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  1. Whoops. Spoke too soon. Deleted cookies and was able to log in. Logged out and when I came back later had same old problem and had to delete cookies again to log in. Using Safari. Thanks
  2. Deleted as directed and problem solved. Thanks a bunch.
  3. Took many, many trips but finally hit for $6,000 on a slot. Unfortunately taxes ate a good part of that.
  4. Finally hitting a $6,000 jackpot in the casino.
  5. I don't know how they could be retrofitted, but what about escalators? Easy to keep distance and continuous moving service.
  6. Requiring doctors letter that no reputable physician would sign - ambulance chasers and class action discrimination suits on the way. Probably won't go anywhere in the courts, but more bad PR for RCCL. Also wonder if Holland America will make it as it seems a good percentage of their passengers would be banned.
  7. Have called RCL twice and gotten different answers. Does anyone know for sure or had recent personal experience what , if any type of ID, do children (ages 4 to 13) need to go on Harmony of the Seas on a closed loop western caribbean cruise from Pt. Canaveral? The parents have passports. Thanx and Happy New Year.
  8. Bob, Could you please elaborate on the 2 higher level no-name levels of D+. We are at 650 nights(points) and didn't know about this. Thanx.
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