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  1. Quite right Jean. I love Aurora and as I always ate second sitting can absolutely confirm that many people are around until at least 10.30pm in the dining room and then off to catch the late show in the theater often followed by live music in the Crow's Nest. After that, a trip to the buffet for strong Horlicks. Plenty of people still around. Oh how I miss that ship and it's crew. Have been having a Whatsapp video chat recently with a friend who was a waiter. Lovely weather in Kerala so I showed him live pictures of it snowing. His little boy was mesmerised. Pat
  2. Yes this used to happen to ours. It's not a combi boiler but the condenser pipes did not have lagging. Even with lagging the cold can get into the joins. A few kettles of boiling water poured over the pipes thawed the frozen condensation and the boiler worked fine. Pat
  3. My last "J" - Jammed tender boat on Aurora in Moorea. A talented member of the art class produced this cartoon. We were stuck a long time as the tender was jammed and lots of crew stood around scratching their heads. Such great memories!
  4. Jain temple in Mumbai. We were allowed entry to this temple that was under construction. There was some amazing decorative work.
  5. Ice cream shop and the ice cream I had in Madeira.
  6. Ice cold flannels handed out in Rarotanga, Cook Islands.
  7. Indian horse & carriages that come out at night all lit up in Mumbai
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