, and we replaced it with the creme brulee, which was excellent. I just found the picture, but I am quite sure it has changed by now? I heard good things about the apple pie (MDR) and saw a picture of the warm chocolate cookie. Was it in a skillet?
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